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Netflix have a knack for creating a slew of real estate shows. From trash to treasure, there’s a lot of scope within this genre to exploit and Parisian Agency is another that feels more like a middling diamond in the rough than outright trash (hello, Selling Sunset). The episodes are short and snappy, leaning into the family vibes as these realtors show off some beautiful and exquisite properties.

The show itself is split across five episodes, following this family as they introduce different clients to upmarket and extravagant houses. I say houses, some of these properties are literally mansions and castles. Paris is a gorgeous capital and there’s always something new and exciting to discover. That much is especially true here, as every property looks enticing and vibrant.

At the heart of this series are Olivier and Sangrene, who have been married for 38 years. After giving up their ordinary jobs, both decided to jump into the real estate game. Now, they’re joined by their four sons. 31 year old Martin is their eldest, Valentin is 29, Louis 25 and Raphael is their youngest, who’s 16. Together, they help keep the business ticking over.

Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties splits the run-time between house viewing with clients alongside slice of life family drama. At least, that’s the impression you get from the first episode. Diving deeper into the series, that balance is completely skewed toward the family drama taking centerstage. The only trouble is, the family drama isn’t even that exciting.

One episode sees a desperate 5 minute stress over turning a fireplace on with a remote control. Oh no! Another sees a drawn out, 20 minute “team bonding” experience after a superficial argument. Will they every work together again? Of course they will, it’s only episode 2.

It’s all boring, plodding material we’ve seen a million times before and you’ll find yourself itching to fast forward past the fluff to ogle at the properties.

It’s a shame because when the show actually hones in on the houses and mansions, there’s definitely something enticing here. The camera effortlessly swings and pans across these gorgeous interiors to maximum effect. Whether it be studio intervention or just the producers deciding they need to spice things up, the drama feels unnecessary. Sometimes less is more.

We’ve all done it, heading onto sites like Rightmove and finding the most expensive property and having a little glance inside. We want this visit to be stress-free, not suddenly bombarded with stress and drama. This basically turns what should be a light and breezy experience into another watered down, superficial reality slop. It’s such a shame too because there’s definitely potential here.

Then again, if you’re in the mood for a French reality show with superficial drama and a big family at the heart of this, you’ll find all of that here. If you’re looking to see the beauty of Paris first-hand, and the properties that this city holds, shy of booking a plane trip over you’re better off sticking to the internet real estate sites. What a shame.

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  • Verdict - 4.5/10

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