Parasyte: The Grey – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

A Shocking Death

Parasyte: The Grey episode 4 begin with Jun-kyung blinded by rage as she tells all the officers around her that Su-in is a parasite. However, they’ve done tests and Chul-min demands they tell the truth and reveal this to the whole police force. Team Grey then reluctantly reveal that Su-in actually has no signs of a parasite inside her. Su-in is currently in a coma and seemingly no harm to anyone.

The authorities however, decide they need to step up and are going to inform the public about what’s happening with the parasites to gain some semblance of control. I mean, given how public these parasites have been at attacking humanity (the supermarket, EDM rave etc.) it’s a wonder that this isn’t bigger news already. Anyway, I digress.

Su-in is going to be transferred to HQ so they can keep an eye on her and do a detailed and thorough study to see if she actually is parasite-free. The transfer operation will be led by none other than Jun-kyung. The officers at Namil are also told to cooperate fully with Team Grey, much to Chul-min’s disdain.

Meanwhile, we get our first look at Heidi (not Migi) as she communicates with Su-in inside her subconscious. She in the place her spirit dwells and Heidi believes this is the perfect place to have a conversation as they’re not likely to have this opportunity again.

Heidi shows Su-in her old house from the past and the day her dad was reported to the police. She summoned the courage to live that day after being beaten but everyone looked at her like a monster for reporting her own father. Su-in was ostracised from society as a result and that explains why she’s so reserved and working at the store.

Su-in, alone, met with her birth mother but unfortunately she likened Su-in to a bug and with her new family, essentially abandoned Su-in on her own. This explains the money she hands over, and telling her never to show up again.

Elsewhere, Chul-min is filled in on Kang-woo and how he’s been used by the gangs as a pawn to do their dirty work. However, he’s been causing trouble in the local area so Chul-min decides to head out and meet him before he disappears again. Kang-woo is not happy and prepares to board a bus out of town. He’s incredulous that there’s no news about the parasite, but as he takes his seat, Chul-min shows and takes off with him.

In the car, Kang-woo points out that Won-seok is the suspect who killed the Hunting Dog. Chul-min is shocked and wants to know the full story and how he’s wrapped up in this mess with Su-in. He brings up Heidi’s connection and how it protects her when things get hairy. Hearing all of this, Chul-min decides they need to bust Su-in out of this. He also promises to protect him too. Kang-woo has a choice and chooses the cowardly option, deciding to walk away.

Chul-min calls him a coward, scathingly recapping everything he’s done in his life and how he needs to gain some courage and make a stand. It does the trick, and Chul-min gets his inside-man.

While this is going on, Won-seok rings the pastor and brings all the details up about the transfer and the taskforce. The transfer time is coming up and everything is geared for a dramatic confrontation. While the parasites move in, Chul-min tasks Kang-woo with breaking into the police station and disguising himself as one of the elite transfer crew.

This coincides with an earlier scene we saw of Kang-woo infiltrating the taskforce, and now we have a lot more context over how that went down. Anyway, while Kang-woo is riding up top with Su-in (who is still comatose), Won-seok and Chul-min happen to be driving together. There’s a rather unnerving moment between the pair, where they discuss church and Chul-min knowingly turns to his friend and tells him he’d never go with him to the church.

Unfortunately, the transfer goes wrong as there’s an accident on the highway and the parasites begin attacking. Jun-kyung shows with the others and they begin fighting but there are numerous parasites and they seem to be winning. The truck Su-in is kept on comes to a stop partway up the highway when the parasites kill the drivers. Kang-woo takes the opportunity to exit out the back and grab the key to free Su-in, but Jun-kyung gets involved and tries to fight.

Kang-woo does come out on top though and frees Su-in from her grey helmet – and her comatose state. The situation with Heidi ends with the parasite giving Su-in a pep-talk, pointing out that she’s never been alone. The pair take off together, and Chul-min look over and sees Su-in from afar. He and Won-seok follow… but there’s a problem. Won-seok knows that his colleague has clocked him.

Won-seok brings Chul-min to the hideout and points out that he goes to Saejin Church and he’s sick of being pushed around. He’s a traitor to humanity and believes they need to open the door and let them in. Unfortunately, when the pastor shows up, Chul-min doesn’t hesitate to shoot him. In retaliation, the parasite slices Chul-min’s head clean off. Su-in shows up just in time to see the parasite infect Chul-min and turn him. A fight breaks out between the two, but it’s a stalemate, especially as the pastor’s parasite is now inside Chul-min.

Kang-woo shows and manages to escape with Su-in, but Chul-min is still very much alive, and seemingly plots his next move…

The Episode Review

Things take an unexpected turn here as Chul-min is now part of the parasite crew and it appears he’s going to be the frontrunner, given the parasite has skipped across and taken control of him.

The actual episode isn’t too bad and there’s some good action in here too, especially the highway scene and the fight between Chul-min and Su-in. It makes sense narratively to have the pair about to square off and fight for their future, and it certainly adds an element of tension given the background these two characters have with one another.

Chuil-min’s death is certainly not something I saw coming and I’m guessing a lot of other people will be surprised by this turn of events too. In the end, the show sets everything up for a dramatic crescendo to this series, although it’s clear by now that this is nothing like the anime or the manga. Going in expecting as much is going to lead to disappointment.

It’s fair to say though that compared to other K-drama of its kind, Parasyte isn’t exactly going to light the world up like others have in the past.

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