Parasyte: The Grey – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Judas Among Us

Episode 3 of Parasyte: The Grey begins with us in the past. Jun-kyung forgets the receipt to her shopping and heads back inside the shop to pick it up. In her absence, her husband succumbs to the alien parasite, which infects him after dropping on the hood of their car. Jun-kyung’s infected husband heads back into the shopping center and stalks through the aisles, causing chaos the entire way. People flee and scream, and when he faces Jun-kyung, he slashes down and cuts her ear off. Jun-kyung manages to get away but not before saving a kid.

In order to stop her husband, Jun-kyung traps him inside the storeroom. The grief, unfortunately, is too much and she sleeps in the dark outside where she’s trapped her partner, tears streaking her cheeks.

Back in the present, Kang-woo and Su-in are held up in a motel. Kang-woo believes they need to go the authorities and reveal all about the Saejin Church. This is their best bet for salvation. Su-in believes they can trust Chul-min, who happens to be the officer who arrested her dad for abuse in the past. Chul-min has a soft spot for her because he actually helped her get away from him.

Kang-woo wants to keep fighting, given the fatalities he’s suffered, and there’s a moment where Su-in looks at him and apologizes. Whether this is Su-in or the parasite speaking, it opens up an interesting narrative here all the same. However, it’s not explored in much detail given the pair head to a phone-box and ring Chul-min soon after, reporting the monsters to him.

Chul-min speaks to Won-seok about the monsters and the church. He’s reluctant to get Team Grey involved and decides he’s going to handle it personally himself. He heads in to see Jun-kyung but she brings up Su-in and what’s happening with her. Chul-min dissuades her concerns and mentions the church and the tip-off he’s received. The entire taskforce sets up to attack, but when they show, they find the pantry of body parts but the rest of the place cleared out.

They do find the familiar symbol up on the walls though, which is the symbol of this church – and of the parasites in general – while Chul-min discovers some keys on the ground. Unfortunately, the keys belong to Su-in, given the familiar keyring he gave her. He decides to protect Su-in and doesn’t report this to Jun-kyung, despite her suspicions.

Back at the station, the team are briefed on the situation involving the warehouse. It turns out there have been over 500 body parts in the warehouse and they can suss that a large number of parasites were meeting there. They do know that Kwon Hyuk-ju is the pastor, and decide this is a good enough lead to pursue for now. Chul-min is acting suspiciously and twitchy though after the keys, and Jun-kyung has figured that out.

Meanwhile, the parasites receive word back about Kang-woo and also that one of their own has been killed. Unfortunately, we soon learn that Won-seok is actually part of the organisation with these parasites and working for them. Hyuk-ju hands over a knife made of strong material not dissimilar to their tentacles and tells him that he needs to kill the Hunting Dog with this no matter what. In doing so, it’ll look like one of the parasites has done it when it’s actually the turncoat, Won-seok. 

Elsewhere, Chul-min rings Su-in and asks to meet at Changseong Amusement Park in 30 minutes. When Chul-min leaves, Jun-kyung decides to follow and has a tail put on him. Our detective is obviously unaware of this and he hands over Su-in’s keys when they meet, pointing out about the church. He wants her to tell the truth and asks if she’s in danger. When Jun-kyung shows with the Hunting Dog, the sensor goes off and she bursts onto the scene.

Kang-woo and Su-in are forced to flee and hide out in the theme park while reinforcements show. Su-in, being controlled by the parasite, takes out Jun-kyung and attempts to flee… but the soldiers surround her.

Meanwhile, we see that Won-seok is also here and he stays behind while the others race in. He stabs the Hunting Dog repeatedly and leaves him a bloody mess. Kang-woo though happens to be watching all of this transpire from afar and sees the traitor first-hand.

Su-in though, passes out and Chul-min is desperate to get her some medical attention. The other officers refuse though, keeping their guns trained on her, and believe that she’s a parasite. Jun-kyung shows up and grabs the grey helmet belonging to her (now deceased) husband and, with blood staining the sides, puts it over Su-in’s head. Su-in, powerless to stop this, is taken away with seemingly no way out.

The Episode Review

Parasyte: The Grey is, by now, completely different to the anime. For better or worse, the story is going in a very different direction but there’s not a whole lot of characterisation here. It’s taken us 3 episodes to learn the connection between Chul-min and Su-in, while the drama between Kang-woo and the church hasn’t really escalated.

However, there is some good action here and the episodes are rather short so it means the story flows quickly. The ending cliff-hanger hints that we’ve got lots more drama to come in the episodes ahead. Will Su-in make it out of this in one piece? We’ll have to wait and see!

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