Paramore – This Is Why | Album Review

Track List 

This Is Why
The News
Running Out of Time
C’est Comme Ca
Big Man, Little Dignity
You First
Figure 8
Thick Skull


As the old saying goes, bands are allowed to evolve and prosper beyond the style that held them up in such high esteem in the past, and Paramore is one of those acts that has served up a poppy sound since the days of their pop-punk drama took hold of the scene and made them a household name.

We all know that Paramore is an able band, an outfit that has blazed a trail in the music world, with many of their songs hallowed by a fanatic fanbase. But changing things up dramatically can go either way, and with their record This Is Why, things seem less thrilling.

This Is Why doesn’t pull any punches, and it definitely hasn’t got the same aura as past instalments, as that pulsating noise doesn’t come to fruition. Notably, the songs lack definitive beats, and they seem to go the same way, with lead singer Hayley Williams showcasing brooding vocals which don’t fully click in.

Williams is talented, let’s not forget that, and guitarist Taylor York and Drummer Zac Farro, are great at what they do, but everything seems light and less aggressive. Some tracks show little in the way of ingenuity or flair. Picking a song from this bunch is easily done if you’re looking for slow vocals and repetitive instrumentals.

Some highlights, thankfully, do appear. ‘Figure 8’ has some vigor, and Williams sings with intent and purpose. The guitar lines are fresh and daring, while the lyrics have context. ‘Crave’ is another song that stands out, and Williams depicts a scene where she craves opportunity and sensibilities. The track boasts a sturdy chorus, which shows intense emotion.

The songs that don’t work though are the bloated ‘Big Man’, and  ‘C’est Comme Ca’. These tracks don’t have much urgency, and they just seem out of place on the record.

Not all is bad here, but this could have been so much better. We know Paramore is not going to go back to the pop punk wonder of Riot!, though it would have been nice to hear some needed oomph that record exuded in droves.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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