Paradox Live the Animation – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Paradox Live the Animation begins with Allen having a trap reaction in the restroom. The narrator explains why the reactions are popular amongst artists.

The scene switches to Kanata snatching a chain from a guy lying passed out in an ally. The next day Kanata collects his payment from Iori who also tries to get him pumped up for the face-off against BAE. Kanata leaves with a cold look, despising BAE’s success. He also catches a few girls fangirling over BAE, intensifying his frustration.

On the way back, he bumps into a few thugs who beat him up. Reaching home, Nayuta fixes him up with first aid. Kanata plays big brother by offering him lunch. That night, he lies beside Nayuta, expressing his views about BAE and the competition as well as its potential impact on their lives. 

The next night, Allen waits late after the first event to complete his lyrics while Yeon and Anne leave to return home. Later that night, Allen struggles while stumbling his way home due to a trap reaction. Kanata happens to be there and catches him before he can fall.

Kanata is angered by Allen claiming to have been overworked and withdraws support, causing Allen to fall down. He snatches Allen’s chain before leaving the scene.

The next day, Allen reports his stolen chain, not being able to remember who the person was. Yeon calls the venue and requests CCTV footage of the previous night, which reveals the person to be Kanata.

Kanata shows Nayuta the chain and gets questioned about his actions. Nayuta is furious about Kanata’s mentality and expresses his disappointment calling him a coward. Kanata walks away from the conversation.

Allen and Anne leave to search for Kanata after being refused any further help from Yeon. The two run into Kanata while he is skateboarding. The two confront him about the metal but are met with resistance.

The two get into an intense fight as Kanata claims hip hop is not for the privileged who don’t have any problems. It is only for people who have seen hell and the have-nots. He taunts them claiming they have always had it their way, calling them privileged. 

Allen is appalled by the assumption that he hasn’t faced hell and hasn’t been through pain. He fires back claiming hip hop is freedom of music and that it doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Allen however also establishes a common ground, claiming both of them are using hip hop as a medium to look out for something they prioritize.

This speech touches Kanata’s heart. Just then Nayuta arrives and apologizes for his statements. He expresses his faith in Kanata. Kanata returns Allen’s medal and challenges him to the battle on stage. Both agree to battle it out fair and square. Yeon arrives after everything has been settled.

On the way back, Nayuta pokes fun at Kanata, claiming it almost looks like Kanata admires Allen. The two vow to do their best and win the competition. The episode ends with a spectacular performance by Cozmez.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses on a conflict between the two bands and also displays a very meaningful resolution for the same.

Kanata is by far the most deeply developed character in the anime. He is characterized by a strong sense of prejudice against artists with strong financial backing, despising them with the idea that good finance defeats the purpose of hip hop which is meant to thrive on suffering.

Kanata expresses his thoughts to Allen in the confrontation, and they are very thoughtfully handled by Allen. Allen finds common ground, showing that he actually understands where Kanata’s thoughts are coming from, and provides an alternative to battle it out reasonably.

The episode addresses a very prevalent issue and displays an amazing manifestation of how the victim mindset can only make things worse and that acting on such thoughts can be more destructive than constructive. 

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