Paradox Live the Animation – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Club Paradox

Episode 1 of Paradox Live the Animation begins with a scene at a laboratory with a gold coin with a dragon inscribed on it.

The band BAE gives an electrifying and mesmerizing performance and a roaring crowd. Later in the artist’s room, Allen passes out tired from the performance as they discuss the night. Hajun pulls out an invitation to participate at CLUB Paradox which is believed to have been shut down years ago and they dismiss it thinking it’s a prank. A clip plays claiming the heritage of CLUB Paradox.

The next morning Anne tries to wake Allen up, but he demands more time claiming he is exhausted from the previous day’s performance. She tells him the invitation is real as CLUB Paradox appeared back in its place overnight after several years. They question the appearance of CLUB Paradox overnight and realize a mail has popped up in their inbox. 

Opening the mail, they are greeted with a video featuring Paradevi, who briefs them about the competition held between four groups who are the strongest in their respective styles and also informs them about the 10 billion yen prize. Hearing this pumps up the leader of Akanyatsura, who is still suspicious but refuses to back down. He motivates his team to win the competition.

On the other hand, Naoakira talks Youhei into having The Cat’s Whiskers participate in the competition. The Yatonokami also receive the invitation and Katana assures Nayuta that this is their ticket out of living in the rags.

In the invitation, Paradevil claims that the winner will have a confrontation with BURAIKAN, the legendary phantom rappers that disappeared along with Club Paradox. This ignites a spark in Allen as well as Anne and Hajun, aiming to be number 1.

The next day Anne tries to wake Allen up for school, but Hajun stops her claiming he had pulled an all-nighter writing new songs. Just as Hajun serves him coffee, Allen jumps awake and scribbles a sound effect on Hajun’s apron claiming they can use it for a song.

The group heads to school in Hajun limousine and girls flock around him as soon as he gets out. Allen gets jealous of the attention, but Anne explains Hajun’s success. He tries to find flaws with Hajun’s lifestyle, but Anne counters saying there is no harm as his family pays for everything.

The band members of BAE confront their professor, Naoakira, about the invitation. They tell the professor that they are participating to gain more recognition for their music; however, Naoakira claims that the bounty is more important to him. This turns Hajun bitter towards the professor, but Anne and Allen apologize on his behalf.

The same night, Anna and Hajun discuss how hard Allen works, and just then Allen bursts through the door to show them a version of the music he just created.

The next day, all the contestants gather outside CLUB Paradox. Naoakira and Youhei discuss their first time at CLUB Paradox when Youhei was introduced to BURAIKAN’s music for the first time. Shiki stumbles around looking for Ryu and accidentally bumps into Nayuta and trembles in fear. Nayuta watches him palpitate but leaves as Kanata calls him.

The members of BAE are still at home sleeping minutes before the competition starts. The Paradevi begins with the program, introducing the members of The Cat’s Whiskers, Akanyatsura, Cozmez and BAE. Unfortunately, everyone but BAE is present on stage and Paradevi begins a countdown for them to qualify.

In the final moments of the countdown, a helicopter appears over their heads, bringing the members of BAE to the stage. Everyone is awestruck by their entry. Allen is seen in the restroom as he washes his face and slowly begins to act strange as if his entire body is burning. He then pukes.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Paradox Live The Animation kicks off with an electric and vibrant display of animation and music. The episode directly goes for the beat drop and keeps up the pace with two stunning performances by BAE and an electrifying introduction to the competition as a whole and the contestants.

The introduction to the contestants is still fairly shallow but can be expected to be explored in future episodes. The chapter also mentions the legendary phantom rapper BURAIKAN and an unknown entity, both of which have been kept in the dark for now. The episode has maintained a balance between entertainment and suspense, creating an enjoyable yet intriguing storyline to follow.


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