Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2024) Ending Explained – Do Paper Mario and his friends save Princess Peach?

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Plot Summary

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a Nintendo Switch remake of the beloved Nintendo GameCube RPG classic. Also, it is the second game in the Paper Mario series, as Paper Mario 64, is the first. In it, Paper Mario visits a sea-town called Rogueport to uncover the mystery surrounding Princess Peach’s disappearance. Moreover, Paper Mario will learn about the mystical Crystal Stars and the legendary Thousand-Year Door underneath Rogueport.

Paper Mario encounters enemies old and new from the familiar Bowser to the mysterious Sir Grodus and his X-Naut allies throughout his journey. Also, Paper Mario will befriend many “partners,” each with their own goals, skills, and personalities. While this story’s filled with mesmerizing arts-and-crafts-like architecture and fun theatrical battles, it offers intrigue and drama that’ll amaze folks. 

Nevertheless, it’s up to you to help Paper Mario and his pals save this realm’s citizens from doom. 

How does Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door begin?

The game begins with the narrator reading a book to the player. During their spiel, the narrator discusses a former town and how it crumbled due to unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately, the narrator says several travelers found this spot and built a new sea-town called Rogueport above it. Rumors spread among the townsfolk, claiming a special treasure was underneath their town.

After that, Peach arrives at the location shown above. Some clothed individual (later revealed to be the Three Shadow member, Beldam) persuades Peach to buy a mysterious box from her that contains a magic map. Peach opens the box and Beldam successfully captures her. Next, Paper Luigi grabs a letter from his mailbox from Peach and tells Paper Mario about it. 

In it, Peach tells Paper Mario about her experiences at Rogueport and asks him to accompany her there for a treasure hunt. She also included the magic map in the letter. Paper Mario grabs the magic map and heads to Rogueport. There, he helps a wise Goomba girl named Goombella defeat the X-Naut’s second commander Lord Crump and his allies. 

Then, Goombella properly introduces herself to Paper Mario. Next, Toadsworth greets our pair and informs them that something nefarious happened to Peach. Goombella joins Paper Mario’s side and suggests they visit Professor Frankly. 

What happens after Paper Mario and Goombella meet Professor Frankly? 

Eventually, Paper Mario and Goombella visit Goombella’s teacher Professor Frankly. Frankly, Paper Mario, and Goombella discuss the Crystal Stars, the magic map, and the Thousand-Year Door. Inevitably, our trio arrives at the Thousand-Year Door. Paper Mario’s magic map reacts to the Thousand-Year Door weirdly.

He also obtains the power to use Sweet Treat, one of the game’s special moves. After that, they all return to Frankly’s home and he tells Goombella and Paper Mario to travel to Petal Meadows to obtain the first Crystal Star. He tells the two that Peach arrived at his home before and she asked him questions about the Crystal Stars.

After Frankly gives Paper Mario and Goombella the rundown on these special moves and how to use them, Goombella and Paper Mario depart to Petal Meadows to start their journey.

Who are Paper Mario’s partners in this game? What can they do and what are their goals?

Paper Mario’s first partner is Goombella. She’s a Goom University student who doesn’t like Rogueport and its inhabitants. Nonetheless, Goombella aims to discover the truth about this sea town’s legendary treasure and agrees to assist Paper Mario since their goals align. Goombella can headbutt enemies and inform Paper Mario about their strengths, HP, and weaknesses.

His next partner is a Koopa Troopa named Koops. Paper Mario and Goombella encounter Koops at Petalburg (a town in Petal Meadows). They learn he lacks bravery, misses his father, and wants to impress his girlfriend Koopie Koo. After players defeat Petal Meadow’s Hooktail and save Koops’s father, he joins the team. Koops can attack enemies with his shell and protect Mario with it too. 

Next is the theatrical female ghost Madame Flurrie who lives in Boggly Woods. She’s a retired actress who accompanies Paper Mario and his friends after they successfully retrieve her necklace from the Three Shadows (Beldam, Marilyn, and Vivian). Madame Flurrie can create expansive wind currents, allowing players to immobilize enemies. 

After Flurrie, players will recruit a Yoshi toddler, that they can name in the game. They’ll encounter Yoshi at Glitzville. Once Yoshi hatches, he helps Paper Mario win this air-born city’s fighting competition. Inevitably, Yoshi helps Paper Mario and his pals hunt for the Crystal Stars. Yoshi can throw eggs, gulp and spit out enemies, and help Paper Mario traverse areas faster. 

Then, Paper Mario befriends Vivian after he and his team seemingly defeat this chapter’s big-bad Doopliss. Vivian helps Paper Mario defeat Doopliss and Paper Mario’s four allies because Doopliss uses his duplication magic to transform into Paper Mario. This act helped Doopliss fool Goombella and the others. After that, Vivian reconciles with your current party and joins it. She can cast fire spells and hide Mario from danger.

Admiral Bobbery is next on the list and he’s a former sailor. You’ll recruit him after you give him a letter from his deceased lover Scarlette. This convinces Bobbery to travel to Keelhaul Key with Paper Mario and his friends to claim that area’s Crystal Star. After our group’s epic pirate-centric battle with Lord Crump Concludes, Bobbery joins Paper Mario on his Crystal Stars hunt. Bobbery can destroy cracked surfaces and damage enemies with a “bang.”

Lastly, we have Miss Mowz. She’s a secret partner one can obtain by completing one of the game’s side missions. Her motives are to collect rare badges and items like a typical thief. Paper Mario and his friends will encounter her multiple times throughout their journey, which plays a role in getting her to join you. She can sense rare items, slap enemies senseless, and steal items for Paper Mario’s sake. 

Who are the X-Nauts? What are their goals?

The X-Nauts are an evil group Paper Mario encounters early on. They’re an evil organization led by Sir Grodus, a rude yet intelligent tyrant. Underneath Sir Grodus is Lord Crump, a silly yet powerful second commander. Moreover, these brutes hold Princess Peach hostage at the X-Naut Fortress (that resides on the moon).  

They vow to rule the world once they obtain all the Crystal Stars and open the Thousand-Year Door. However, that’s not all. It’s revealed later that Sir Grodus captured Peach because he wants to use her as a vessel for an evil demon named the Shadow Queen. Although most X-Nauts appear as goofballs, one shouldn’t take them lightly. 

Who is TEC-XX? How does he help Princess Peach uncover the truth about Sir Grodus’s plans?

While imprisoned, Princess Peach meets and chats with Sir Grodus’s main computer, TECC-XX (or TEC). Although TEC was designed to monitor Peach’s activities, he sneakily helps Peach without Grodus’s knowledge. This is because TEC develops romantic feelings for Peach thanks to a certain glitch in his system.

Peach and TEC create a close connection through casual conversations, secretive ploys, and artificial dancing shenanigans. After each chapter ends, he’ll help Peach obtain intel about Grodus’s master plan, bit by bit, and lets her send this information to Paper Mario via email. Eventually, Sir Grodus discovers the truth, shuts Tec down, and deletes his data. 

Fortunately, a miracle happens with TEC, but we explain that more at the bottom.  

Why do Bowser and Kammy Koopa seek the Crystal Stars and Peach? What’s Bowser and Kammy’s journey like?

During Chapter 1’s interlude, Kammy Koopa, one of Bowser’s minions, updates him on Paper Mario’s Crystal Star and Peach’s kidnapping developments. Frustrated, Bowser and Kammy travel to Rogueport to capture Peach and the Crystal Stars. This journey takes them to the same locales Mario and his friends traveled to.

However, Bowser and Kammy tend to arrive at previous locations our heroes conquered. For example, if Paper Mario and his friends are in Boggly Woods, Bowser and Kammy would appear in Petal Meadows. Mostly, Bowser and Kammy retrieve fake Crystal Stars and get into amusing banter with background characters and enemies. 

Although Bowser finds Paper Mario at Glitzeville’s Glitzpit competition during Chapter 3, Paper Mario and his ally will defeat him. 

What happens after Mario and his friends obtain the final Crystal Star? What’s behind the Thousand-Year Door?

Before they obtain the final Crystal Star, our heroes fight Lord Crump. Crump tells them that Grodus entrusted him with the final Crystal Star and somehow entered the Thousand-Year Door with Peach. After Paper Mario and his allies defeat Lord Crump for the final time at the X-Naut Fortress, they meet with TEC who helps them return to Rogueport.

There, they regroup with “Frankly” and head for the Thousand-Year Door’s location. Paper Mario performs the usual Crystal Star ritual and the Thousand-Year Door opens. “Frankly” stays behind and our heroes enter the door. Once inside, Paper Mario and his friends find themselves in the Palace of Doom and defeat Gloomtail, Hooktail’s older brother. 

Next, our heroes encounter Beldam, Marilyn, and “Frankly,” who is Doopliss in disguise. Beldam told Doopliss to transform into Frankly to trick our heroes into helping them get inside. Nonetheless, a battle ensues and our heroes prevail over the evil trio. 

What happens after Mario and his friends defeat Sir Grodus? Why does the Shadow Queen betray Sir Grodus?

Eventually, our heroes run into Sir Grodus, who isn’t happy with his allies’ efforts. This convinces Grodus to fight Paper Mario and his friends himself. After that battle concludes, Grodus summons Peach and forces her to watch him torture Paper Mario and his ally. Seconds later, Bowser drops from the area’s ceiling, with Kammy following him a second later. 

Bowser and Kammy fight our heroes, thinking it’ll be an easy victory since they recently fought Grodus. Fortunately, Paper Mario and his ally prevail over the pair. However, Grodus uses this opportunity to flee to a metallic chamber. Our heroes confront Grodus and Peach there. Grodus frees the Shadow Queen from her imprisonment. 

The Shadow Queen covers Rogueport and other worlds in darkness. Then, she possesses Peach, causing each world to rumble. Grodus orders the Shadow Queen to obey him because he was told that’d happen if he helped her escape. However, the Shadow Queen tells him that’s a false claim and obliterates Grodus with her electric magic. 

Next, Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss arrive. They greet the Shadow Queen. Paper Mario and his ally battle the Shadow Queen but run into trouble midway through the fight.  

How do Paper Mario and his friends defeat the Shadow Queen? Do Paper Mario and his friends save Princess Peach?

As mentioned above, Paper Mario and his allies run into trouble with the Shadow Queen. None of their attacks damage her, and she restores all her health over time. Inevitably, Paper Mario and his friends’ battle with the Shadow Queen wraps up. Before she “punishes” them, the Crystal Stars scatter to Rogueport, Petal Meadows, and other places. 

Everyone our heroes encountered during their travels shouts and encourages them to continue fighting. The Shadow Queen’s control over Peach weakens thanks to the townsfolks’ remarks and the Crystal Stars’ powers. This allows Peach to speak with Paper Mario and his allies. During this chat, Peach uses her remaining energy to restore Paper Mario and his friends’ health and powers.

Paper Mario and his allies battle the Shadow Queen again and defeat her. Next, the Shadow Queen vanishes and Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss flee the scene seconds later. Paper Mario’s ally tells him Princess Peach will be okay, signaling to him that they saved her.  

How does Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door end?

After Paper Mario and his friends save Peach, the real Frankly arrives with the legendary treasure. He refuses to reveal its contents so Peach suggests she, Paper Mario, and the others return to Rogueport. At Rogueport’s port, Paper Mario and Peach bid farewell to Goombella, Frankly, and the others. Several Punies (a species from Boggly Woods) hand Peach and Paper Mario some mushrooms before they go.

On their boat ride to the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach reflects on her experiences at Rogueport. Though sad, Peach’s happy Paper Mario saved her and met folks like TEC. The two watch the sunrise behind Rogueport. Eventually, Paper Mario returns home and chats with Paper Luigi. Then, Paper Mario receives an email from Goombella.

Goombella updates Paper Mario on everyone’s marvelous progress from Koops’s new goals to become Petalburg’s mayor to TEC’s revival. She also confirms the Three Shadows, Doopliss, the X-Nauts, and Sir Grodus are going down brighter paths. Before Goombella possibly announces her affection for Paper Mario, she ends the email and hopes they’ll reunite one day.

Next, Peach and Toadsworth arrive. They inform Paper Mario and Paper Luigi that Toadsworth found a real treasure map. She tells the two that there’s a boat outside waiting for them. Peach entices the boys to tag along with her. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door ends with the narrator’s book closing. 


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