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Episode 8 of Panic Season 1 begins with the theme of secrets. Specifically, a brief overview of all the different secrets that apparently end with two teens in love committing suicide. At least, that’s what the narration leads us to believe anyway. Is this an ominous bit of foreshadowing or specifically referencing last year’s events?

Either way, this paves way for Bishop and Heather finally connecting. Heather shows Bishop the betting slips but he believes Ray and Luke are in on this together. Heather is not so sure but the two come to blows over $50,000. Eventually this conversation about money sees her storm off.

Given some of these bets are for amounts of $10,000 and $20,000, it actually makes the prize money look like a bit of a joke.

Anyway, Natalie confronts Dodge about this, but he too seems to be aware of what’s happening. In fact, he claims Cortez is getting closer but he doesn’t know enough about the game to piece everything together. Dodge was planted in the games to win and gain revenge. He’s playing for Dayna’s sake, intent on taking down Luke and prove that their family are behind this.

Well, Bishop heads over there that night and confronts Ray, telling him he knows who he is and the “real” version of him. Bishop’s whole persona changes, as he confronts him over Dayna. He even accuses Ray of being involved in the fire too. Eventually this is left on an ominous note.

Back home, Dayna receives some good news in the form of her coach. He believes she can be in competition shape in a year but Dodge is not so sure. He’s blinded by revenge and determined to get back at Luke. Dayna has made peace with this though, but it doesn’t stop them from falling out.

That evening, the next challenge is imminently due to go ahead. The judges send their messages to each of the contestants in their own way. Ray receives a floating coffin while Natalie receives a box with half a necklace inside.

Anyway, before all this goes ahead, Leela and Hunt show up at the station. It turns out Hunt went into rehab and drove all the way to the clinic to seek help. With no beds left, he decided to go cold turkey – hence the absent.

He admits that Luke was involved in the betting and it seems he also paid off a player last year. The four players in question during the finale were Jimmy, Hunt, Shay… and Myra Campbell.

According to him, Myra wasn’t happy about Abby playing and it seems Myra was the one behind all this. Leela corroborates the story, having stashed away the notes. Even worse, there’s a dead baby involved in all this too, which is linked to a pregnancy and a possible abortion – that’s not been confirmed yet.

That evening, the games go ahead with Ray forced to sleep in the morgue. For every hour he’s there, he gets 10 points. That is, of course, going to be difficult given he’s playing against his own fears.

Elsewhere, Dodge enters a maze but Dayna happens to be stuck in a trapdoor in the basement… or is she? It’s soon revealed that this is a voice recording.

Shawna meanwhile, is encouraged to take pills. Only, it turns out these are actually sugar pills and not real; this was all a part of the Panic game. She bails, inevitably meaning she’s out going forward. Tyler is there to confirm as much, chuckling as she leaves.

Meanwhile, Heather’s game goes ahead with Natalie invited there too. Only, things take a turn for the worst. Natalie’s time from the train tracks shows up, with her berating Heather and lying about striking a deal. Everything comes tumbling out as Natalie reveals she sabotaged everything. She was the one who locked her in Spurlock’s Ranch that night as well.

More revelations spill out at the police station too. Melanie rocks up with big news. It turns out Jimmy was the one switched the gun at Russian Roulette. He did that himself.

All the contestants then gather for the final verdict. Natalie is disqualified for failure to complete the required challenges. Specifically, the fact she never actually entered Spurlock’s house. Also, someone ratted her out to the judges… but by this logic, shouldn’t Ray be disqualified?

Anyway, Heather, Ray and Dodge make it into the final three.

The Episode Review

The final challenges are yet to be decided but this episode brings up a mixed bag of shocking – and not so shocking – reveals. The mystery regarding last year’s game is still very much prevalent here and it all builds up to quite the conclusion when we learn that Jimmy was the one who switched the guns around in Russian Roulette.

On top of that, it also seems like Myra was the one who blackmailed Abby, unhappy that she was part of the games.

Meanwhile, drama encircles this episode’s round of eliminations. Dodge and Ray both make it through but Natalie is disqualified for not completing her challenge.

However, this brings up the question around Ray cheating by snapping photos and pretending that Tyler was still in the game. Surely by this logic, the judges would disqualify Ray for coercing and misleading them? I know this is all just a game but the inconsistency with this is certainly annoying.

However, all of this leads nicely into the final two episodes, where drama looks set to encapsulate the finale to this year’s Panic games.

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