Panic – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Panic Season 1 picks up right where we left off, with each of the kids bundled into the back of a van as everyone (minus Heather) arrive at their destination. With piped train sounds for effect, the kids are blindfolded and led to train tracks.

This challenge tests the fear of darkness, falling and the unknown, with each of the kids forced to walk the tightrope back to the van without giving up. They can ask for a helping hand, but in doing so that would mean divulging details and answering questions. Points are awarded based on time.

Meanwhile, Leela goes missing prompting the police to go on the hunt. Furthermore, they also have suspicions around Kenny, who’s also suspicious absent.

As the police start to piece everything together, Heather tries to reassure her sister that everything will be okay. When she heads home, it seems like anything but. The place is a mess, with bottles strewn across the ground. Heather grabs their stuff and takes off.

Heather does swing by Natalie’s though, as we learn this is the night-after the games. She reveals that each of them were forced to divulge details about the other. Specifically, their fears and what drives them. Dodge is the only one who doesn’t open up, making it across without needing help from judges while Natalie spills details about Dayna and Dodge’s family.

Natalie convinces Heather to speak to Diggins and use her immunity to good effect. When she sees Diggins, he’s having none of it. The judges are going through “some tension” and they’re not going to go for this. However, he does give her some leeway, offering up a decent rate for a motel room that she and Lily to stay in.

Heather heads back to the farm before that, working with Anne who reveals her pet tiger. (Carol Baskins, is that you?) Anyway, she talks about how you can’t outrun a tiger.

Back at the Bishop household, the detectives arrive and talk to him about Leela’s disappearance. Apparently she asked for money but Bishop refused to help. Bishop does bring up Luke Hall and “a photographer”, along with a scuffle outside where Jimmy got into a fight.

Well, this photographer brings John and Langley to Max Slinger’s studio, where they find pictures on his camera of Abby Clark. They bring him to the station for questioning, believing he’s part of this blackmail scandal. Luke Hall seems to be involved heavily too, and in fact even knows someone within the court system that can help get charges dropped.

Up at the farm Dodge shows up as we learn more about his past. Dayna’s accident seems to have been a hit and run, and the guy involved is actually part of the demolition derby ring. This immediately riles up Heather, as she learns it’s Luke Hall. When Natalie finds out, she brings this to Dodge but he implores her to stay quiet, given they’ve been trying to bring charges against him for years.

Heather however, does no such thing and heads over to the Hall household for clues. She lets herself in and starts looking around. There, she finds Ray’s Father drinking.

Heading down to the dock, Heather finds the betting slips at the same time as Max Slinger mentions the game to the detectives. As suspected, Luke seems to have a whole betting ring set up. This game seems to go a lot deeper than we first thought.

Heather immediately hurries away, deciding against speaking to Ray and updates Natalie on what’s happening. Well, Natalie’s secrets are revealed further from the game. It turns out Sarah is Ray’s half-sister, while Ray opens up and reveals secrets about Heather.

Someone has all of this on camera, as we witness a POV shot depicting this. Even worse, whoever is behind this happens to be watching Heather from outside the house. “The game isn’t done with you yet,” An ominous text reads, as Heather notices a picture message show up. Someone is snapping pictures of her outside.

The Episode Review

Panic starts to deepen the mystery now, setting up a compelling third act to follow in this game. There’s a lot being hidden from view, while each of the contestants have secrets they’ve been keeping. In fact, these are eventually unveiled in that game across the train tracks, with Ray openly talking about Heather. Quite what he’s divulged however, remains to be seen.

One thing’s for sure though, this game is far from over and one way or another we’re going to figure out who the judges are involved in this whole mess. Is it Bishop? Or maybe Ray? Whoever it is, this mystery is bound to come unraveled soon.

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