Pandora: Beneath The Paradise – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Friend turned Foe

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 9 starts with Tae-Ra rescueing Pilseung right before Director Seoun-dok’s men kidnapped him at the networking event. After Tae-Ra had fought off those men, she saw a text on one of the men’s phones from Director Seoun-dok, telling them to feed No.105 (Pilseung) to the dogs and leave no trace behind. She also finds a pair of see-in-the-dark glasses and gloves in their car and decides to kill Director Seoun-dok.

Tae-Ra disconnects the electricity at the event and stabs Director Seoun-dok with her sword that she used to threaten Pilseung in the last episode. The lights come back on, and people in the event discover Director Seoun-dok is dead. As there’s commotion in the event because of Director Seoun-dok’s murder, Tae-Ra returns to Jae-Hyun, who sees blood on her dress and knows what happened. So, he suggests they leave.

In the meantime, Han Kyung-Rok suggests that no one leave the event so they can find Director Seoun-dok’s killer. Pilseung starts running, and they think he killed Director Seoun-dok, so security chase after him. Jae-Hyun and Tae-Ra manage to get through security and leave the event, but one of the security guards sees the bloodstain on Tae-Ra’s dress. Pilseung manages to find a car and escapes the police who are chasing after him.

Elsewhere, Do-Jin remembers confronting his father, Kummo, about killing Hae-Soo’s dad and Kummo telling him that Jae-Hyun knows when Hae-Soo calls him.

At the event, the police arrive to investigate Director Seoun-dok’s murder. Han Kyung-Rok is convincing the police that she was murdered by a “professional” when he realizes Jae-Hyun, Tae-Ra, and Pilseung are gone. He tries to convince the police that Pilseung killed Director Seoun-dok.

Tae-Ra and Jae-Hyun get home, where they debate whether leaving early may make them look suspicious. Jae-Hyun tells Tae-Ra they’ve nothing to do with Director Seoun-dok’s death. Tae-Ra changes out of her dress and hides it because it has Director Seoun-dok’s blood on it. Pilseung calls Tae-Ra, who’s worried that the police are after him. Pilseung assures her that he’s fine and is abandoning the car he escaped from the event with at Hanwool Mental Hospital. Tae-Ra tells him to wait as she’s coming to Hanwool.

Do-Jin meets with Hae-Soo at the place he proposed to her and gives him their divorce and child custody papers. Hae-Soo informs Do-Jin that she knows Kummo killed her father, and Do-Jin got rid of the documents with Jake Company’s information earlier. Hae-Soo then warns Do-Jin that if he tries to stop her from exposing Chairman Kummo, he will never see their son, Leo, again. Hae-Soo also calls Joon-Ho to ask him for help to expose Kummo.

At Hanwool Mental Hospital Tae-Ra and Pilseung are destroying as much evidence as possible of Director Seoun-dok’s evil schemes. They also urge the other assassins to take Director Seoun-dok’s money and run away before they take the blame for her crimes.

Tae-Ra then tells Pilseung not to return to her and Jae-Hyun’s house because Jae-Hyun knows her real identity and that Pilseung is her brother. Ms Min comes and takes Pilseung in and assures Tae-Ra that she will take care of Pilseung because Tae-Ra helped her and Kyojin out.

The next day, police officers come to Jae-Hyun and Tae-Ra’s house to search for Pilseung and Tae-Ra’s dress that she wore at the event as they were informed that it had a bloodstain. They don’t find Pilseung, and Jae-Hyun gives them another dress identical to the one Tae-Ra wore. This one, interestingly, doesn’t have a bloodstain. It is later revealed that Jae-Hyun had one of his campaign staff buy Tae-Ra a new dress. Jae-Hyun also offers to send Pilseung’s personal and employment information (but we know he’ll just fabricate it.)

Meanwhile, police search Hanwool Mental Hospital and find evidence against Director Seoun-dok’s crimes. They also found evidence indicating that Director Seoun-dok and Jae-Hyun were in a partnership. But, Jae-Hyun holds a press conference and denies it and says that if he is found to have partnered with Director Seoun-dok, he will withdraw his presidential bid.

Hae-Soo and Tae-Ra meet when they drop their kids off to go to English Camp, and Hae-Soo tells them that she knows who the mastermind is behind her father’s assassination. Tae-Ra tries to talk to her, but she walks away. Hae-Soo meets with Joon-Ho and shows him Jake Company’s information, revealing that Kummo was the mastermind behind her father’s death. Hae-Soo then asks Joon-Ho to help her prove that Chairman Kummo and her father conspired at the time of his murder, proving Kummo’s motive for killing.

Ms Min goes to Sujeong’s mother’s house to ask her about Sujeong (it’s great to finally put a face to this name). Sujeong’s mother mentions that she had important research at Hatch coming up (we now know she was working at Hatch). Sujeong’s mother also mentions that a short man with glasses came in a red sports car to pick Sujeong up on the day she disappeared. It turns out Sung-Chan came to pick Sujeong up in Do-Jin’s car that day.

At Hatch, Sung-Chan confesses to Jae-Hyun that he placed surveillance cameras in Jae-Hyun’s office and hacked his car system because Tae-Ra asked him to. Sung-Chan defends himself, saying he did that because he was angry about Yoo-Ra’s death.

Of course, Jae-Hyun is angry and asks Sung-Chan what Tae-Ra knows, but he tells Jae-Hyun that she doesn’t know much. Jae-Hyun then tells Sung-Chan that for him to take over Hatch when Jae-Hyun becomes president, he has to deal with Kyojin the way he dealt with Sujeong’s situation. All this while, Kyojin, who’s conscious but pretending, remembers when he fell off a cliff because his bike’s brakes weren’t working the day he had an accident. Fortunately, he was able to hang onto a rope when he fell, but someone cut off that rope, and he fell to the bottom of the cliff. Kyojin now knows that it’s either Sung-Chan or Jae-Hyun that cut off the rope that day.

Jae-Hyun goes back home, and Tae-Ra points a gun at him and tells him that she knows he is the one who gave her the identity of Hong Tae-Ra. She asks him why he married her, knowing she was No.50. That is when Jae-Hyun tells Tae-Ra the truth about her identity. It turns out, Tae-Ra’s real name is Mun Hagyeong. Her, Hajun (Pilseung), and their parents were also involved in the accident that Jae-Hyun and his mother were involved in the night she died.

Tae-Ra went to report to the police that a black car rammed into the white car( Jae-Hyun’s mum’s car) the night of the accident. It turns out, Sang-Bae was driving the black car and hit Jae-Hyun’s mum’s car intentionally, causing them to have an accident. Jang Kummo heard that Tae-Ra went to report that to the police and ordered Sang-Bae to kidnap Tae-Ra and Pilseung. Remember, Chairman Kummo ordered Sang-Bae to hit Jae-Hyun’s mum’s car intentionally, causing them to have an accident so he could take the drug’s research files from her.

Later, while Jae-Hyun was investigating Kummo’s involvement in former President Ko Taesun’s assassination, he found Tae-Ra at the bottom of a cliff. That was the day when Yoo-Tae made Tae-Ra and Pilseung get into an accident with their bike when they were running from Director Seoun-dok. Jae-Hyun later took Tae-Ra to France and gave her a new identity as Tae-Ra, and also made her meet Hae-Soo.

Of course, Tae-Ra is angry as to why Jae-Hyun made her become Tae-Ra and meet Hae-Soo. She also asks him why he watched Do-Jin and Hae-Soo get married, knowing too well that Do-Jin’s father, Kummo, killed Hae-Soo’s father. But, Jae-Hyun tells Tae-Ra that that was all a part of getting revenge against Kummo for killing his mother and making Tae-Ra go through what he went through. Tae-Ra also asks Jae-Hyun why he helped her restore her memories and put her in danger (remember Tae-Ra knows he’s the one who’s been leaving Hae-Soo clues about Tae-Ra being No.50). Jae-Hyun tells her that he did it so she could lean more on him.

Just then, Jiu returns from English Camp and asks Tae-Ra and Jae-Hyun if they’re fighting. Jae-Hyun assures her they’re not and offers to tuck Jiu into bed. As he leaves, he warns Tae-Ra not to look for Pilseung as he is not part of the family he has created.

Meanwhile, Kummo calls Do-Jin to inform him that Hae-Soo is holding a press conference. Do-Jin tells Kummo that Hae-Soo now knows he was the one who bought the Sapphire necklace for Director Seoun-dok, proving he ordered the hit against her father. Kummo tries to make Do-Jin do something about it, but, Do-Jin tells him there’s nothing he can do.

Joon-Ho calls Hae-Soo and tells her that her father was conducting a corruption investigation against Chairman Kummo right before her father was killed. Joon-Ho tells Hae-Soo to delay her press conference until he gets there with the information. Meanwhile, Tae-Ra meets Hae-Soo and tries to convince them that she’ll tell her everything she knows about her father’s murder, but Hae-Soo refuses.

Elsewhere, Chairman Kummo looks like he’s preparing to disappear. Sang-Bae comes and informs him that they’ve now made Do-Jin the acting chairman of Kumjo Group. He also tells him that the money under Jake Company is ready to be transferred. Kummo does just that and asks Sang-Bae to get rid of Jake Company. When Sang-Bae’s attitude changes, Jae-Hyun walks in.

It turns out Sang-Bae is working for Jae-Hyun behind Kummo’s back. Jae-Hyun tells Kummo to hand over Kumjo to him, so Sang-Bae also transfers the money under Jake Company to Jae-Hyun. This turn of events makes Kummo have a stroke again.

Do-Jin runs to see Chairman Kummo in the hospital, when he meets Jae-Hyun. Do-Jin asks Jae-Hyun what he did to his father, and Jae-Hyun tells him that Kummo is reaping what he sowed for what he did to his mother and Hae-Soo’s father. Do-Jin gets angry and hits him. Jae-Hyun tells Do-Jin to merge Kumjo Pharmaceuticals with Hatch since he has the power to get Kummo arrested. Do-Jin refuses and says Hae-Soo already knows everything and he’d rather kneel before her than Jae-Hyun. Do-Jin tells him that he can’t stop Hae-Soo from exposing Kummo. Jae-Hyun asks if he’s willing to let Hae-Soo destroy his father and choose between Hae-Soo and Chairman Kummo.

At the press conference, Hae-Soo has been waiting for Joon-Ho as he told her earlier, but an hour has passed and he still hasn’t come. She tries calling him, but he’s not reachable. Joon-Ho calls her back, and by the look on her face, something is wrong. Hae-Soo goes to start the press conference, but Do-Jin announces that he is the acting chairman of Kumjo Group. He also says that Kumjo Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Kumjo Group, is merging with Hatch.

As expected, Hae-Soo is angry about Do-Jin’s announcements and confronts him. Do-Jin tells her that he has signed the divorce papers she gave him earlier, and he’s taking full custody of Leo. Hae-Soo vows not to let him take Leo and expose Kummo’s crimes, but, Do-Jin tells her that no one will believe her since she’s insane like her mother. Do-Jin also tells Hae-Soo to leave the country. Sang-Bae comes in and drugs her, then kidnaps Hae-Soo. All this while, Do-Jin is trying so hard not to break down in tears.

Sang-Bae calls Jae-Hyun and tells him that he’s taking Hae-Soo to the airport, but Jae-Hyun tells him to take him to a port and kill her. Meanwhile, the mysterious bike man who’s been working with Jae-Hyun to leave clues for Hae-Soo about No.50 and her father’s death approaches him. The bike man takes off his helmet and is none other than Joon-Ho!

Joon-Ho tries to defend Hae-Soo, but Jae-Hyun taunts him. Sang-Bae pays off another guy when he gets in the car he was driving and heads to the port to kill Hae-Soo. However, Tae-Ra happens to be following. He manages to block the guy’s car and fight him off. The episode ends with Tae-Ra trying to wake Hae-Soo up.

The Episode Review

Now we know more about Tae-Ra and Pilseung’s history leading to them being Director Seoun-dok’s assassins. It’s good that Jae-Hyun saved Tae-Ra back then, but his obsession with Tae-Ra and making this perfect family is really scary, and we’ve seen how far he can go to maintain this.

I’m disappointed with Sung-Chan for putting Tae-Ra under the bus and confessing to Jae-Hyun about spying on him at Tae-Ra’s request. But I didn’t expect any less from him since most of these characters are willing to betray others to save themselves. Speaking of betrayal, it’s disappointing that Joon-Ho has been working with Jae-Hyun this entire time.

We now know who Sujeong is. But what really happened to her? Also, who was the one who cut the rope, causing Kyojin to crash at the bottom of the cliff? I’m looking forward to seeing if these will be revealed in the next episode.

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