Pandora: Beneath The Paradise – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Hello, Long Lost Brother

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 7 begins with Director Seoun-dok meeting with Jae-Hyun, as seen in the last episode. Director Seoun-dok reveals that she knows the evil schemes Jae-Hyun has been involved in, including killing Yoo-Ra and working with Sang-Bae to make it seem like Chairman Kummo did it. She also knows about Sang-Bae working for him and giving No.50 a new identity as the Tae-Ra we now know.

In exchange for keeping quiet, Director Seoun-dok asks Jae-Hyun to hand over Hatch to her, and she will, in turn, partner with him. Director Seoun-dok also knows Yoo-Tae was working with Jae-Hyun, so she asks Jae-Hyun to return Yoo-Tae to her.

Meanwhile, Tae-Ra is fighting with Cha Pilseung at the place Hae-Soo went to look for Joon-Ho. As they’re fighting Tae-Ra sees the number 105 branded on his chest and realizes it’s her long-lost brother, Hauin. She remembers seeing the number branded on her brother when they were young. Pilseung, on the other hand, remembers Director Seoun-dok telling them not to kill No.50 (Tae-Ra) yet. So instead, he stabs her on her shoulder.

Hae-Soo is still looking for Joon-Ho and finds him seriously injured. Just then, Do-Jin arrives with his men to look for Hae-Soo. Pilseung escapes, but, Do-Jin manages to see Tae-Ra in that area. Do-Jin finds Hae-Soo with Joon-Ho, and Tae-Ra drives away from that area.

At Hanwool Mental Hospital, Director Seoun-dok is walking into the premises when Tae-Ra attacks her. Tae-Ra asks Director Seoun-dok why she didn’t tell her that Hajun (Pilseung) is still alive. As she’s about to attack Director Seoun-dok again, Pilseung stops her and asks Director Seoun-dok if she’s okay. Pilseung calls Director Seoun-dok “Mother Director,” which shocks Tae-Ra. Director Seoun-dok tells Tae-Ra that Pilseung wasn’t supposed to hurt her, but he slipped because he lost his temper from his sister (Tae-Ra) abandoning him. Director Seoun-dok then tells Pilseung to bring Tae-Ra inside.

Pilseung treats Tae-Ra’s stab wound in Director Seoun-dok’s office; then Director Seoun-dok asks him to leave her and Tae-Ra alone. Director Seoun-dok begins telling Tae-Ra that she took Pilseung under her wing after he broke his leg from the accident he and Tae-Ra had when they were running away from Director Seoun-dok so, Tae-Ra should be thankful. Tae-Ra tells Director Seoun-dok that she was the one who tried to kill him, but she tells Tae-Ra that it was Yoo-Tae who ran Pilseung over with his car. She also tells Tae-Ra that she made Yoo-Tae lose his eye, so they are even.

Director Seoun-dok tells Tae-Ra that she shouldn’t worry about her exposing Tae-Ra about her identity and that they are on the same boat now. Tae-Ra tries to attack Director Seoun-dok again, but she stops her and tells her that if the truth about Hae-Soo’s father’s assassination comes out, her brother would be in great danger, so she should think about protecting him. Director Seoun-dok then calls Pilseung to take Tae-Ra home.

Meanwhile, Hae-Soo and Do-Jin are in the hospital where Joon-Ho is, and Do-Jin tells Hae-Soo that he saw Tae-Ra in the area where Joon-Ho was kidnapped. Do-Jin tells her that if Director Seoun-dok ordered the abduction of Joon-Ho, Hae-Soo might be right about Tae-Ra and Director Seoun-dok being behind Hae-Soo’s dad’s assassination.

Tae-Ra and Pilseung arrive home, and Tae-Ra explains to Pilseung that she thought he had died after the accident. Tae-Ra also explains to Pilseung that she was thrown off the cliff that day and lost her memory. She tells him that she would have gotten him out if she knew he was at Hanwool. Tae-Ra then tells Pilseung to cut ties with Director Seoun-dok, and she’ll find a safe place for him. But, Pilseung threatens to kill Tae-Ra if she talks badly about Director Seoun-dok again. All the while, Jae-Hyun happens to be watching them.

Tae-Ra goes inside the house and cries, feeling sorry for leaving Hajun (Pilseung) in Hanwool Mental Hospital. Elsewhere, Pilseung looks at his injured leg and remembers the day of the accident, waking up at Hanwool Mental Hospital, and Director Seoun-dok convincing him that Tae-Ra was never coming back for him.

At Jae-Hyun’s house, Jae-Hyun remembers asking Director Seoun-dok who took the pictures of him Sang-Bae the night Yoo-Ra died. It seems he has an idea who it is. Tae-Ra comes in, and Jae-Hyun tells her not to worry or apologize to Hae-Soo or Do-Jin and to instead focus on Jae-Hyun and Jiu. But, Tae-Ra tells him to think about Do-Jin and Hae-Soo since they’re also important people in their lives, but Jae-Hyun says not anymore. Jae-Hyun also informs Tae-Ra that he will be replacing all the staff, including Pilseung, but, Tae-Ra requests not to replace Pilseung.

At Hatch headquarters, Sung-Chan has stayed up all night working on Kyojin. One of the staff, Yang Se-Jin, asks Sung-Chan if she can help him with anything, but he says no. He also warns all the staff against entering the special lab where Kyojin is.

At Jae-Hyun’s house, Tae-Ra tells Jae-Hyun she’s taking some food to Sung-Chan. Jae-Hyun receives a call from Yang Se-Jin telling him she couldn’t enter the special lab, so she doesn’t have information on Kyojin’s status. But, Jae-Hyun tells her to try harder. He suspects that if Kyojin is awake, Sung-Chan has the flash drive.

Sung-Chan tells Tae-Ra that Kyojin is awake when she visits him. Sung-Chan tells her that Kyojin is still not communicating. Tae-Ra asks if Jae-Hyun knows that Kyojin is awake, and he says no, but Sung-Chan tells Tae-Ra that he is doing everything to find out. Tae-Ra also asks Sung-Chan if Jae-Hyun was behind Kyojin’s accident, but Sung-Chan doesn’t know. They both wonder why Jae-Hyun is trying so hard to wake Kyojin if he may be behind his accident.

Tae-Ra then asks Sung-Chan to help bug Jae-Hyun’s office with cameras, and he agrees. She goes to see the office, and when no one is there, she coordinates with Sung-Chan and places cameras around the office. Sung-Chan also hacks into Jae-Hyun’s car system, enabling him to watch as he is in his car. Jae-Hyun receives a text from Director Seoun-dok telling him to lead her to Yoo-Tae and let her handle the rest. Jae-Hyun also calls Chairman Kummo and asks to meet.

At Hae-Soo and Do-Jin’s home, Do-Jin tells Hae-Soo that he has already begun searching for the sapphire necklace owner that the anonymous bike man told Hae-Soo about. Hae-Soo begins telling Do-Jin that when her mother was accused of killing her father, she almost believed she did it. Do-Jin reassures her that her parents have nothing against her and they will get to the bottom of this.

Joon-Ho calls Hae-Soo and tells her Jae-Hyun’s presidential rival, Han Kyung-Rok’s campaign team, has published the article about Tae-Ra fake identity. At the campaign headquarters, Hae-Soo meets Kyung-Rok and tells him that she knows the real Tae-Ra’s friend Sophie who can verify the Tae-Ra we know is fake. Kyung-Rok also tells Hae-Soo that they have information about Jae-Hyun’s mother.

Hae-Soo returns to the car and asks Do-Jin if he knows anything about Jae-Hyun’s parents. Do-Jin tells her that he doesn’t know about Jae-Hyun’s father and that his mother, a doctor, died in a car accident. Hae-Soo asks Do-Jin when he first met Jae-Hyun.

Do-Jin recalls when he and Sung-Chan didn’t have a partner to play basketball while in university, when Jae-Hyun, new to the university, offers to be their partner. They play the game well, and Jae-Hyun asks Do-Jin to introduce him to Kyojin. Hae-Soo asks what happened to their original basketball partner, and Do-Jin tells her he had a bike accident. Hae-Soo suspects something happened that day and asks Do-Jin to look more into Jae-Hyun’s past before meeting at the university and his late mother.

Jae-Hyun meets with Ms Min, Kyojin’s mother, who is inquiring about Kyojin’s recovery. Jae-Hyun tells her that although it will take time, they will make Kyojin well again. Ms Min also informs Jae-Hyun of her plan to buy Kumjo stocks under Kyojin’s name. Ms Min also offers to help Jae-Hyun with funds for his campaign.

At Kumjo headquarters, Sang-Bae is updating Do-Jin on information about the Chaebol to prepare him to succeed Kummo. Do-Jin tells Sang-Bae to remind his father of his promise to help Hae-Soo find his father’s killer. Do-Jin also asks Sang-Bae to investigate Jae-Hyun’s past and his late mother.

At Jae-Hyun’s campaign office, his campaign manager tries his best to deal with the story about Tae-Ra’s fake identity. He goes to inform Jae-Hyun and gives him 10 billion won to bribe the press and make the story die down. Jae-Hyun receives a call from Sang-Bae telling him that Do-Jin has asked him to do a background check on him, and Jae-Hyun tells Sang-Bae to do it. Tae-Ra is watching Jae-Hyun through the camera she placed in his office and sees he has saved the person he has talked to as “Uncle” and discovers it’s actually Sang-Bae.

Meanwhile, Director Seoun-dok sends assassins to kill Yoo-Tae, but they fail. Yoo-Tae concludes that he isn’t useful to Jae-Hyun anymore. Director Seoun-dok received the information that Yoo-Tae got away and is mad that she will now look like a fool to Jae-Hyun.

Back at Jae-Hyun’s home, Pilseung is taking out the trash when he remembers Detective Seoun-dok forcing him to assassinate people to save his sister, Tae-Ra. He also remembers Tae-Ra explaining what happened after the accident, and he gets angry and hits the wall. Hae-Soo’s son, Jang Leo, sees him and starts scolding him (so funny!) Tae-Ra’s daughter Jiu comes and defends him (so cute!) and runs after Jang Leo.

Yoo-Tae walks in and starts mocking Pilseung about her sister’s daughter recognizing her blood and being affectionate towards him. He also asks Pilseung why he hasn’t killed No.50 (Tae Ra) yet and even offers to kill her. Yoo-Tae warns Pilseung not to betray Director Seoun-dok and even threatens to kill Tae-Ra himself.

At Hatch headquarters, Sung-Chan is trying to find out why Kyojin is awake, yet he can’t talk. He checks on Jae-Hyun (remember he hacked into Jae-Hyun’s car system) and sees him giving something to a bike man. Meanwhile, Jae-Hyun finally meets Chairman Kummo.

Kummo starts mocking Jae-Hyun about his troubles with Tae-Ra, who accuses him of being a fake. Jae-Hyun turns the tables and starts revealing the evil things Kummo has done. Elsewhere, Sang-Bae meets with Do-Jin and Hae-Soo, giving them the information about Jae-Hyun that they requested. It turns out, Kummo killed Jae-Hyun’s mother, Kim Sohye, and took the drug she invented to cure cranial nerve disorders and sold it to a foreign company twenty years ago.

On the other hand, Do-Jin and Hae-Soo have totally different information about Kim Sohye’s accident. They read from a newspaper that Kim Sohye stole research funds for the drug, and when she was caught, she took the research files and fled, which is where she had an accident. Do-Jin also notes that Kumjo Pharmaceuticals funded the drug’s research. Hae-Soo concludes that Jae-Hyun blames Do-Jin’s father for his mother’s death, which is why he befriended Kyojin and Do-Jin. Hae-Soo vows to use that information to make Jae-Hyun lose the elections.

Joon-Ho comes and tells Hae-Soo that he found out that Director Seoun-dok uses her patients at Hanwool Mental Hospital for research against their will. Back at Kummo’s office, Jae-Hyun reveals to Kummo that he knows he murdered his mother and ordered an assassin to kill Hae-Soo’s dad, and Kummo has a heart attack.

Elsewhere, Han Kyung-Rok exposes the story of Jae-Hyun’s mother stealing the drug’s research files. Sang-Bae calls Do-Jin and tells him that Kummo ordered Jae-Hyun’s mother to be killed. Hae-Soo comes to tell him about Han Kyung-Rok exposing Jae-Hyun’s late mother.

Meanwhile, Director Seoun-dok tells Jae-Hyun that Yoo-Tae got away, and Jae-Hyun isn’t happy about it. Director Seoun-dok proposes killing Manhwe Group’s Chairman, Song Juman. He is Han Kyung-Rok’s major sponsor. Director Seoun-dok tells Jae-Hyun that the assassin is ready when he asks her if the assassin is Pilseung. Jae-Hyun also reveals that he did a DNA test on Pilseung and discovered he is Tae-Ra’s sister.

Pilseung receives a call from Director Seoun-dok telling him to kill Song Juman, and Tae-Ra overhears their phone conversation. Pilseung is about to kill Song Juman when Tae-Ra stops him, but he does it anyway and tells Tae-Ra that he has to do everything Director Seoun-dok says, whether it’s 15 years ago or now. Tae-Ra remembers when Hae-Soo’s father was assassinated. It turns out it’s actually Pilseung who assassinated Hae-Soo’s dad. The episode ends with Tae-Ra hugging Pilseung, telling him it’s not his fault.

The Episode Review

This episode reveals that everyone is on to everyone trying to uncover their secrets. It’s great to see Tae-Ra and Sung-Chan working together to expose Jae-Hyun. Now that Tae-Ra knows Pilseung is her brother, will she protect him this time? It’s also scary how Jae-Hyun seems to be working with almost everyone and is always a step ahead of his enemies. It will also be interesting to see what will happen next now that Kummo knows that Jae-Hyun knows everything he has done.

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