Pandora: Beneath The Paradise – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

All truths are difficult to reach

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 6 starts with Hae-Soo exposing Tae-Ra during their highly anticipated special presidential interview with Jae-Hyun and Tae-Ra. She asks if she’s the one who assassinated her father, former President Ko Taesun. Tae-Ra is overwhelmed, and immediately, the live interview is cut short. Hae-Soo still confronts Tae-Ra, telling her she has proof that she stole someone else’s identity. All this time, Jae-Hyun defends her, which pisses Hae-Soo even more.

Jae-Hyun and Tae-Ra leave YBC station, but Hae-Soo follows. She continues to say that Tae-Ra and Director Kim Seoun-dok conspired to assassinate her father. Other media reporters are recording the whole thing, and people think Hae-Soo is insane. Just then, a news report comes up that the “real” assassin who killed Hae-Soo’s father committed suicide and left a note confessing everything. Meanwhile, the YBC station’s Chief comes and yells at Hae-Soo for ruining everything by confronting Tae-Ra. All this is too much for Hae-Soo, and she collapses.

Back at Jae-Hyun’s residence, Jae-Hyun is upset about what just happened. It turns out, Hae-Soo sent Jae-Hyun’s campaign team a different script for the interview, so they didn’t know she would ask Tae-Ra those questions. Sung-Chan points out that it’s weird the “real” assassin died just when Hae-Soo confronted Tae-Ra. Jae-Hyun threatens to sue Hae-Soo, but Tae-Ra requests to talk to him privately.

Jae-Hyun is mad that Tae-Ra is defending Hae-Soo, but, Tae-Ra tells him to trust her. Jae-Hyun assures Tae-Ra that she’ll stand by him regardless of her past, and Tae-Ra embraces him. Tae-Ra thinks back to when she listened to Yoo-Ra’s voicemail before she died.

It turns out, Yoo-Ra told her that the person who gave her new identity as Hong Tae-Ra is Jae-Hyun! Yoo-Ra warns Tae-Ra not to trust Jae-Hyun because he deceived Yoo-Ra too, and Tae-Ra doesn’t know what he’s capable of. Yoo-Ra also told Tae-Ra that Jae-Hyun was following her, and he wanted Sung-Chan’s flash drive. So, if something happened to her, Tae-Ra should give the flash drive back to Sung-Chan.

Tae-Ra also remembers Jae-Hyun paying off the doctor who secretly performed an autopsy on Yoo-Ra, specifically to look for the flash drive. In the last episode, Tae-Ra didn’t want an autopsy to be performed on Yoo-Ra. Immediately after, the doctor meets Tae-Ra and gives her the flash drive. Yoo-Ra ingested it before she died, and the doctor lied to Jae-Hyun about not finding the drive while doing the autopsy.

At Do-Jin and Hae-Soo’s home, Hae-Soo finally regains consciousness. Do-Jin is there with her but Hae-Soo still insists that Tae-Ra is the one who killed her father. She also finds it weird that the “real” assassin died on the day of her special. She vows to get to the bottom of this, even if she does so alone. She calls Sophie, the friend of the real Tae-Ra and tells her that someone (the Tae-Ra we know) is pretending to be Tae-Ra.

Meanwhile, the Police hold a press conference, revealing details about the “real” assassin, Ju Changtae. He was a special forces officer but was suspended because of a scandal. Director Kim Seoun-dok is watching the press conference. It turns out Ju Changtae was also one of Director Kim Seoun-dok’s trained assassins and he was killer No.41. Director Seoun-dok suspects that Ju Changtae was forced to give a false confession before he was killed. She also suspects that Yoo-Tae, whom he dismissed, is the one who did it and is working for someone else.

Concurrently, Kummo, who was mad at what Hae-Soo did earlier, is informed by Sang-Bae that Ju Changtae has really been proven to be Hae-Soo’s father’s assassin. Kummo is still not convinced that Tae-Ra is in the clear. Remember, Kummo knows about Tae-Ra being behind Hae-Soo’s father’s assassination.

At Jae-Hyun’s home, Jae-Hyun has hired people to thoroughly clean their yard, the area where Yoo-Ra’s body was found. Tae-Ra finds it odd, but, Jae-Hyun tells her he wants them to start afresh after Yoo-Ra’s death. One of the workers accidentally sprays Jae-Hyun with water, so he goes to change. Meanwhile, Director Seoun-dok calls Tae-Ra and “commends” her on framing Ju Changtae for the murder of Hae-Soo’s dad (Tae-Ra didn’t do it). She also tells her something about her time as Tae-Ra coming to an end. She follows Jae-Hyun and sees pattern scars on him that result from being struck by lightning. It turns out he was the one who killed Yoo-Ra!

Jae-Hyun is talking to someone about not suing Hae-Soo as Tae-Ra wished. As he’s on the phone, Tae-Ra approaches from behind with a knife to stab him but Sung-Chan stops her. It seems Sung-Chan also knows the truth about Yoo-Ra’s death. Jae-Hyun goes outside, and one of the workers finds a purse. It is Yoo-Ra’s that she dropped when Jae-Hyun was chasing her. Jae-Hyun takes the purse and goes through it, trying to find Sung-Chan’s flash drive.

Tae-Ra plays Sung-Chan Yoo-Ra’s voicemail before she dies, and he breaks down crying again. Tae-Ra returns the flash drive to Sung-Chan and asks what’s in it that got Yoo-Ra killed, and Sung-Chan tells her. Tae-Ra asks him how he knew Jae-Hyun killed Yoo-Ra. He shows her a picture of Jae-Hyun’s damaged watch. The watch was ruined when Jae-Hyun was struck by lightning when hanging Yoo-Ra. Sung-Chan tells Yoo-Ra that he saw Jae-Hyun hiding the watch in a locker at the dock. The watch had blood stains on it, so he tested the blood and found that it was Yoo-Ra’s.

Sung-Chan threatens to kill Jae-Hyun and himself when Tae-Ra convinces him not to and instead helps her get revenge on Jae-Hyun.

Tae-Ra goes to see Hae-Soo, who’s on the phone with the YBC station’s Chief informing her that she is fired. Tae-Ra tries to apologize to Hae-Soo, but she slaps her and tells her to confess if she’s remorseful. But, Tae-Ra isn’t ready yet.

At YBC station, the chief scolds Hae-Soo for what she did to Tae-Ra. The Chief also informs Hae-Soo that he and Song, another journalist, will also be fired because of what she did. Hae-Soo pleads with him, but he still insists that she is fired. Seeing the confrontation, Joon-Ho asks Hae-Soo if she is okay. Hae-Soo isn’t giving up as she continues investigating No.50 and Hanwool Mental Hospital’s connection to her father’s murder.

Do-Jin and Sung-Chan meet, and Sung-Chan asks Do-Jin about a “Sujeong” who may be a woman from their past. Sung-Chan mocks Do-Jin about being Jae-Hyun’s puppet, which pisses him off. He returns home and takes a package Yoo-Ra sent with a helmet and a note. In the note, Yoo-Ra tells Do-Jin that what happened to Kyojin isn’t his fault, and she desires to see him ride bikes again. This makes Do-Jin suspicious about whether Yoo-Ra really committed suicide.

Hae-Soo is recording a report again, exposing the real identity of Tae-Ra and how the real Tae-Ra died. She tries to call Sophie, real Tae-Ra’s friend, but she doesn’t pick up and suspects something is wrong. At this point, even Joon-Ho starts believing that Hae-Soo is insane, which angers Hae-Soo. Just then, Chairman Kummo calls.

Tae-Ra informs Jae-Hyun’s campaign team that she’s not suing Hae-Soo, and while they’re not happy with the decision, they still hold a press conference to announce it.

Yoo-Tae informs Jae-Hyun that the work is finished. It’s now revealed that Yoo-Tae is working with Jae-Hyun, and they killed Ju Changtae and made him confess he was the murderer. Jae-Hyun pays him off, but he isn’t satisfied with it.

Director Kim Seoun-dok is on the phone with a reporter investigating Hanwool Mental Hospital. Still, she assures the reporter that Hae-Soo also investigated her and found she has nothing to hide. But, she is one step ahead as she has already ordered the annex building to be shut down.

At Jae-Hyun’s house, Tae-Ra calls Pilseung (assassin No.105) and gives him a gift. Just then, Director Seoun-dok calls him and orders him to assassinate Hae-Soo.

On the other side of town, Chairman Kummo tells Hae-Soo how Kumjo Pharmaceuticals is suffering because of what she did. She then hands divorce and child custody papers and asks her to divorce Do-Jin and her over custody of her son to him. As she’s pleading with Kummo to reconsider and help her prove Tae-Ra is her father’s assassin, Do-Jin comes in and defends her.

Do-Jin tells his father that he believes Hae-Soo’s claims that Tae-Ra killed Hae-Soo’s father. Kummo is angered by what he says, but, Do-Jin tells him that he will return to Kumjo only if he helps Hae-Soo prove that Tae-Ra and Jae-Hyun have something to do with the former President’s death.

Hae-Soo and Do-Jin finally make amends, and Do-Jin asks Hae-Soo to tell her everything concerning why she thinks Tae-Ra killed her father.  Kummo pretends to help Do-Jin and Hae-Soo to investigate Tae-Ra so that Do-Jin can take over Kumjo as he desires.

Ms Min, Kyojin’s mother, is visiting Kyojin when he finally opens his eyes. She calls Jae-Hyun and tells her that Kyojin is awake. She also asks Jae-Hyun if he can still help Kyojin get better, as he told her in the last episode. He says he can but tells her not to tell Kummo or Do-Jin.

The bike man who dropped a clue about No.50 (Tae-Ra) being Hae-Soo’s father’s killer drops another clue for Hae-Soo. This time, he gives a picture of a sapphire necklace with a serial number and writes in a note that Director Seoun-dok received this from the person who ordered Hae-Soo’s father to be killed.

As Do-Jin and Hae-Soo are looking into the clue, Jae-Hyun texts him and tells him he has been removed from the smart patch’s human trial research.

Hae-Soo calls Joon-Ho to inform them about the recent clue and discovers he has been kidnapped, and the kidnappers tell Hae-Soo to meet them if he wants Joon-Ho to be safe. Director Seoun-dok calls Tae-Ra and tells her she’s about to eliminate Hae-Soo. But, Tae-Ra follows Hae-Soo to try and save her.

Do-Jin confronts Jae-Hyun about removing him from smart patch’s human trial, and Jae-Hyun tells her that Director Seoun-dok said she wouldn’t offer people for the trial if Do-Jin is involved in the research. Do-Jin is pissed off and tells Jae-Hyun that he now believes Hae-Soo’s accusations against Tae-Ra.

At Hatch, Sung-Chan and Jae-Hyun are working on Kyojin when Sung-Chan tells him he won’t share smart patch’s findings on the human trial even with him. Jae-Hyun agrees, but he suspects Sung-Chan has his flash drive. Director Seoun-dok calls Jae-Hyun, and they meet. Director Seoun-dok has been trying to ask Jae-Hyun to partner with her, but he refused. Now, Director Seoun-dok has pictures of him with Sang-Bae the night Yoo-Ra died, so she threatens to blackmail him if he doesn’t hand over Hatch to her. In the meantime, Sung-Chan uses his flash drive and finally wakes up Kyojin from his coma.

Tae-Ra is following Hae-Soo, who arrives at the kidnappers’ location. Tae-Ra fights with one of the assassins who’s going to kill Hae Soo and discovers its Pilseung. They continue fighting, and she sees the number 105 branded on his chest, meaning it’s her long-lost brother Hajun. Meanwhile, Hae-Soo searches for Joon-Ho and finds him badly injured. The episode ends with Pilseung (Hajun) stabbing Tae-Ra.

The Episode Review

Well, now we know Jae-Hyun is more evil than we thought. I feel bad for Sung-Chan because he is caught up in all this because of loving Yoo-Ra. As for Hae-Soo, I wish she could allow Tae-Ra to explain everything, but we know she can’t deal with the current circumstances, and Hae-Soo is still adamant about exposing her as her father’s killer.

It’s also good that Do-Jin and Hae-Soo have made up, and he now believes her. But will they be able to uncover the truth about Hae-Soo’s father’s murder, considering Kummo is pretending to help them? And now that Tae-Ra knows her brother is alive, and Sung-Chan has managed to wake Kyojin from his coma, what will happen next?

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