Pandora: Beneath The Paradise – K-drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Election Day

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 14 starts with us learning that the driver of the truck is Dr Yang, who doesn’t look well. She begins confronting Jae-Hyun, telling him she will expose all the atrocities he has done. Dr Yang tries calling out to Tae-Ra to tell her Pilseung is at Jae-Hyun’s secret lab, but Jae-Hyun’s men knock her unconscious.

On the other hand, Hae-Soo is devastated because she just shot Tae-Ra and starts going towards her, but, Joon-Ho stops her and tells her to think about what she’s about to do. Jae-Hyun takes Tae-Ra to the hospital. Jae-Hyun’s men realize Dr Yang has escaped, and shortly after, Sung-Chan follows her as she drives the truck.

Elsewhere, Hae-Soo is with Joon-Ho when Do-Jin comes in. Hae-Soo tells him she tried to kill Jae-Hyun but shot Tae-Ra instead. Joon-Ho tells Do-Jin not to worry as the bullet only grazed Tae-Ra, so her injury isn’t serious. Joon-Ho leaves to go to the hospital where Tae-Ra is, and Hae-Soo is still devastated and regrets trying to save Tae-Ra. But, Do-Jin assures her that none of this is her fault.

At the hospital, the doctor updates Jae-Hyun on Tae-Ra’s gunshot injuries. Jae-Hyun also asks about the state of the microchip inside her brain, and the doctor tells him that the microchip’s side effects will probably worsen due to Tae-Ra falling when she was shot. One of Jae-Hyun’s security comes to tell him that Dr Yang escaped, and he tells him that he’ll handle it. Jae-Hyun is also informed the press is outside Tae-Ra’s hospital room waiting for him to address the shooting incident.

Jae-Hyun addresses the press and lies to them that an obsessed fan probably attacked him and there were no gunshots. Joon-Ho, who’s among the press at the hospital, calls Do-Jin and Hae-Soo and updates them on what Jae-Hyun has told the press. Hae-Soo then insists on seeing Tae-Ra in the hospital, and Do-Jin offers to go with her since Jae-Hyun will be there.

In the meantime, Han Kyung-Rok is with Chairman Kummo and tells him about the attack at Jae-Hyun’s residence. Of course, Kummo is pleased about that and tells Han Kyung-Rok that this is his chance to overtake Jae-Hyun in the presidential race. Kummo proposes the idea of adding free college education to his campaign to Han Kyung-Rok and assures him that he’ll have Kumjo’s full support.

Back at the hospital, Tae-Ra finally wakes up, and Jae-Hyun asks her if she recognizes him. Of course, she does and tells him she remembers a truck almost running over them. Tae-Ra asks Jae-Hyun who was driving the truck, and he tells her it was Dr Yang. She asks Jae-Hyun why Dr Yang would do such a thing, and he lies to her that Dr Yang was caught stealing the research data at Hatch, so she fired her that so; maybe she tried to run over him with the truck due to resentment towards him. Jae-Hyun receives a call from Sung-Chan, who tells him he has Dr Yang and knows she is actually Sujeong.

Jae-Hyun goes to meet Sung-Chan. Meanwhile, Hae-Soo and Do-Jin are watching him, and after he leaves the hospital, Hae-Soo goes to see Tae-Ra, and Do-Jin decides to follow Jae-Hyun. But, Hae-Soo tells him not to, and he agrees.

Tae-Ra remembers how Dr Yang was about to tell her something about Pilseung earlier when she almost ran them over with the truck. She is sure Pilseung is at Jae-Hyun’s secret lab, so she needs to find its location. Hae-Soo walks in to see her and begins apologizing for almost killing Tae-Ra. Hae-Soo tells Tae-Ra she did this because she was afraid Tae-Ra would never be happy with Jae-Hyun. But, because of what happened, she tells Tae-Ra she won’t bother her and Jae-Hyun again.

Tae-Ra tells her to stop crying because she hasn’t lost her memory. Hae-Soo asks her why she didn’t tell earlier, and Tae-Ra tells her she was afraid she’d put her in danger.

Sung-Chan is at the secret lab, and Yoo-Tae isn’t happy to see him. Sung-Chan tells Yoo-Tae that if he tries to harm him, he will activate the cameras, enabling the world to see what is happening in the secret lab. Jae-Hyun comes in, and Sung-Chan begins telling how he came there to see Dr Yang, but it turns out it’s Sujeong. Meanwhile, Dr Yang, who’s in a room nearby, tries to tell Sung-Chan that she’s Sujeong, but the gas inside the room chokes her.

Sung-Chan asks Jae-Hyun what else he has been up to behind his and Do-Jin’s back. He also tells Jae-Hyun that he also knows Pilseung inside the lab as a captive. Jae-Hyun explains to Sung-Chan that he did this for the sake of Hatch, and after he becomes president, human experimentation will be legal. He also tells Sung-Chan that he will be in charge of the human experiments and even offers to make the Minister of Technology when he becomes president. Sung-Chan tells him he’ll think about the offers, and he leaves.

One of the doctors tells Jae-Hyun that “sample six” (Pilseung) is ready for the experiment. He goes to where Pilseung has been prepared for the experiment and begins torturing him. Pilseung asks him if this is what he did to Tae-Ra, and he tells him that Tae-Ra no longer has painful memories of Director Seoun-dok or him. Pilseung tells him that whether they are painful or happy memories, it should be up to her to embrace them. Pilseung also tells Jae-Hyun that he’ll never be happy with Tae-Ra, and he gets angry and tells the doctors to ensure he never utters the word “sister” again.

At Do-Jin and Hae-Soo’s house, Do-Jin is glad Tae-Ra didn’t lose her memory and suggests they plan their next move to destroy Jae-Hyun once Tae-Ra is out of the hospital. Then, Kyojin calls him.

Do-Jin meets Kyojin, who shows him footage of Dr Yang almost running over Tae-Ra and Jae-Hyun with a truck. Kyojin then tells Do-Jin that Dr Yang is Sujeong, and he is shocked. Do-Jin tells Kyojin that Dr Yang can’t be Sujeong, and Kyojin asks if he believes it because she died seven years ago.

Kyojin tells him he knows about their experiment that hurt Sujeong, and Do-Jin admits to it. Do-Jin apologizes to Kyojin, but he tells Do-Jin to find Dr Yang and apologize to her instead. Do-Jin also sees another footage of Sung-Chan following Dr. Yang while she drove the truck and wonders whether he knows Dr. Yang is Sujeong. Kyojin tells him that if he succeeded in tailing her, he knows where Dr. Yang is.

Ms Min calls Kyojin to ask him where he is, and he tells him he is with Do-Jin. He goes on to tell him Do-Jin confessed to him that Chairman Kummo killed Hae-Soo’s father and vowed to bring Kummo down with his own hands so the prosecution would summon Kummo the next day. Ms Min doesn’t believe Do-Jin and asks Kyojin why he is so naïve, considering Do-Jin tried to kill him (she’s talking about the accident). Kyojin tells Ms Min that he has forgiven Do-Jin, and Do-Jin is correcting the mistakes associated with Hatch and Kummo.

Jae-Hyun brings Tae-Ra back home from the hospital when he gets a call from one of his men. So, she drops Tae-Ra off and leaves. Do-Jin meets Tae-Ra as she’s going inside the house. Do-Jin tells her that he came to pick up Leo.

As Jae-Hyun is being driven away from his house, he sees Hae-Soo. So, he stops and starts strangling Hae-Soo and tells her he knows she is the one who tried to shoot him earlier and tells her she’ll see what happens if he takes Tae-Ra away from him.

Leo is comforting Jiu at Jae-Hyun’s house, who’s upset about the shooting incident when Tae-Ra walks in. She’s happy to see her, and Do-Jin tells Leo to go play with Jiu. Tae-Ra starts having a headache again, and Do-Jin asks her if the microchip’s side effects have begun again, and Tae-Ra assures him she’ll be fine.

Tae-Ra asks Do-Jin about Hae-Soo’s well-being, and he tells her she’s still devastated about what happened. Tae-Ra tells Do-Jin about Hae-Soo’s plan to stop trying to expose Chairman Kummo for killing her father. Do-Jin tells Tae-Ra that he has decided to go to Kummo’s prosecution to tell the whole truth since he has seen how far Hae-Soo can go to expose the truth and is afraid to lose her. Tae-Ra gives Do-Jin the flash drive with all the information at Hanwool that proves Director Seoun-dok ran an assassination business and Chairman Kummo was one of her clients.

Tae-Ra asks Do-Jin if he has found Dr Yang, and he tells her he hasn’t. Tae-Ra tells him about Jae-Hyun’s secret lab, where he conducts illegal human experiments, and the possibility of Dr Yang and Pilseung being there. Do-Jin gives Tae-Ra a watch with a wiretap to give to Sung-Chan. That way, Sung-Chan will lead them to the secret lab. He also gives Tae-Ra a phone that Kyojin told him to give her so they can communicate without Jae-Hyun’s knowledge.

Elsewhere, Han Kyung-Rok announces his free college education plan once he becomes president. Concurrently, Jae-Hyun is watching it together with his campaign team, and they tell him how this plan will favour Han Kyung-Rok in the coming elections. They also tell him people haven’t stopped talking about the shooting incident. Jae-Hyun sends them the video of Han Kyung-Rok with Chairman Kummo earlier and tells them to wait until he asks them to leak it to the press and bring Han Kyung-Rok down.

Ms Min invites Chairman Kummo for a meal when the police come to arrest him for being the mastermind behind Hae-Soo’s father, former President Ko Taesun’s assassination. Tae-Ra takes Hae-Soo in a suit and tells her that Do-Jin has decided to tell the truth at Chairman Kummo’s prosecution of his involvement in Hae-Soo’s father’s murder. She urges Hae-Soo to go and report Kummo’s prosecution since she has waited for 15 years for this to happen.

Tae-Ra also goes to congratulate Sung-Chan on being Hatch’s CEO and gives him the watch with the wiretap that Do-Jin gave her earlier. As Hae-Soo is heading to report on Kummo’s case, she meets Joon-Ho her gate with a camera crew ready to go. Joon-Ho asks Hae-Soo for forgiveness for betraying her to Jae-Hyun, and she forgives him.

At the police station, Chairman Kummo is being interrogated and presented the evidence that he ordered Director Seoun-dok to have one of her assassins kill Hae-Soo’s father. When he realizes the evidence is overwhelming, he asks for his phone call and calls Jae-Hyun. He asks him to come and get him out of police custody, or he tells them that Tae-Ra is the assassin who killed Hae-Soo’s father.

It turns out, Jae-Hyun now has the recording Kummo had of Sang-Bae saying that Tae-Ra was No.50 who killed Hae-Soo’s father. Now that he has nothing against him, Jae-Hyun tells Kummo never to call him again.

Chairman Kummo asks the police to call his lawyers and insists he didn’t buy the sapphire necklace Director Seoun-dok was given as payment for killing Hae-Soo’s father. The police show him a picture of Ms Min wearing the necklace. It turns out the sapphire necklace belonged to Ms Min, and she told the police it was stolen until she found out Kummo gave Director Seoun-dok as payment for assassinating Hae-Soo’s father.

Do-Jin enters the interrogation room and urges Kummo to confess his crimes. Do-Jin then plays a recording of Kummo telling him why he killed Hae-Soo’s father and tells him he will accept the punishment for hiding his crimes.

Elsewhere, Kyojin is looking for the truck when he meets a man who is the truck’s owner. He tells Kyojin that the truck was stolen while delivering flowers at Mokeum Temple.

At Jae-Hyun’s secret lab, Pilseung is still being tortured and calls out for Hagyeong (Tae-Ra) when Tae-Ra suddenly panics back at her house. She quietly asks Pilseung to hang in there. Tae-Ra listens to Sung-Chan’s conversation through the wiretap in the watch he gave her and hears Sung-Chan trying to find out who Jae-Hyun put in charge of his Hatch shares.

Outside the police station, Hae-Soo, who’s among many other media reporters covering Chairman Kummo’s case, asks Kummo questions about him murdering her father. Kummo asks Hae-Soo if this is what she wants and tries to hit her, but Do-Jin stops him and tells him to stop committing crimes against his wife and that he will no longer call him his father.

Finally, Hae-Soo announces that she will resign now that her father’s killer has been arrested. Do-Jin, who’s watching her as she reports, acknowledges that this is the end of their marriage.

Do-Jin sets up a press conference and acknowledges Kummo’s crimes, and announces that he will cooperate in Kummo’s investigation. He also announces that he is resigning as Kumjo Group’s Vice-chairman and that the research conducted at Hatch has been a hoax all this time. He also announces that Jae-Hyun killed Red. Just then, the police come and arrest him for embezzlement of funds and breach of trust.

One of Jae-Hyun’s campaign staff informs him about Do-Jin’s arrest, and he tells him now to release the video of Han Kyung-Rok and Chairman Kummo’s meeting. The campaign staff asks how he knew this would happen, and Jae-Hyun tells him that “heaven helps those who help themselves.” Jae-Hyun also asks him to order enough champagne for them to celebrate when he wins the presidential election the next day.

Tae-Ra asks Jae-Hyun about Do-Jin’s arrest, and Jae-Hyun tells her not to associate with Do-Jin or Hae-Soo anymore as she will soon be the First Lady. Then, Tae-Ra overhears Jae-Hyun telling the person in charge of Hatch’s trust to meet him to get the documents and clear out the slush funds.

Kyojin is spying on Mokeum Temple when Tae-Ra calls to tell him Do-Jin has been arrested. He goes to Do-Jin’s house and finds Hae-Soo and Joon-Ho. Joon-Ho tells them Do-Jin has been framed because the funds under Jake Company (the pretend company Chairman Kummo had) were altered to look like his.

Hae-Soo suspects Jae-Hyun framed him, but they are the only ones who knew about Do-Jin’s press conference. Kyojin realizes it’s Ms. Min who has conspired with Jae-Hyun to frame Do-Jin. He permitted Jae-Hyun to build a secret lab at Mokeum Temple. Jae-Hyun also tells Ms Min to keep Kyojin and Tae-Ra under control. Little do they know that Tae-Ra followed Jae-Hyun there and now knows everything. Tae-Ra then calls Kyojin and tells him the truth.

Kyojin confronts Ms Min about working with Jae-Hyun, and he tells him she’ll do anything for him. Kyojin tells Ms Min he’s disowning her and vows to bring Kumjo down and protect Hae-Soo, Do-Jin, and Tae-Ra. Ms Min tells Kyojin that if he leaves, she will tell Jae-Hyun the truth about Tae-Ra not losing her memory and expose Tae-Ra for being the assassin that killed Hae-Soo’s father.

Election day arrives, and every presidential candidate gives their remarks, including Jae-Hyun. Yoo-Tae tells Jae-Hyun that he saw Kyojin at Mokeum Temple. Meanwhile, Kyojin is actually there, coordinating with Kyojin to find the secret lab. Kyojin tells Tae-Ra he now has to make Sung-Chan come to the temple so he can lead him to the secret lab.

Hae-Soo goes to the police station and tells Do-Jin that Jae-Hyun and Ms Min conspired to frame him for the crimes he was arrested for. Meanwhile, Han Kyung-Rok is leading in the presidential election, and Jae-Hyun isn’t happy about it. He receives a text telling him that there’s a power supply interruption at the secret lab, so he calls Sung-Chan to go and take care of it.

Little does Jae-Hyun knows Kyojin is the one who is interrupting the power supply to get Sung-Chan to lead him to the secret lab. Inside the secret lab, there’s chaos, and Pilseung and Dr Yang try to escape.

Sung-Chan arrives and goes to the secret lab entrance, and Kyojin follows and hits him, enabling the guy to go inside the lab. Sung-Chan calls Jae-Hyun and tells him Kyojin is inside, and he tells Sung-Chan to blow up the lab with Kyojin, Pilseung, and Dr Yang inside. Tae-Ra, who’s listening to their conversation, rushes to Mokeum Temple and calls Kyojin to warn him. Sung-Chan automatically closes the lab’s entrance and blows it up.

The episode ends with Jae-Hyun winning the presidential election and Tae-Ra arriving at the secret lab location and seeing the lab on fire.

The Episode Review

A lot of good things and bad things have happened in this episode. Hae-Soo knows Tae-Ra hasn’t lost her memory, and Do-Jin has decided to help Hae-Soo bring his father to justice for killing her father. However, Ms Min has just proven how far she can go to make Kumjo Group hers and Kyojin’s, which makes her more dangerous than Chairman Kummo.

Now that Jae-Hyun has blown the secret lab up with explosives, will Pilseung, Dr Yang, and Kyojin survive? And what happens next now that Jae-Hyun has won the presidential election? Let’s find out in the next episode.

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