Pandora: Beneath The Paradise – K-drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

The Return of The Perfect Tae-Ra

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 13 starts when Tae-Ra returns to Dr Yang’s lab. Dr Yang and Jae-Hyun catch her, and the former injects her with something that makes her unconscious. Kyojin calls Tae-Ra, and Jae-Hyun sees the incoming call and smashes Tae-Ra’s phone.

In the meantime, Ms Min prepares Kyojin a meal when Kyojin tells her he has to leave. Kyojin tells her Tae-Ra may have found Sujeong. Ms Min tries to stop him from going, telling him it’s dangerous, but, Kyojin insists on going, which doesn’t please Ms Min.

At Dr Yang’s lab, an unconscious Tae-Ra is being wheeled to another location. Kyojin arrives at Dr Yang’s lab (he used the tracking device he put in the bracelet he gave Tae-Ra in the last episode to get there) and doesn’t find Tae-Ra but finds the bracelet discarded there. Hae-Soo calls and tells him she can’t reach Tae-Ra, and he tells her she has disappeared.

Elsewhere, Jae-Hyun and Dr Yang are with Tae-Ra, who’s still unconscious. Suddenly, Dr Yang acts strange again and remembers Kyojin asking her to halt the “project eraser” because the microchip insertion isn’t safe yet and Kyojin calls Sujeong! Dr Yang begins negotiating with Jae-Hyun not to put the microchip in Tae-Ra and tells him about the possible side effects.

But, Jae-Hyun insists that Tae-Ra will be fine as long as they give her medication. Jae-Hyun tells Dr Yang that he wants to be happy with Tae-Ra like they were before, even if it’s just for a while. He then inserts the microchip into Tae-Ra and asks Dr Yang to erase Tae-Ra’s memory.

Hae-Soo drives to Jae-Hyun’s house to look for her, and Do-Jin, who has been spying on her, follows her. Hae-Soo arrives at Jae-Hyun’s house and tries calling out for Tae-Ra when Jae-Hyun arrives. She goes to confront Jae-Hyun, but, Do-Jin stops her and asks her what she is doing. Hae-Soo tells Do-Jin that it’s none of his business since he threatened to make their divorce difficult for her.

Do-Jin confesses to her that he did it to buy time, and if the divorce was finalized, Hae-Soo would never want him again. Do-Jin continues to tell Hae-Soo how worried he is about her even though they aren’t together. He then asks Hae-Soo to allow him to be of help to her. Hae-Soo finally opens up and tells Do-Jin that Jae-Hyun may have done something to Tae-Ra, and asks for his help.

The next day, Jae-Hyun sets up a press conference for Do-Jin to publicly endorse Jae-Hyun as president, and Do-Jin doesn’t want to. Jae-Hyun begins telling him that Kumjo stocks have increased substantially because of him. He also tells Sung-Chan that he’s being considered for Hatch’s CEO position because of him. Sung-Chan says he doesn’t want to be CEO since Jae-Hyun mocked him about not being qualified to be CEO. Jae-Hyun tells them they can get angry with him, but they should be prepared to lose everything they have if they don’t cooperate.

Jae-Hyun also tells Sung-Chan and Do-Jin that Kyojin is looking for Sujeong, and if he finds out what they did to her, they will be screwed. He goes on to tell them that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore and that they can be accomplices from now on. So, they either die or survive together. Sung-Chan and Do-Jin have no choice but to do as Jae-Hyun has said.

Sung-Chan finally becomes Hatch’s CEO, and he cannot believe it.

Do-Jin, Sung-Chan, and Jae-Hyun are in what seems like a photo shoot when Sung-Chan and Do-Jin ask Jae-Hyun where Tae-Ra and Jiu are since they haven’t seen them for a while. Jae-Hyun tells them Jiu is on a trip, and Tae-Ra is having memory issues again.

Do-Jin tells Hae-Soo what Jae-Hyun said, and she doesn’t believe it because Tae-Ra was fine before, raising her suspicions that Jae-Hyun did something to her. Hae-Soo decides to go ask Jae-Hyun about it, but, Do-Jin stops her and tells her that if she confronts Jae-Hyun, Tae-Ra may be in more danger as they’ve not located her yet. Do-Jin assures Hae-Soo he’ll look more into this matter, and she should pretend she knows nothing for now.

Jae-Hyun finally brings Tae-Ra back home. Hae-Soo sees doctors wheeling an unconscious Tae-Ra into Jae-Hyun’s house and tries to go see what’s going on, but the security guards at the entrance stop her from going in. Tae-Ra finally wakes up and seems not to know what happened. A doctor lies to Tae-Ra (as ordered by Jae-Hyun) that she fell at her sister, Yoo-Ra’s boutique (which happened in episode 1) and has been unconscious ever since.

Jae-Hyun asks Tae-Ra if she remembers anything, and she tells him she doesn’t remember anything after her accident at Yoo-Ra’s boutique. Tae-Ra asks where Jiu is, and Jae-Hyun tells her she went on a trip.

Jiu also returns home with Pilseung, Yoo-Tae, and his men. As soon as Jiu gets out of the car, one of the men injects Pilseung with something that makes him unconscious. Tae-Ra is happy that Jiu is back and asks if she went on her trip with Yoo-Ra, but Jiu tells her Yoo-Ra is dead. Tae-Ra is shocked, and Jae-Hyun lies to her that Yoo-Ra committed suicide.

Jae-Hyun tells Tae-Ra that the doctor thinks she was traumatized by Yoo-Ra’s death and suppressed those memories. He assures her she can lean on her through this difficult time. Jae-Hyun then gives Tae-Ra medicine from her doctor, but this medication is the one he and Dr Yang agreed to give her after they put the microchip in her earlier.

Yoo-Tae calls Jae-Hyun to inform him they have Pilseung, and Jae-Hyun tells them they “have a healthy sample for a change” and should take him into “room six.”

Jae-Hyun and the other presidential candidates are having a presidential debate again, and the other candidates start grilling Jae-Hyun about him not withdrawing from the presidential race and still holding shares at Hatch. Jae-Hyun informs them that he gave some of his shares at Hatch to Hatch employees, and the remaining ones are up for sale.

It’s five days to the presidential election, and Jae-Hyun is holding a party. Tae-Ra shows up, and Jae-Hyun introduces her to the guests. Tae-Ra goes to talk to Hae-Soo while Sung-Chan, who’s also in attendance, urges Do-Jin to complete his divorce from Hae-Soo and let her go.

Tae-Ra goes to say hi to Hae-Soo, and she asks Tae-Ra if she remembers anything from their plan, and Tae-Ra doesn’t remember. She asks Tae-Ra if Jae-Hyun did something to her when Jae-Hyun approaches them. Tae-Ra tells Jae-Hyun that Hae-Soo said something strange, and Jae-Hyun asks if Hae-Soo said he did something bad to Tae-Ra.

Tae-Ra leaves, and Jae-Hyun tells Hae-Soo, Tae-Ra has forgotten about her past and she shouldn’t torment her by trying to make her remember. Jae-Hyun also tells Hae-Soo that he knew she and Tae-Ra were planning to take revenge against him while Hae-Soo was pretending to help him. Jae-Hyun tells Hae-Soo to forget about the past and never come close to Tae-Ra again.

Kyojin also comes to the event to check on Tae-Ra and finds out Tae-Ra doesn’t remember anything, including the day she went to Dr Yang’s lab. Jae-Hyun tells Kyojin not to push as he couldn’t even revive himself.

Kyojin goes to see Chairman Kummo and confronts him about Do-Jin joining forces with Jae-Hyun to take over Kumjo. He then asks Kummo to attend Kumjo’s upcoming shareholders’ meeting and announce that he’s transferring his shares to Kyojin, but, Kummo refuses and tells him Kumjo belongs to Do-Jin. Kyojin then threatens to destroy Kumjo. Chairman Kummo then receives a parcel from Sang-Bae, who must have sent it before he died. The parcel contains the picture of No. 50 and the real Tae-Ra.

At Jae-Hyun’s party, Tae-Ra and Jiu are taking pictures when Leo tells Hae-Soo how envious he is of Jiu because her parents are together while Hae-Soo and Do-Jin fight constantly. Hae-Soo tries assuring Leo that she and Do-Jin still love him even though they’re divorcing, but Leo doesn’t want to hear any of that. As Tae-Ra goes through the pictures Jiu and her have taken, she sees a picture of Pilseung and asks Jiu who he is.

Jiu explains he is Uncle Pilseung and concludes Tae-Ra must have been really sick since she’s forgotten Pilseung. Jae-Hyun approaches, and Tae-Ra asks him about Pilseung. Jae-Hyun tells her she didn’t like Pilseung, so he quit. Jae-Hyun also asks Tae-Ra what Kyojin told her earlier, and she tells him that he talked about them planning to meet, which is strange since they aren’t close. Jae-Hyun tells him that Kyojin is like that because he has been in a coma for seven years.

Tae-Ra goes back to the house to rest, and on the way, Do-Jin approaches and tells her Hae-Soo is worried about her, and she hopes she will regain her memory. Tae-Ra tells him not to worry as Jae-Hyun is taking care of her.

At Hatch, Kyojin finds out Dr Yang resigned from working there and returns to her house/lab but doesn’t find her. Yoo-Tae watches Kyojin and informs Jae-Hyun that Kyojin is looking for Sujeong. Jae-Hyun tells him to keep an eye on Kyojin and ensure he doesn’t cause trouble.

Elsewhere, Hae-Soo asks Do-Jin if he checked if Tae-Ra has a microchip in her (he actually approached her earlier to check if she had a microchip inside her). Do-Jin tells Hae-Soo he did check Tae-Ra using a microchip reader but didn’t find one. Do-Jin is still convinced Jae-Hyun erased Tae-Ra’s memory. Do-Jin then tells Hae-Soo about the microchip Kyojin and Sujeong developed that could erase people’s memories.

Hae-Soo asks Do-Jin how Jae-Hyun inserted the microchip inside Tae-Ra without Sujeong, and Do-Jin tells her Dr Yang may have helped him. He also tells Hae-Soo how close Jae-Hyun is with Dr Yang and that Jae-Hyun was the one who brought Dr Yang to work at Hatch. Hae-Soo then asks Do-Jin if, by any chance, Dr Yang may be Sujeong and tells him about her and Tae-Ra finding Dr Yang’s ID and other personal documents in Jae-Hyun’s locker.

Chairman Kummo finally listens to the recording Sang-Bae sent together with the pictures, and Sang-Bae reveals No.50, who assassinated Hae-Soo’s father, is Tae-Ra. At Jae-Hyun’s house, Jae-Hyun prepares for a radio interview, and Tae-Ra informs him she has sold her Hatch shares. She also tells him she found he set up a blind trust for his Hatch shares, and he tells her they are under a friend who can’t betray him.

Elsewhere, Kyojin is trying to convince a doctor to help remove the microchip from Tae-Ra’s head. He even calls specialists from abroad. Meanwhile, Ms Min calls him to attend Kumjo’s shareholders’ meeting, but he doesn’t pick up.

At the shareholders’ meeting, Ms Min and Do-Jin are arguing about whether Do-Jin or Kyojin will be in charge of the neuroscience project at Kumjo when Chairman Kummo walks in. As expected, everyone is surprised, and he shows a video of Ms Min forcing his fingerprint on a stock waiver agreement when he was in the hospital. He then announces he is returning as the acting chairman of Kumjo with Do-Jin as Vice-chairman.

At YBC, reporters are preparing to go cover different presidential candidates’ activities, and Hae-Soo tells them she will be the one to do a report on Jae-Hyun.

At the radio interview, Tae-Ra joins Jae-Hyun, and she praises him. As they leave the police station, Hae-Soo asks Tae-Ra if she can interview her. Jae-Hyun declines, but after much persuasion, Tae-Ra agrees. Hae-Soo then shows her footage of her asking Tae-Ra about No. 50 in the special presidential interview. Tae-Ra asks what that is, and Hae-Soo tries to convince her that Jae-Hyun has erased her memory. She even tells her Jae-Hyun killed Yoo-Ra.

Tae-Ra gets upset and walks out on Hae-Soo. Suddenly, she has a headache and takes the medicine Jae-Hyun gave. Hae-Soo tries to stop her, but Jae-Hyun and Tae-Ra leave.

At Ms Min’s house, Kyojin returns, and Ms Min begins scolding him for not being at the shareholders’ meeting. She also tells him Kummo is back as Kumjo’s chairman. Kyojin tells her that he was taking care of Tae-Ra’s chip removal surgery and has found a doctor to do it. Ms Min tells him to forget about Tae-Ra as she has forgotten him.

Kyojin tells her that he doesn’t want to be involved with Kumjo anymore and urges her to stop pretending that she’s taking over Kumjo for him. He also tells her he knows she was the one who broke his bike 30 years ago and not Do-Jin, as she said in the last episode. Kyojin tells her he knows she did it so Do-Jin could be blamed. Ms Min asks him if he is developing feelings for Tae-Ra, and he tells her he is only helping Tae-Ra because he pities her and walks away. Ms Min vows that Kyojin only deserves perfection and will ensure that happens.

At Jae-Hyun’s home, Jae-Hyun asks Tae-Ra for her medication again when he receives a text that “sample 2” is missing, so he leaves. Then, Tae-Ra removes the medicine from her mouth. It turns out her memory wasn’t erased after all! She remembers telling Dr Yang that she is Sujeong and Jae-Hyun did to her what she was about to do to him. Then, Dr Yang remembered how the experiment Sung-Chan, Do-Jin, and Jae-Hyun did on her seven years ago backfired so she didn’t delete Tae-Ra’s memory.

Dr Yang then begins confronting Jae-Hyun about wanting to erase Tae-Ra’s memory and threatens to tell Kyojin. However, Jae-Hyun calls his men and asks them to take her to room 2. Tae-Ra also remembers Jae-Hyun telling Yoo-Tae to take Pilseung to room 2, so now she knows Jae-Hyun has Dr Yang and Pilseung, and she needs to find his secret lab.

Tae-Ra follows Jae-Hyun in her motorbike as Jae-Hyun drives to the secret lab. Jae-Hyun notices she’s following and blocks her, but Tae-Ra manages to get away. Meanwhile, Hae-Soo buys a gun.

Chairman Kummo calls Jae-Hyun and tells him he knows Tae-Ra is the assassin who killed Hae-Soo’s father so Jae-Hyun can’t blackmail him now. Joon-Ho calls Do-Jin to tell him Hae-Soo might be up to something because she just resigned from YBC. Do-Jin calls Hae-Soo, and she tells him she needs to end things and that he should take care of Leo. Do-Jin rushes to go look for Hae-Soo.

As the episode closes out, Hae-Soo secretly hides at Jae-Hyun’s house and shoots him, but Tae-Ra saves him and gets shot instead. Suddenly, a truck comes and tries to run over Jae-Hyun and Tae-Ra.

The Episode Review

So, now we know Dr Yang is Sujeong. For a minute, I thought Jae-Hyun succeeded in erasing Tae-Ra’s memory but I’m glad Tae-Ra convinced Dr Yang not to do that. I’m impressed by how well Tae-Ra pretended to have forgotten everything too, that was really well acted.

I was convinced that Ms Min was nice, but she revealed her true colours in this episode, and it turns out she is willing to do anything to get Kumjo back. Now that Hae-Soo has accidentally shot Tae-Ra, what will happen? Also, who was driving the truck that almost ran over Jae-Hyun and Tae-Ra? And where is Dr Yang, because she is the “sample 2” missing from Jae-Hyun’s lab. Let’s see if the next episode will answer these questions.

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