Pandora: Beneath The Paradise – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Ultimatum

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 11 begins with Hae-Soo outside Jae-Hyun’s house, telling Jae-Hyun that Do-Jin tried to kill and asking Jae-Hyun to help her. Suddenly, Hae-Soo faints in Jae-Hyun’s arms, so he drives away with her. Meanwhile, Tae-Ra and Kyojin coordinate and set up a surveillance camera in Sung-Chan’s house. Remember, they want to find out where Kyojin’s flash drive is with the original research.

As Tae-Ra is setting up the camera, Sung-Chan walks in, so she hides. Seeing that she’s in trouble, Kyojin, who’s already watching from the surveillance camera, calls Sung-Chan to distract him so Tae-Ra can escape. Sung-Chan pretends to care about Kyojin’s well-being when Kyojin confronts him about stealing his research flash drive. Kyojin also tells Sung-Chan that he knows that either he, Jae-Hyun, or Do-Jin caused him to fall to the bottom of the cliff.

Elsewhere, Hae-Soo regains consciousness and finds herself in a villa Jae-Hyun took her to. Jae-Hyun tells Hae-Soo that he heard she went abroad after the divorce. Hae-Soo tells Jae-Hyun that she knows Chairman Kummo ordered her father to be assassinated 15 years ago (as if he doesn’t know). She also tells him that Do-Jin ordered Sang-Bae to kill him. Jae-Hyun pretends to be shocked and remembers ordering Sang-Bae to kill Hae-Soo. Jae-Hyun asks Hae-Soo if she has proof of this accusation, but she tells him Do-Jin took everything.

Hae-Soo goes on to tell Jae-Hyun that Joon-Ho betrayed her too. Apparently, he did so to save his father. That was the debt Jae-Hyun was talking about when he was mocking Joon-Ho about betraying Hae-Soo. Jae-Hyun asks her what her next move is, and Hae-Soo seemingly asks him for help. Hae-Soo tells Jae-Hyun that she knows Tae-Ra is the assassin who killed her father. She tells him that she knows Tae-Ra fooled him too. Otherwise, he wouldn’t vie for president if he knew the truth about her. Hae-Soo asks Jae-Hyun if Tae-Ra tricked him, and Jae-Hyun tells her she may be in shock, so she needs to rest and walks away. Little does he know Hae-Soo has a plan.

Jae-Hyun receives a call from Sang-Bae, who tells him that the ship crew told him Hae-Soo’s anaesthesia must have worn off before she was shipped off. As expected, Jae-Hyun is angry. He also asks Sang-Bae if he managed to catch Pilseung, but he tells him they went to Mokeum Temple, where Pilseung was, but he had already escaped. Jae-Hyun wonders what he was doing there since he knows the temple belongs to Ms Min.

Back at home, Jae-Hyun Tae-Ra has broken the pictures of their wedding. Jae-Hyun asks Tae-Ra what happened and where Jiu is, and Tae-Ra tells her she has taken her to a place that is out of his reach. Jae-Hyun gets angry and orders Tae-Ra to bring Jiu back, but Tae-Ra tells him that she will only do so if they both confess their crimes and he steps down from the presidential race. Jae-Hyun tells her that he will take care of everything and that all she has to do is keep quiet. Tae-Ra tells Jae-Hyun that he should confess his crimes and withdraw his candidacy, or he will step down in disgrace.

At the hospital, doctors are attending to Chairman Kummo after his condition worsened when Ms Min visited her. Do-Jin asked if anyone had come to see Kummo and a nurse told him Ms Min had visited him. Then, he sees ink on Kummo’s finger, so he knows what Ms Min came to do.

Do-Jin calls to confront her and asks why she hasn’t given him a chance considering he has been a son to her for 40 years, even though he is her stepson. But Ms Min reminds him of when he broke Kyojin’s bike and pretended he didn’t know when they were young. Ms Min tells him that if he had been honest, he would pity him a little, and she isn’t that good of a mother to put up with such a man like him. Do-Jin tells Ms Min that while he hasn’t been a good man, Kumjo Group is still his and to tell Kyojin that he is ready to fight. He then asks Kummo to wake up because he is the only one he has left.

In the meantime, Jae-Hyun goes back to Hae-Soo and starts confiding in her (that was her plan all along). He tells her that he knew about Tae-Ra’s real identity and her being an assassin in the past. He then tells her that Tae-Ra sent Jiu to a place he doesn’t know and Tae-Ra’s plan to turn herself in to the police. Hae-Soo urges him to fight back since he has done so much to be where he is. Sang-Bae calls Jae-Hyun to tell him they haven’t found Jiu yet. Jae-Hyun tells him Jiu may be with Pilseung and they may have gone abroad, so he asks Sang-Bae to check the immigration records.

Back at Jae-Hyun’s house, Tae-Ra receives a call from Pilseung informing her that he and Jiu have landed in France and are heading to Southern France.

At the police station, Tae-Ra goes to confess she killed Director Seoun-dok. She then shows them the dress she wore to the event with Director Seoun-dok’s blood. The police ask Tae-Ra why the dress they were given when they came to search their house didn’t have blood, and she tells them Jae-Hyun changed it to prevent her from turning herself in.

One of the police officers calls Han Kyung-Rok (who promised him a promotion at the police station) to inform him that Tae-Ra has confessed to killing Director Seoun-dok.

Elsewhere, Jae-Hyun is with Hae-Soo and Jae-Hyun angry that Tae-Ra has turned herself in. Hae-Soo begins urging Jae-Hyun to do something to prevent Tae-Ra from ruining his life when Jae-Hyun suddenly turns his anger to her, asking if she forced Tae-Ra to confess. He begins strangling Hae-Soo, and she admits that that was her plan, and she only returns to expose Tae-Ra’s sins because she has concrete proof.

Hae-Soo shows Jae-Hyun the hard drive Tae-Ra and Pilseung took from Hanwool Mental Hospital while destroying evidence. Hae-Soo tells Jae-Hyun that the hard drive has evidence that Tae-Ra is an assassin. Hae-Soo gives Jae-Hyun the hard drive and tells him she will do anything to help him become, and in return, he has to help her get revenge against Chairman Kummo, Do-Jin, and Tae-Ra. She also asks Jae-Hyun to get Tae-Ra out of police custody so she can end Tae-Ra herself.

At Ms Min’s house, Kyojin tries to ask Ms Min to help Tae-Ra with the case against her. Ms Min tells him that Tae-Ra told her not to do anything. Ms Min tells Kyojin she found out that Sung-Chan picked up Sujeong with Do-Jin’s red sports car and that the vehicle was scrapped shortly after, even though it was new, suggesting they did something to her.

Kyojin tells her that Sung-Chan, Do-Jin, and Jae-Hyun did an experiment on Sujeong behind his back, which may have hurt her. Ms Min asks if Sujeong is dead, and Kyojin tells her that the name Red given to the chimpanzee used for the smart patch’s experiment was thought of by Kyojin and Sujeong. They had talked about naming the chimpanzee they were going to use for the smart patch’s future experiments, Red. So, Kyojin thinks Sujeong is still alive.

At Jae-Hyun’s campaign office, his campaign team is trying to deal with the news of Tae-Ra confessing to killing Director Seoun-dok. They try to reason with Jae-Hyun, but he tells them he will handle the situation. The campaign team gets fed up and walks out.

At the hospital, media reporters are taking pictures of Hae-Soo caring for Chairman Kummo. They ask Hae-Soo why she’s doing this, considering Do-Jin divorced her, and she tells them that she’s taking care of Kummo because he is family to her. Meanwhile, Do-Jin walks in and is shocked to see Hae-Soo. Later, Do-Jin tells Hae-Soo he thought she had gone abroad. Hae-Soo tells him she knows he ordered that she gets shipped off. Hae-Soo tells Do-Jin that she will now do things her way and warns him not to provoke her unless he wants to lose Kumjo. She also tells him she will take care of Kummo because she doesn’t want to die yet.

Jae-Hyun returns home to an empty house and is miserable about Tae-Ra and Jiu not being around.

At the police station, an officer is taking Tae-Ra to see a visitor. As they’re going, the officer warns Tae-Ra that if she is not telling the truth about her murdering Director Seoun-dok, she will be in trouble. It turns out the visitor is Hae-Soo.

Hae-Soo asks Tae-Ra if she did what she instructed her. It turns out, Hae-Soo told Tae-Ra earlier to send Jiu abroad, then go to the police and confess to killing Director Seoun-dok. Hae-Soo wanted to see what Jae-Hyun would do if Tae-Ra were arrested. Hae-Soo also tells Tae-Ra Pilseung told her that he killed her father and that Tae-Ra is taking the blame. Tae-Ra begins begging Hae-Soo to have mercy on her brother since he was a child and didn’t know what he was doing when he killed Hae-Soo’s father. Hae-Soo finally forgives Tae-Ra and tells her they now have to focus on making Jae-Hyun and Kummo pay for what they did to them and get Tae-Ra out of police custody.

At Hatch, Sung-Chan tries the smart patch on a paralyzed athlete to see if he can walk again. He uses the flash drive he stole from Kyojin, but he fails.

At the hospital, Hae-Soo is visiting Chairman Kummo when Ms Min brings Leo to see her. Meanwhile, Ms Min tells her that Tae-Ra told her what Kummo did to her father and sympathizes with her. Ms Min also tells Hae-Soo that Tae-Ra requested her to take care of Hae-Soo, so she asks her how she can help her.

Jae-Hyun meets with Joon-Ho, who tells her about the police who told Han Kyung-Rok about Tae-Ra’s case and a reporter writing an article about it. He then tells Joon-Ho to meet with the reporter and pay him off, but Joon-Ho refuses and tries to quit working for Jae-Hyun. Jae-Hyun punches him and tells him he will continue working for him if he wants to keep his job as a reporter. Little do they know Do-Jin is watching them.

At the hospital, Sang-Bae pays off the doctor treating Chairman Kummo and tells him not to mention anything about his recovery and their plan to bring in a doctor from the US to treat Kummo. Hae-Soo overhears their conversation and calls Jae-Hyun to tell him everything.

Elsewhere, Sung-Chan is mad about the software on the flash drive not working when he was experimenting with the smart patch on the athlete earlier. He then mentioned something about the things he did to get his hands on the flash drive. It turns out he was the one who cut the rope, causing Kyojin to fall to the bottom of the cliff on the day of his accident. Sung-Chan convinces himself he can make software just like the one in the flash drive. What he doesn’t know is that Kyojin is watching and now knows he is the one who caused his accident.

Do-Jin catches Joon-Ho and confronts him about betraying Hae-Soo, but Joon-Ho tells him he was the one who betrayed her. Do-Jin pays him off and tells him not to work with Jae-Hyun again.

At the police station, the police discover that it wasn’t Tae-Ra who killed Director Seoun-dok. Immediately, Tae-Ra knows this is all Jae-Hyun’s doing to get her out of police custody. Sang-Bae informs Jae-Hyun that Tae-Ra will undergo a psychiatric evaluation because people think she’s insane since her confession about killing Director Seoun-dok is “false.” Jae-Hyun tells Sang-Bae to ensure the psychiatrist doesn’t say a word about this.

Sang-Bae tells Jae-Hyun that Ms Min forced Kummo to put a fingerprint on Kumjo’s stock waiver agreement to transfer his stock shares to Kyojin. While Do-Jin says it’s invalid, it will be challenging to prove it. Sang-Bae then suggests to Jae-Hyun that he take over Kumjo, and he agrees. Jae-Hyun also asks about Chairman Kummo’s recovery (he knows Sang-Bae is getting a doctor from the US to treat Kummo behind his back), and Sang-Bae lies that Kummo can’t regain consciousness. Jae-Hyun meets Yoo-Tae and his men, convincing them to work with him.

Yoo-Tae goes to the police and tells them Sang-Bae killed Director Seoun-dok. The police search Sang-Bae’s house and find the gloves and night vision glasses Tae-Ra wore when she killed Director Seoun-dok. It turns out, Yoo-Tae and Jae-Hyun framed Sang-Bae for the murder. Jae-Hyun even placed Sang-Bae’s face on his body in the recording of him and Director Seoun-dok together.

When Sang-Bae arrives at the police station, he sees Yoo-Tae and realizes Jae-Hyun betrayed him, so he attacks Yoo-Tae. During interrogation, Sang-Bae is shown all the “evidence” that proves he “killed” Director Seoun-dok. Suddenly, Sang-Bae starts gasping for air and dies.

Jae-Hyun comes to the police station and tells Tae-Ra she’s free and that Sang-Bae sacrificed his life to save her, and that he deserves it because he killed her parents.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin watches a news report about Sang-Bae “murdering” Director Seoun-dok, and since he was working at Kumjo, there are suspicions Kumjo may also be involved in Director Seoun-dok’s schemes. Do-Jin realizes this is all Jae-Hyun’s doing and asks his staff to clear those rumours about Kumjo being involved with Director Seoun-dok.

Do-Jin calls the hospital to check on his father and is informed he was discharged. Meanwhile, Hae-Soo is taking Chairman Kummo home when she scares him by trying to push him off the bridge they are on. The episode ends with Hae-Soo and Kummo meeting Jae-Hyun and Tae-Ra.

The Episode Review

This episode continues to prove that we still don’t know what each of these characters are capable of. We now know the true colours of Sung-Chan though, as he is the one who caused Kyojin’s accident. Jae-Hyun has also proved that he can dispose of people if they try to betray him and can get almost anyone to do the dirty work for him. He killed Sang-Bae because he planned to treat Kummo behind his back and recruited Yoo-Tae to work for him again.

I’m glad that Hae-Soo has forgiven Tae-Ra though, and I’m excited to see how they’ll work together to bring Jae-Hyun and Chairman Kummo down in the coming episodes.

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