Pandora: Beneath The Paradise – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Betrayal of The Husbands

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise episode 10 begins with Kyojin remembering when she first met Tae-Ra. Back to the present, Kyojin is still at Hatch’s special lab, pretending to be unconscious. He waits for Sung-Chan to leave, then he wakes up, hacks into the lab’s surveillance camera, and erases the footage of him being conscious and moving around.

Tae-Ra goes to Hae-Soo’s press conference and overhears reporters talking about Do-Ji announcing the merger and acquisition of Hatch and Kumjo Pharmaceuticals, along with being the acting chairman of Kumjo Group. One reporter also mentions that Hae-Soo set up the conference, but Do-Jin took it over and made his announcements, making the whole thing odd.

Tae-Ra runs to the parking lot in time to see Sang-Bae driving away with an unconscious Hae-Soo.Later, she follows the guy Sang-Bae paid off to kill Hae-Soo. She manages to block him and fights him off. As she’s trying to wake Hae-Soo up, the guy tries to hit her with a brick, but Pilseung comes just in time to stop him.

Elsewhere, Sang-Bae is showing Jae-Hyun “evidence” that Hae-Soo has been placed in a container and shipped off. Jae-Hyun tells Sang-Bae that Do-Jin loves Hae-Soo too much to face now after what he did. He tells Sang-Bae to make up a story when Do-Jin asks where Hae-Soo is, and they’re sure he won’t look for her.

Tae-Ra is with Hae-Soo as Pilseung is paying off the guy Sang-Bae ordered to kill Hae-Soo. Tae-Ra asks Pilseung to go ahead with Hae-Soo since she first has to stop by somewhere. On the other hand, Dr Yang, one of the staff at Hatch, calls Sung-Chan to remind him to send the smart patch’s human presentation report. Sung-Chan searches for it, thinking that he carried it. He logs into the special lab’s surveillance camera footage and notices something is wrong. He logs into the live surveillance footage and sees Ms Min helping Kyojin escape the special lab.

Sung-Chan orders Hatch headquarters to be shut down so Kyojin doesn’t escape. Kyojin disarms the system, and Tae-Ra arrives in time to help them escape. Tae-Ra asks MMsMin why she is moving Kyojin from Hatch, and she tells her that Sung-Chan may have something to do with Kyojin’s accident. Tae-Ra checks the surveillance cameras she placed in Jae-Hyun’s office and sees it’s not working. Little does she know Sung-Chan sold her out to Jae-Hyun.

In the meantime, Jae-Hyun, Sung-Chan, and Jae-Hyun are at Hatch getting mad about Kyojin escaping when suddenly messages appear on the computer screens saying, “Return hatch to me” and “Where is Sujeong?” Sung-Chan tells Jae-Hyun that if Kyojin escaped like this, he might have been conscious and watching them all this while.

Kyojin and Ms Min arrive home, and Eun, her assistant, tells them that Chairman Kummo’s men aren’t around, so, Kyojin can rest without worrying. Kyojin asks Ms Min what happened between her and Kummo, and she tells him Kummo had a stroke. When Kyojin asks about his well-being, Ms Min tells him that Kummo is paying for crimes and that he shouldn’t consider him as a father anymore.

At the hospital, Do-Jin visits his dad and remembers how Hae-Soo was shocked and angry about him betraying her before she was kidnapped. He also remembers how Tae-Ra wanted to take her life and how he promised to protect her 12 years ago.

Hae-Soo finally regains consciousness where Tae-Ra and Pilseung hid her after rescuing her. Hae-Soo asks what happened, and Tae-Ra tells her that Sang-Bae wanted to kidnap her, and she saved her. Hae-Soo tells Tae-Ra that Do-Jin tried to kill her, and Tae-Ra tells her that it’s actually Jae-Hyun who wanted to kill her. Hae-Soo tells Tae-Ra how Do-Jin betrayed her earlier, and Tae-Ra tells her it’s because Jae-Hyun blackmailed him, as he knows Chairman Kummo ordered Hae-Soo’s father to be killed. Tae-Ra finally Hae-Soo that No.50, who killed Hae-Soo’s father, is her.

At Hatch, Do-Jin, Sung-Chan, and Jae-Hyun are there. Do-Jin now knows that Kyojin was being treated at Hatch. He gets angry and asks Sung-Chan what they would have done if something went wrong, and Sung-Chan tells him that Kyojin’s mother gave consent in the first place, and since he walked out of Hatch with his two feet, he’s fine.

Jae-Hyun says that since Kyojin has been conscious for a long time, he has been listening to their conversations, including the ones about Sujeong. Seven years prior, Sung-Chan, Jae-Hyun, and Do-Jin tried the smart patch on Sujeong without Kyojin’s knowledge, and she was badly injured. Then, they agreed that whoever came in last during their off-road biking session the next day would be the one to get rid of Sujeong. During their off-road biking session, Kyojin got into an accident that put him in a coma all this while.

Sung-Chan accuses Do-Jin of cutting the rope, making Kyojin fall to the bottom of the cliff, and they begin arguing, but Jae-Hyun stops them and tells them to concentrate on stopping Kyojin from reclaiming Hatch before the upcoming smart patch human presentation. Do-Jin asks Jae-Hyun what he did with Sujeong since he came last the day they went off-road biking. Jae-Hyun tells them that he took care of her and that Kyojin will never find her.

Jae-Hyun tells Do-Jin he assumes Do-Jin doesn’t want to know what happened to Hae-Soo and that he was ready to tell her if he asked (Jae-Hyun had convinced Do-Jin to get rid of Hae-Soo that if he allowed Sang-Bae to kidnap her earlier). Do-Jin tells him that he hopes he kept his promise about sending Hae-Soo abroad without harming her, and Jae-Hyun lies that she cares about Hae-Soo so he can’t harm her. Jae-Hyun then tells Do-Jin to keep an eye on Kyojin.

Concurrently, Tae-Ra continues to tell Hae-Soo everything, including Jae-Hyun giving her the identity as Hong Tae-Ra and Jae-Hyun watching Do-Jin get married to Hae-Soo despite knowing that Kummo ordered Hae-Soo’s father to be killed and all this being Jae-Hyun’s plan to get revenge on Chairman Kummo.

As expected, Hae-Soo doesn’t believe her and calls Tae-Ra a murderer. Tae-Ra tells Hae-Soo that if she wants her to leave she will, and if Hae-Soo wants her to die, she will. But, Hae-Soo tells Tae-Ra that she won’t let her off the hook that easily. Hae-Soo then tells Tae-Ra that she will go on living with Jae-Hyun as Tae-Ra and experience the pain Hae-Soo had when her parents died. Hae-Soo tells Tae-Ra to continue doing so until she comes up with Tae-Ra’s punishment.

Tae-Ra then gives Pilseung a flash drive with the information on Director Seoun-dok and Jae-Hyun’s partnership deal, telling him to “continue as planned.”

Tae-Ra goes to Sung-Chan to confront him about confessing to Jae-Hyun about the surveillance cameras in Jae-Hyun’s office. Tae-Ra suspects that for Sung-Chan to confess all that to Jae-Hyun, he must be getting something extraordinary in return, like the CEO position at Hatch. Sung-Chan tells her that he told Jae-Hyun because he is his best friend. Tae-Ra then tells Sung-Chan that Jae-Hyun won’t give up Hatch that easily. By how Sung-Chan looks, it seems he has another plan up his sleeve.

Tae-Ra goes back home and finds Jae-Hyun waiting for her. Jae-Hyun tells her he understands she wants time to think after knowing the truth about them and to take as much time as she needs. Tae-Ra remembers Hae-Soo telling them to continue living with Jae-Hyun as Tae-Ra. Jae-Hyun mentions there’s a presidential debate, and it seems Tae-Ra is planning to destroy him during the debate.

At YBC station, the staff gossip about Hae-Soo and Do-Jin’s divorce and even mock Joon-Ho about it. Meanwhile, at Do-Jin and Hae-Soo’s house, journalists are there trying to speak to Hae-Soo. Ms Min comes to see Leo, who is happy to see her. Ms Min also takes Tae-Ra to see Kyojin.

Pilseung delivers the evidence that Tae-Ra gave her earlier of Director Seoun-dok and Jae-Hyun’s partnership with Han Kyung-Rok. Pilseung asks Han Kyung-Rok to drop the homicide investigation concerning Song Juman against him, and as expected, he agrees.

Ms Min and Tae-Ra arrive at Ms Min’s home, and Tae-Ra goes to see Kyojin. Kyojin mentions that all the work done at Hatch is courtesy of the research hid seven years. Kyojin also tells Tae-Ra that either Do-Jin, Sung-Chan, or Jae-Hyun stole his flash drive. That is when Tae-Ra realizes that the flash drive she returned to Sung-Chan after retrieving it from Yoo-Ra is actually Kyojin’s. Tae-Ra asks Kyojin if she thinks Sung-Chan may have caused his accident to steal his research, and Kyojin says he isn’t sure yet. Tae-Ra then vows to return the flash drive to Kyojin before Jae-Hyun realizes Sung-Chan has it.

At the presidential debate, Han Kyung-Rok reveals a recording of Director Seoun-dok offering to give Jae-Hyun her patients at Hanwool Mental Hospital as samples for Hatch’s smart patch’s human trial and their partnership agreement. Immediately, other presidential candidates urge Jae-Hyun to withdraw his presidential bid as he said earlier if he was found to have partnered with Director Seoun-dok. Meanwhile, Hae-Soo is watching the presidential debate and wondering if Jae-Hyun let everything play out on purpose, considering he knew about his father’s assassination.

Back at Jae-Hyun’s campaign office, Jae-Hyun’s team is trying its best to deal with the situation after what happened during the debate. However, Jae-Hyun is watching another presidential candidate, this one for Insuk, where he asks Jae-Hyun to step down from the race. Sung-Chan comes in and shows Jae-Hyun footage of Pilseung exiting Han Kyung-Rok’s campaign office. Jae-hyun realizes Pilseung gave Han Kyung-Rok the information about his and Director Seoun-dok’s partnership. He calls Sang-Bae and orders him to kill Pilseung. Sang-Bae goes with his men to look for Pilseung, but they don’t find him.

Tae-Ra prepares Jiu to send her to France, but Jiu isn’t happy. Tae-Ra and Pilseung take their parents’ remains to another burial location. Tae-Ra then gives Pilseung his passport along with Jui’s and sends them both off to France.

At the hospital, Chairman Kummo remembers the day Hae-Soo’s father was killed. Back then Taesun, Hae-Soo’s father, told Kummo that he was going to stop the prosecution against him, but he wouldn’t get into trouble anymore. Chairman Kummo tried to stop Director Seoun-dok and her assassin from killing Ko Taesun, but it was too late. He wakes up and finds Ms Min, who forces his fingerprint on a stock waiver agreement to transfer his Kumjo stock shares to Kyojin.

Tae-Ra takes the dress she wore to the networking event with Director Seoun-dok’s blood and puts it In a bag. It seems she has another plan to bring Jae-Hyun down. Meanwhile, Jae-Hyun is on his way home when he listens to a news report about Han Kyung-Rok exposing his and Director Seoun-dok’s partnership agreement, and he is not happy about it.

He arrives home and finds Hae-Soo waiting for him. Hae-Soo thinks back to when she got a call just before the press conference earlier. It turns out it was Pilseung calling her. Pilseung confessed to Hae-Soo that he killed her father and not Tae-Ra. Later, Pilseung talked to Hae-Soo and told her he and Tae-Ra had no choice back when they were assassins for Director Seoun-dok. He also told Hae-Soo that Tae-Ra was planning to reveal her identity as No.50 to the world and take the fall for Pilseung’s crimes.

Back in the present, Jae-Hyun pretends to be surprised to see Hae-Soo. The episode ends with Hae-Soo telling Jae-Hyun that Do-Jin tried to kill her.

The Episode Review

Now people know a little bit about who Jae-Hyun is, but by the look of things Jae-Hyun isn’t giving up on becoming president just yet. We now know Sung-Chan actually stole the flash drive with Hatch’s research from Kyojin, but is he the one who caused Kyojin’s accident?

Now that Tae-Ra has told Hae-Soo the truth, I wonder what her next move is, considering she revealed herself to Jae-Hyun, and Tae-Ra told her that it was Jae-Hyun who tried to kill her. I also feel sad for Do-Jin for being forced by Jae-Hyun to abandon Hae-Soo to save Kumjo and his father.

We now know what happened to Sujeong. But, what did Jae-Hyun do to her? Those three had an agreement and Jae-Hyun was tasked to get rid of Sujeong so, I wonder what he did to her. And knowing the type of person Jae-Hyun is, I bet he did something bad to Sujeong.

We saw Tae-Ra putting the dress with Director Seoun-dok’s blood in a bag. What is her next plan? We’ll have to tune in to the next episode to find out.

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