Panchayat Season 3 Story Recap

Story Recap

Panchayat Season 3 starts with Abhishek going back home after his transfer. Pradhan asks Vikas to stall the new Panchayat Secretary’s joining. Vikas takes Prahlad’s help to threaten the new secretary away. At the same time, MLA Chrandrakishore purchases a new horse and names it Sitaara. He also learns about Prahlad’s interference with the new secretary’s joining and calls the District Magistrate (DM).

The DM tries to empathise with Prahlad’s situation after the death of his only son but asks Mrs Dubey to make sure the new secretary has joined the office. Back in Phulera, Mrs Dubey asks Vikas to open the panchayat office so that the new secretary can make himself home.

However, just then, Pradhan gets a call from the DM’s office, stating that MLA Chandrakishore has been convicted in a case for the murder of his neighbour’s dog. Abhishek’s transfer is stalled and Rinki calls him, asking him to come back to Phulera.

In Phulera, Abhishek meets an elderly woman – Damyanti Devi who requests for a remedial home as part of the Prime Minister’s campaign for the poor. She claims that her son has kicked her out and that she lives in a nearby hut. Abhishek learns that the woman is lying and refuses to give her a house.

However, Pradhan urges Abhishek to give Damyanti Devi a house because she had witnessed him fall off his bike. To keep Pradhan’s prestige, Abhishek agrees to give Damyanti Devi a house and asks her to start a fake fight with her son – Jagmohan. The neighbours catch wind of the fight and everything goes as per Abhishek’s plan.

Meanwhile, Abhishek finds a drunk Prahlad trying to get down the steep stairs of the water tank. Mrs Dubey learns about Prahlad’s recklessness and asks Abhishek to lock the entrance of the tank.

Bhushan learns that Abhishek had allotted 8 out of the 12 remedial houses to people from West Phulera. He also finds out about Damyanti Devi being allocated a house and checks in on her. Damyanti Devi lives alone in the hut and lies to Bhushan about being unwell. Bhushan brings in a doctor to check up on Damyanti Devi who forcefully makes the elderly woman take a pill for acidity.

Later that night, Jagmohan calls Abhishek telling him that his mother was very ill. Abhishek seeks Prahlad’s help and they two help Jagmohan take Damyanti Devi to the hospital. Jagmohan reveals that his mother was dehydrated from living in the hut. The next day, Jagmohan brings Damyanti Devi home from the hospital but she insists on living in the hut.

Jagmohan seeks Prahlad’s help who convinces Damyanti Devi to give up on the remeidal house. She helps Prahlad clean up his house and eventually goes back home to live with Jagmohan. Damyanti Devi withdraws her name from the remedial house campaign and Bhusan hopes for another allotment for East Phulera citizens. 

Bhushan is shocked to learn that Abhishek had allotted the house to West Phulera. He creates a scene at the village council office which intensifies the public rage against Pradhan and Mrs Dubey. Meanwhile, Vikas participates in a protest for his salary increment but gives up when he does not see any reaction from the Block Development Officer (BDO).

Abhishek takes Rinki to Fakauli market for a stroll where they discuss Rinki’s career. Abhishek asks Rinki to get an MBA degree just like him. Meanwhile, Pradhan and Mrs Dubey fight over Rinki’s impending as well as the divide between East and West Phulera. At the same time, Bhushan visits MLA Chandrakishore. The MLA agrees to let Bhushan’s wife – Kranti Devi represent his party in the upcoming Panchayat elections. 

That night, Prahlad, Abhishek and Vikas call Pradhan out for drinks. Prahlad suggests that he would like to donate the compensation money of 50 lakh rupees for the construction of the road in Phulera. Pradhan refuses to take the money Prahlad had gotten in compensation for his son’s death. Prahlad tells Pradhan that he will not contest in the elections because he does not want to use his late son for sympathy votes.

Bhushan is excited to learn that Prahlad will not be contesting in the upcoming elections. Pradhan refuses to allow Bhusan to call a village council meeting but eventually gives in to Mrs Dubey’s orders. During the meeting, Bhushan suggests having Mrs Dubey make a peace treaty with MLA Chandrakishore.

Mrs Dubey agrees to the request and Abhishek is tasked with looking for a white pigeon. Bhushan claims that the MLA wants to set the white bird free during the peace treaty meeting. Prahlad, Pradhan, Abhishek and Vikas joke about the MLA’s absurd request.

On the day of the event, Mrs Dubey prepares his favourite lunch. Rinki talks to Pradhan and Mrs Dubey about her wish to pursue an MBA and her parents support her decision. Later that day, MLA Chandrakishore embarrasses Pradhan and Mrs Dubey in front of the Phulera village council. He shows preferential treatment towards Bhushan and Kranti Devi and refuses to have lunch at Pradhan’s house.

After lunch, the MLA promises the village council that he will help construct the road in Phulera once he is re-elected. In a chaotic turn of events, MLA Chandrakishore and Bhusan end up releasing the pigeon who died mid-flight. The owner of the bird – Bambahadur blames MLA Chandrakishore for his pigeon after being accused of killing a dog. The council members are upset with Bhushan for calling Chandrakishore to their village.

That night, local reporters show up at Abhishek’s office asking to interview Bambahadur. They ask Pradhan to protect the pigeon owner as the MLA could attack him for speaking out against him. Mrs Dubey tells Pradhan that since Bambahadur lived in East Phulera, helping him would also ensure they had votes from Bhushan’s area.

Bambahadur agrees to interview the reporter who gets a lot of views online, infuriating MLA Chandrakishore. The MLA asks Bhushan to get Bambahadur to apologise to him in video format. Rinki borrows Abhishek’s CAT exam books and starts preparing for the upcoming exams. On the other hand, Prahlad, Vikas, Pradhan and Abhishek help Bambahadur protect himself from the MLA’s attack.

Vikas gets a call from his wife about feeling nauseous. Abhishek and Rinki along with Vikas take Khushboo to the hospital for a medical examination. At the same time, Bhushan and his group show up at the village council office to ask Bambahadur to apologise to the MLA.

That night, the village celebrates the news of Khushboo’s pregnancy with a dinner. Bambahadur tells Mrs Dubey and Pradhan that he would not apologise to MLA Chandrakishore. Instead, Bambahadur makes another video, challenging the MLA for threatening him.

After the release of the video, MLA Chandrakishore hires Babloo and Dabloo to attack Bambahadur. Pradhan, Prahlad, Abhishek and Vikas take a stroll around Phulera and they learn that Abhishek’s CAT exams are soon approaching. They run into Ganesh and Raveena who are visiting Raveena’s father – Parmeshwar.

Meanwhile, Rinki goes out to meet Ganesh and Raveena who suggests they invite Abhishek to go out on a stroll. The stroll ends up being extremely awkward for all parties involved because of Ganesh’s tantrums. At the same time, Babloo and Dabloo meet Bambahadur and tell him all about the MLA’s plan.

Bambahadur learns that the MLA was selling his dear horse Sitaara because of the negative attention from Bambahadur’s interview. Bambahadur runs to the council office but the two goons are not able to chase him down. They return to MLA Chandrakishore’s house empty-handed.

In Phulera, Abhishek suggests that they will use Ganesh to purchase MLA Chandrakishore’s horse. He states that this will help Phulera ascertain dominance over the MLA. Prahlad withdraws 5 lakh rupees from the compensation money for his son’s death and Abhishek, Rinki, Raveen and Ganesh leave for the MLA’s house.

Ganesh and Raveena manage to purchase the horse from MLA Chandrakishore without any suspicion. They bring the horse to Phulera and the council members celebrate this victory. Bhushan calls the MLA to tell him that his beloved horse has been secretly sold to Prahlad. The MLA is upset over this and rushes to Phulera. 

Bhushan tries to stop him and promises to return the horse. However, Mrs Dubey tells Bhushan that the Phulera villagers will not be returning the horse. They prepare their weapons for any attack from MLA Chandrakishore but the BDO and Police SHO show up there to stop the gunfire. The Parliamentarian calls the MLA and asks him to back off as they have bigger issues to deal with. The Phulera villagers take this as a win and celebrate.

15 days later, Abhishek gets ready to leave for Banaras for his CAT exams. Prahlad, Pradhan and Vikas drop Abhishek at the bus stop when two gunmen attack them. The trio force Abhishek to leave for his exam while they run back to the village. The gunmen catch up to the trio and attack Pradhan.

Abhishek returns from Banaras after his exam and learns about Pradhan’s condition. He is agitated and ends up fighting with MLA Chandrakishore who was at the hospital to give his regards to Pradhan. The fight leads to MLA Chandrakishore and Abhishek’s respective groups being arrested by the police. The season ends with the District Magistrate addressing the public about the upcoming elections.


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