Pam & Tommy – Episode 2 “I Love You, Tommy” Recap & Review

I Love You, Tommy

Episode 2 of Pam & Tommy begins in April 1995 with Pam and Tommy making love and partying. We haven’t seen a lot of Pam so far but this episode turns the attention over to Lily James’ fantastic portrayal of the blonde bombshell.

Between lovemaking sessions, the two party it up but Pam has work in Cancun and needs to leave early. Tommy wants to go with her but Pam is defiant, putting her foot down. The thing is, Tommy is a loose cannon and Pam has her doubts that he’ll listen.

In Cancun, Pam is surrounded by businessmen but going under the alias of “Hugh G. Weiner”, Tommy rings and surprises her. He’s in Mexico with the band and intends to show her a good time.

Pam soon leaves the swanky, upper-class dinner for the depths of a night club, encouraging her to take drugs, disguised under the guise of “love”, as Tommy drops a pill into her drink. When the pair make it back to their hotel room, the pair don’t have sex but just “explore” one another’s bodies.

For Tommy, he slowly starts to think this is the real deal. He *checks notes* talks to his penis in the morning and believes she’s the one. And then a little later on, Tommy proposes to her. Their whirlwind romance soon sees the pair wed on the beach under the beautiful sun and sand.

When they return back to the US, we begin to catch up with the timeline started last episode. Tommy meets Lonnie, Rand and a few other workers as they begin work on their mansion. Tommy wants them to modify the bedroom, turning the concept they’ve been working on over to the “Love Deluxe.”

While the workers reel over this new revelation, Tommy and Pam watch TV together but also leave the camera rolling up on top of the set. It’s a lovely bit of symbolism for what’s to befall the pair.

The Episode Review

Pam & Tommy shifts the perspective this time around to Pamela Anderson and Lily James’ amazing job bringing her to life. The mannerisms and the dialogue flow so well, and props to the make-up and costuming departments, they deserve a lot of credit here! When it comes to acting, both Lily James and Sebastian Stan knock it out then park.

The story itself is just starting to get interesting now. The show is perhaps a tad too long and this episode goes some way to reinforce that feeling. There are a lot of montages in this chapter, lots of drinking and dancing in clubs which makes sense for their lifestyle but it does feel a little overkill at times.

There’s a palpable energy and pace to Tommy & Pam though that, even in the slowest moments, this is still very watchable. With the third episode clocking in at around 50 minutes or so, we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us next!

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