Palworld: 10 Best Pals For Gathering Crops & Why

Among the Pal “Work Suitability” skills present in Palworld, “gathering” is a notable one. This skill involves harvesting crops, a key tactic many players must rely on if they hope to survive in this colorful yet dangerous world. Since crop collecting is essential in Palworld, you may wonder which Pals are the right ones for the task. 

Today, we’d like to list the 10 Best Pals you should use for gathering crops in Palworld (so far). From the skillful Cattiva to the speedy Verdash, we’ve noted several gatherer Pals who’ll make your lives better in Palworld. Also, we’ll be sure to note where you can find these Pals in their entries for your convenience. 

If we miss any Pals that you think should be listed here, let us know in the comments below. Additionally, if you want to follow our Palworld walkthrough coverage, click here. Also, if you’re curious about what mods are available for you to try in Palworld, click here


For players who love Pals who can tackle numerous tasks, in addition to gathering crops, Verdash is worth capturing in Palworld. This Pal excels at being a multi-tasking monster. On top of having a level three gathering rate, it excels at crafting, transporting goods, and other things. For those interested, the Verdash species can be found in several environments in Palworld.

However, to avoid conflict with the game’s human forces, we recommend that players travel to the Sealed Realm of the Swift area. There, you’ll find a dungeon with a Verdash boss inside. Considering this is a grass-type Pal, you’ll want to bring fire-type Pals and fire-themed weapons to this battle. 


As our cute Pals piece mentioned, Lyleen is an adorable princess-like Pal you’ll want to add to your team. Since Lyleen is a grass-type and plant-like being, many players can expect their species to have high gathering stats. Additionally, the Lyleen lineage is proficient in producing medicine, planting edibles, and crafting items.

Battle-wise, the Lyleen species can use commendable grass-type attacks and has a fabulous Partner Skill that’ll make health recovery a breeze for your avatar. If you desire one for your team or base, you can find a wild one in Palworld’s No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. 


Petallia might look like a step down from Lyleen, but when one takes the time to look into its species more, you’ll realize how foolish it’d be to think they’re worthless critters. The Petallia line can be caught at Palworld’s first Wildlife Sanctuary island. However, if you’re someone who loves confronting high-level variants, you can battle a Petallia Alpha Boss at the Sealed Realm of the Spirits area. 

As for Petalia’s feats, they have a level two gathering rating, meaning they’ll gather crops faster than most level one Pals. Additionally, they have a respectable planting, medicine production, transporting, and craftsmanship rating. This means they’re decent all-rounders like Verdash. On top of having a great healing-based Partner Skill, you’ll want to visit the mentioned locations to obtain one. 


Bugs and plants go hand-in-hand in real life, so it makes sense for Vaelet to be a species with reputable gathering potential. Unlike the others cited before, there are numerous ways to obtain a Vaelet. Whether you want to challenge the Vaelet Alpha Boss at the Sealed Realm of the Guardian Field area or purchase one from a Black Marketeer, obtaining one of these oddballs isn’t too difficult. 

In addition to being a wonderful gatherer, Vaelet possesses great transporting, planting, medicine creation, and handiwork skills. Therefore, expect these creatures to plant your crops and transport them to a desirable location once they’re complete. Coupled with their useful Pal drop-oriented Partner Skill, one shouldn’t turn a blind eye to a Vaelet. 


Lifmunk evokes the same energy as the normal-type squirrel or rodent creatures you’d stumble upon early during your Pokémon adventures. Unlike those occasionally useless critters, Lifmunk carries some notable traits, making it a Pal you’ll want to have performing duties at your base(s). Firstly, Lifmunk is an exceptional early-game multitasker. 

They’re great craft workers, planters, and crop gatherers. Unfortunately, their work suitability skill levels aren’t enticing. Nonetheless, newcomers will value these cutesy critters for their ability to juggle numerous tasks. Further, you’ll be happy to know that Lifmunks are available in numerous locations due to them being an early-game Pal species. 

You can find these small creatures at the Desolate Church, Small Settlements, the Forgotten Island, the Marsh Island, and other places. 


Every soldier has a queen or king they’ve sworn to protect. Elizabee is an incredible queen bee-like Pal with a dominant and elegant presence. This Pal’s labor-oriented skills reflect her royalty status well, too. Elizabee is a great all-arounder Pal to have at your base if you need a Pal who can perform decent gathering, harvesting, lumbering, and medicine creation tasks. 

Additionally, Elizabee has commendable grass, neutral, and dark-type attacks, making it a great companion to have during your worldly expeditions. For those who want this royal Pal in their line-up, you can obtain an Elizabee through numerous means. Whether you want to challenge a level thirty-one Alpha Boss variant at the Devout Mineshaft or hatch a Huge Verdant Egg, is up to you though. 


Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is the motto you may align with the character, Robin Hood. Like that fellow, Robinquill is an equally exceptional Pal who’ll net you an immense fortune in Palworld. First off, Robinquill can be obtained in several ways. You can hatch one via a Large Verdant Egg or buy one from a Black Marketeer. 

For capture and encountering purposes, you can find these tall beings roaming the Ancient Ritual Site. This is between the Bridge of the Twin Knights and Mount Flopie Summut Great Eagle Statue fast travel locations. Locations aside, Robinquill are multi-talented Pals in Palworld, despite their work suitability skills ranging between levels one to two. 

The skills they’re great at include: handiwork, lumbering, gathering, transporting, planting, and medicine production. On top of having efficient grass-type attacks,  players should consider adding the Robinquill family to their collection. 


These bee soldiers carry compelling skills that’ll assist you in battle or at your base. From gathering crops to producing honey, Beegarde’s an insect worth having around. Additionally, for Elizabee enthusiasts, having numerous Beegarde in your party will benefit you, thanks to its Partner Skill “Worker Bee.”

Essentially, if you have many Beegarde in your party, they’ll increase Elizabee’s damage output and defensive prowess significantly. If all this sounds enticing, you may wonder where the Beegarde species are located. Fear not, you can obtain the Beegarde line by hatching a regular Verdant Egg or buying one from a Black Marketeer.

Further, you can capture a wild one in Palworld’s forest or woodland areas, like the Mossanda Forest. 


Lyleen and Petallia aren’t the only plant-like Pals you’ll want to find in Palworld. The Bristla species carry decent capabilities that make it a Pal worth having. While not as commendable as those Pals (work suitability level-wise), they’re decent Pals to have for early-game purposes.

First and foremost, they can perform gathering, transporting, handiwork, planting, and medicine crafting tasks. This gives them an advantage over others like Cattiva since they can plant, gather, and transport your crops once they’re finished. Moreover, they have an impressive line-up of grass and ice-type attacks, making them great for battling. Players can obtain these creatures via a Verdant Egg, at a Black Marketeer’s shop, or by finding a wild one in the game’s Ancient Ritual Site like Robinquill. 


Tanzee are phenomenal early-game Pals to have at your base, especially if they’re paired up with Pals with exceptional watering skills. These grass-type monkeys are efficient in crafting tools, planting and gathering crops, chopping wood, and transporting goods. Additionally, Tanzee’s Partner Skill “Cheery Rifle” embodies Palworld’s mature nature and “Pokemon with guns” title well. 

Once unlocked, Tanzee will arm themselves with a rifle, and will deal neutral-type damage to opposing Pals or human enemies for you. Thankfully, Tanzee isn’t difficult to find or capture. You’ll likely find numerous Tanzee roaming areas like Palworld’s Fort Ruins location. Additionally, you can hatch one from a Verdant Egg or battle an Alpha Boss variant toward the end of the Hillside Caverns dungeon area. 

So, there we have it, our 10 picks for the best Pals to catch for gathering purposes!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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