Palworld: 10 Best Pals To Use For Farming & Why

Palworld’s Ranch structure may take players a while to unlock. However, it’s a beneficial structure to have at one’s base. This structure allows players to “farm” for ingredients and materials that’ll provide them with an easy-going and fun Palworld experience. However, you’re probably curious about what Pals excel in the farming department. 

If so, fear not! Today, we’ll be noting the 10 best Pals you should use for your base’s farming-oriented endeavors. From the cutesy Vixy to the mysterious Mau, we’re certain you’ll find our selections helpful. Also, we’ll be mentioning where you can obtain these Pals. 

If we miss any farming-centric Pals that you think should be listed here, let us know in the comments below. If you want to follow our Palworld walkthrough coverage, click here. Also, if you’re curious about what mods are available to try in Palworld, click here


Bows and Pal Spheres are exceptional tools to use against enemy Pals, merchants, and bandits. While the former deals damage to enemies, people use the latter to catch them. However, like life, everything runs its course, but thanks to Vixy’s incredible farming skills, you won’t need to worry about dedicating most of your playtime crafting arrows and Pal Spheres. 

On top of producing gold coins, arrows, and Pal Spheres, the Vixy species are wonderful gathering Pals, too. Unfortunately, some players may find this species’s spawn rates appalling. They only crop up in the middle of Windswept Hill’s region, which can bother some folks who’d rather hatch them from an egg or buy them from a marketeer or merchant. 

Yet, given what they offer you in the long term, it seems justifiable. 


Chikipi feels like Palworld’s version of Rattata and Zubat. They’re an early-game Pal that tends to crop up in many players’ highlight reels since they exceptionally introduce players to Palworld’s brutal atmosphere. While swinging your bats at random Chikipi will fill you with joy, well-informed players know of Chikipi’s value, especially in the farming sphere. 

Placing one of these small birds at your base’s Ranch can net you Eggs. Eggs can be used to craft many nutritious meals from cakes to omelets. Considering the former is important for breeding and the latter can boost your attack stat temporarily, you’ll think twice before harming these chickens. 

Having said that, players can catch a Chikipi at the Sea Breeze Archipelago, Marsh Island, Eastern Wild Island, and other regions. Additionally, you can buy one from a Blue Pal Merchant at a nearby Small Settlement. 


Another Pal that’s notorious for getting picked on in Palworld is Lamball. As with Chikipi, Lamball can provide players with more than they expect. First and foremost, these Pals can produce wool at a player’s Ranch. Wool is used for items like cloth, which are then utilized to make player armor, furniture sets, and other essential items. 

On top of farming skills, these Pals can be used as shields, too. Moreover, if players require a craftsman or transporter, they can count on the Lamball species to support them on those fronts. Those curious can obtain a Lamball from a Blue Pal Merchant or catch it in regions like the Sea Breeze Archipelago, Forgotten Island, or Ice Wind Island. 

Mau / Mau Cryst

Mau and its sub-species Mau Cryst are commendable Pals to have at your base’s Ranch. They’re known for assembling Gold Coins. These coins can be used to buy notable goods or Pals from Palworld’s merchants. Since some people would rather buy Pals than explore Palworld’s regions in search of specific Pals, having creatures like Mau and Mau Cryst may benefit those players. 

Surprisingly, Mau Cryst has a slight advantage over the standard Mau. On top of having great farming skills, Mau Cryst’s ice-typing grants it the cooling work suitability skill, too. Not only can it produce money for you, but it can ensure that your cooling tools will continue running smoothly. 

Although you’ll need to avoid sending out a Mau Cryst when fire-type Pals are present, you’re better off with one of these, than a regular Mau. Nonetheless, if you’re after a Mau, you’ll have to hatch it from a Dark Egg or ironically buy one from a Black Marketeer shop. As for Mau Cryst, you’ll find it strolling through the Astral Mountains region. Additionally, you can buy this sub-species at a Black Marketeer’s shop or hatch it from a Frozen Egg. 


Unfortunately, Mozzarina doesn’t produce cheese, despite its name being a play on Mozzarella. Instead, like cows in real life, it produces milk, which players can drink by itself. On the other hand, players can use milk to craft better food items like pancakes, cake, and the famed Mozzarina Cheeseburger. Besides that, Mozzarina doesn’t offer anything else, work suitability or Partner Skill-wise. 

Yet, considering how valuable milk is in the grand scheme of things, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few Mozzarina performing their duties at your base(s). Therefore, if a player aspires to be the greatest Palworld baker of all time, they can nab themselves a Mozzarina in the bottom right areas found within Bamboo Groves. 

However, wealthy Palworld explorers can purchase one from a Pal Merchant’s shop. 


Carnivals and amusement parks are notorious for being great hangout spots for teenagers and families. One of the most notorious food items you’ll find people associating with these places is cotton candy. While Palworld doesn’t feature any attractions of that nature, players can obtain cotton candy in Palworld, thanks to the Woolipop species. 

When placed at your base’s Ranch, these fluffy organisms will produce this delightful candy for you. With cotton candy, players can restore their or their Pal’s health points. Yet, many skilled players know that cotton candy can increase their Pal’s sanity level. Having compelling sanity levels is important in Palworld since it allows Pals to perform their tasks without issue. 

Like Mozzarina, Woolipop tends to crop up near the bottom right areas found in Bamboo Groves’s region. Wealthy players can purchase them at Black Marketeer shops though. The formidable and highly skilled Pal hunters can capture a Woolipop Alpha Boss toward the end of the Ravine Grotto’s dungeon. 


Joining Lamball and Mozzarina as another exceptional farming Pal with horns is Caprity. These obese yet adorable grass-type goats will net you some delicious red berries at your base’s Ranch. Red berries, when properly cooked, can be used to create baked berries. Baked berries can heal your avatar and Pal’s hunger and health bar significantly. 

Additionally, you’ll need red berries for some of the advanced food items like cake, Eikythyrdeer Loco Moco, Stewed Galeclaw, and other dishes too. Farming aside, the Caprity species are exceptional planting allies, due to their level-two base stat. Since sowing seeds in plantations is an important aspect of Palworld, you’ll find Caprity’s skills at the task, gratifying. 

If you’re in dire need of a Caprity, fear not. The Ice Wind Island and Eastern Wild Island are the best locations to nab these beefy grass-type goats. For egg lovers, you can obtain a Caprity by hatching one from a Verdant Egg. 


Not only are Flambelle equipped with saddening Paldex entries, but their farming drops will persuade players to add them to their collection. Flambelle is known for producing flame organs at the Ranch. These organs allow players to craft numerous fire-themed items that’ll make battles easier, especially if they’re up against ice or grass-type Pals. 

Additionally, Flambelle has great kindling, transporting, and handiwork skills. Considering most items require materials like ingot, you’ll be foolish not to have one of these candle-looking Pals at your base. Flambelle can be found roaming the Mount Obsidian region the most. Also, players can hatch these Pals from a Scorching Egg or buy one from a Black Marketeer shop. 


Sibelyx is a moth-like Pal who may look frightening on the surface but is known for being an exceptional guardian in the Palworld universe. However, if you were to nab one of these majestic creatures for your Ranch, you’d attain many High-Quality Cloth materials. High-Quality cloth is important for folks who want to craft some of the best human gear in Palworld. The Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor and Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor are a few worth noting.

On top of farming, Sibelyx can be great medicine crafters and cooling workers at your base. Alongside some decent attacks, many may wonder where they can nab one of these elegant bug-like Pals. Wandering Sibelyx can be caught in the Astral Mountains.

Additionally, players can battle an Alpha Boss variant at the Sealed Realm of the Pristine Field. For egg hunters, they can hatch one via a Large Frozen Egg. 


Beegarde’s popped up a lot in our recommendations lately, and for good reason. It has a phenomenal spread of work suitability skills, an interesting Partner Skill, and an alluring design. As far as farming goes, Beegarde will grant you honey. Honey can keep Pals sane, and can help players craft incredible meals like cake, which is an important food item for Pal breeders. 

Despite being a grass-type Pal, Beegarde can use some dark, water, and neutral-type attacks. This compliments this soldier bee’s multi-tasking skills well. If players find this information to their liking, they’ll be excited to know that there are multiple ways to obtain a Beegarde. Firstly, you can find these bees floating around the Frostbound Mountain or Verdant Brook regions. 

Players can also purchase a Beegarde at a Black Marketeer shop or hatch one via a Verdant Egg. 

So, there we have it, our 10 picks for the best Pals to catch if you want to up your farming game in Palworld!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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