Palworld: 10 Best Player Clothes/Armor In The Game (So Far)

Video game cosmetics and attire have their uses. While some players seek out clothing for fashion purposes, others desire them for their beneficial abilities. In addition to weapons and accessories, Palworld has a swarm of armor/clothing options that many players will find desirable. Considering there are so many to choose from, you might wonder which ones are worth crafting. 

If you’re curious about that, fear not! This article will be covering the 10 best player clothes/armor pieces you should craft in Palworld.  We’ll also highlight what you’ll need to complete and gather to obtain these precious clothes. 

A quick note worth addressing for this list.

Since Palworld contains different variants of specific armor like the ones found for the cold/heat resistant series, we’ll be noting the best one of that batch. Therefore, expect armor of the “refined” and “standard” variety not to be mentioned here. 

If we miss any armor attire you think should be listed here, let us know in the comments below. If you want to follow our Palworld walkthrough coverage, click here. Also, if you’re curious about what mods are available to try in Palworld, click here

Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor

As with any open-world game, you’ll find yourself exploring landscapes that revolve around Mother Nature’s four seasons. Palworld features many amazing locales that can be extremely hot or surprisingly cold. If you happen to stumble upon areas of the latter category, you may want to strap on the cold-resistant pal metal armor. 

This gorgeously designed cloak will serve you well in Palworld’s cold environments like the Astral Mountains and Frostbound Mountains. Additionally, the cold-resistant pal metal armor prevents your avatar from losing health points if you’re in a chilling area. While other cold-resistant armor pieces will serve you well, this one’s worth nabbing first. 

Unfortunately, players must reach level 50 and use 5 technology points to unlock this item. Players must gather 16 ice organs, 30 leather, 6 high-quality ingots, and 30 pal metal ingots, material-wise. Moreover, you’ll need a production assembly line II workstation to craft this. 

Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor

Opposite of the cold-resistant pal metal armor, players should craft the heat-resistant pal metal armor. This clothing option prevents players from losing health points when they’re traveling in heated terrain like Palworld’s multiple desert regions. Much like its cold cousin, this firey-based armor has great defense, health, and durability stats. 

Additionally, hardcore players can go for this armor’s legendary variant. This iteration has better health and defensive capabilities than the original heat-resistant pal metal armor clothing set. On top of giving players that “Pal hunter” sensation through its battle-ready design, we believe they’ll adore wearing this, especially if they’re playing the game amongst friends. 

Fortunately, unlike its cold companion, this armor type requires players to be at level 48. However, they’ll need to spend 5 technology points to unlock it. Material-wise, players should have 30 leather, 16 flame organs, 6 high-quality cloth, and 30 pal metal ingots. Like the cold-resistant pal metal armor, players should assemble a production assembly line II workstation to craft this armor. 

Lastly, while there are other noteworthy heat-resistant armor pieces worth making, this one’s worth gunning for. 

Pal Metal Helm

To cap off the “pal metal” suggestions, players will find Palworld’s pal metal helm to their liking. This headpiece is incredible, especially for players who adore rushing into Pal battles like “Leroy Jenkins.” The pal metal helm has wonderful defensive and health stats, making it an alluring helmet for people who are tired of getting their rear ends handed to them by the game’s alpha bosses. 

Having said that, to obtain this metallic marvel, players must be at level 46 and use 4 technology points. Additionally, players must have 20 paldium fragments and 20 pal metal ingots as far as materials go. As with the previous entries, players must have a production assembly line II station built if they want to craft this. 

Further, wealthy players can strive for the legendary version of the pal metal helm, which has better health, defense, and durability stats. With this one, you’ll need 10 ancient civilization parts and must obtain its schematic from a Frostallian alpha boss. This alpha boss tends to frequent the northwestern area of the Astral Mountains. 

Graduation Cap

At first glance, the graduation cap evokes the same energy as some of the strangest Pals in Palworld. It’s a helmet type that doesn’t seem to fit in like the others offered in Palworld. It may make several players question how it can be a viable armor piece. Surprisingly, this item has its benefits and is simple to unlock and obtain. 

First and foremost, this headpiece provides players with a decent health, defense, and work speed stat boss. This is valuable for early players or veterans who value exploration and crafting on the go. Additionally, players who love to dabble in roleplay sessions in open-world titles can find a use for this item, especially if they’re holding a funny school-themed get-together in Palworld. 

To obtain the graduation cap, players must unlock its schematic. You’ll want to head for Fisherman’s Point and purchase one from a wandering merchant. This is located at the bottom of the Mount Obsidian region. Further, players should obtain 10 fiber and 20 cloth pieces. Afterward, players should craft themselves a primitive workbench. After that, they should be able to make this cap. 


While the graduation cap was a strange armor headpiece choice, the standard helmet feels adequate by Palworld’s standards. While it doesn’t give players a work-speed boost or protect them from nature’s crude weather, it’s a compelling early-game headpiece for new players. This one will elevate players’ health and defensive stats efficiently, allowing them to endure most Pal and human attacks. 

As touched upon in the graduation cap discussion, players may want to use this helmet for a comedic skit or serious roleplay session. For those who find this headpiece appealing, they’ll have to travel to Fisherman’s Point and buy its schematic from that place’s traveling merchant. Moreover, players can craft this at a primitive workbench, but they’ll need 5 wool and 20 ingots. 

Hyper Shield

As the hyper shield’s in-game description suggests, it’s a near-perfect armor shield that’ll boost players’ survival rates in Palworld. This magnificent armor shield will aid players who adore getting into conflict with Palworld’s hostile organisms. While it may take a while for players to collect the materials necessary to craft it, the hyper shield is an item worth anyone’s time. 

Having said that, players must reach level 43 and use 3 technology points to unlock this item. For its ingredients, players should scout Palworld for 100 paldium fragments and 30 ancient civilization parts. Moreover, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve crafted the production assembly line II workstation, otherwise, you won’t be able to make the hyper shield. 

Golden Crown

Every royal figure needs a crown to show everyone they mean business. The golden crown is an exceptional armor headpiece in Palworld and one that echoes Palworld’s “fantasy” themes well. While Pocket Pair should consider resizing the item to make it appear bigger on your avatar’s scalp, players will cherish this crown for increasing their health and defensive stats.

Additionally, the golden crown reduces ice-type damage players may take from the ice-type Pals. This makes it a great item to pair with the game’s ice-type clothing options. On top of being an item that’d be great to use for roleplay purposes, fans may be enticed to obtain its schematic. To find its schematic, players must travel to Fisherman’s Point and buy it from a wandering merchant. 

Afterward, players must have 25 ingots and a primitive workbench or higher-level bench to craft it. 

Pal Metal Armor

For those who aren’t interested in the cold or heat-resistant pal metal armor options we’ve noted, the pal metal armor set is worth exploring. The pal metal armor is fashionable, and durable, and will prevent you from perishing a lot in Palworld. This armor has exceptional stats and will appeal to many fashion-centric players who don’t find the mentioned armor pieces visually appealing. 

To unlock the pal metal armor, players must reach level 46 and use 4 technology points. Additionally, they’ll need 20 leather, 4 high-quality cloth pieces, 20 pal metal ingots, and a production assembly line II workstation to craft this. If you want a powerful armor set and aren’t interested in our first and second entries, this one’s worth your time. 

Monarch’s Crown

Unlike the golden crown, the monarch’s crown will be more favorable to all players, especially those who don’t want to look like Princess Peach’s relative. Jokes aside, the monarch’s crown gives players an adequate health and defense stat boost, making it an ideal headpiece for lower-ranked players or those who want to feel rich. 

Further, the monarch’s crown reduces damage taken from dragon-type attacks. This is a bonus for those who want to tame Palworld’s cute or dangerous dragon critters. As with other headgear, you must travel to Fisherman’s Point and purchase the monarch crown’s schematic from a wandering merchant. 

After that, players need to gather 20 ingots and 3 cloth pieces. Then, they’ll need to build a primitive workbench to craft this crown. If you’re someone who wants to catch Pals while feeling like a notable king, consider scouting Palworld for this lovely headpiece. 

Long-eared Headband 

If you’re someone who loves giving people bunny ears to ruin their photos or happen to be a rabbit lover, then the long-eared headband may satisfy you. This Palworld headpiece might be one of the game’s goofiest headpieces. However, it gives players a nice increase in their health and defense stats. Players will find its grass-type damage reduction ability satisfying, too. 

Moreover, this item can serve the game’s roleplaying crowd well, especially if they want to hold a get-together around the Easter holiday. Therefore, if you’re interested in the long-eared headband, you’ll need to purchase its schematic from a merchant who resides in a Small Settlement. One can be found in Palworld’s Windswept Hills region. 

This headband can be crafted at a primitive workbench, but you want to make sure you have 2 ingots and 12 cloth pieces in your possession. 

So, there we have it, our 10 picks for the best player clothes/armor you should search for or make in Palworld!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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