Palm Royale – Season 1 Episode 7 “Maxine Bags a Prince” Recap & Review

Maxine Bags a Prince

In the previous episode, we saw Skeet pass away under the influence of LSD. Additionally, Norma picks up a gun and keeps it with her. Furthermore, the prince whom Douglas and Perry have been dealing with appeared quite sketchy.

Palm Royale Episode 7 picks up where the previous episode left off. The episode opens with Skeet’s funeral, and we learn that Perry has been arrested for the shady business. Maxine is concerned about Douglas’ potential arrest, given his involvement in the developmental deal. To make matters worse, Dinah asked Perry to take everyone involved down with him before he was arrested.

During the funeral service, we see Maxine thinking of a way to get Douglas out of the mess. We see her asking Raquel for advice, who tells her to either bribe the authorities or trade up. On the other hand, while reading Skeet’s will, the guests are told that Skeet has transferred everything to Linda’s name the day before he passed away. This ends up making Linda incredibly sad.

Meanwhile, Robert brings the Prince and Princess of Luxembourg with him for Skeet’s funeral. In the previous episode, we saw Robert and the Prince get together. In this episode, their relationship seems to be more serious, as they’re planning on running away to France with each other.

We see Maxine taking Norma to the washroom. At this point, Norma removes the gun from her purse, supposedly to shoot Maxine while they’re alone. However, they walk in on Robert and the Prince having sex. Following this, Robert takes Norma along with him to explain himself, and this buys Maxine some time.

Following that, Mary continues to ask Maxine to pay for the fibrosis auction. This time, Mary attempts to emotionally blackmail Maxine, who manages to buy herself some time again. However, Maxine discovers that the cashier’s checks bear her signature, not Douglas’, potentially leading to her arrest for the fraud instead of his.

Shortly after, we see Maxine talking to Douglas about the situation. He assures her that he won’t let her take the fall. Shortly after, Sylvia goes into labor and delivers the baby in Linda’s bathtub. After she names the baby Jack, it brings back old memories for Maxine and Douglas, who were going to name their child that. At this point, Maxine tells Douglas that she lost the baby just before their wedding and kept it from him as she didn’t want to upset him, given that he was in a happy mood. This truly upsets Douglas, who simply walks away.

Shortly after, Maxine learns that when the police came to arrest her, Douglas took the blame on himself and went with the cops. Following that, she visits the bank to cash the donation checks for the beach ball. She happens to run into a problem when the cashier asks for her husband’s signature as well. However, when she spots the wanted posture of the prince, she remembers Raquel’s words.

Following this, Maxine agrees to tell the police about the prince’s whereabouts if they let Douglas off the hook and return the seized assets. As a consequence, Douglas is released, and Robert is left brokenhearted, as the prince didn’t show up to take him along.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 centers on Skeet’s funeral, where multiple plots take shape. We witness Norma’s plot to take down Maxine, Maxine’s revelation of a dark secret from her past, Linda’s inheritance of her father’s fortune, and Robert’s plans to run away with the prince.

There are so many plot twists and turns in this episode that the show’s storyline feels quite muddled. The show’s entertainment value is also affected by this since this episode is not as good as the previous ones in this regard. 

We are crossing our fingers that things improve for the show because it’s promising. With the season finale quickly approaching, it will be intriguing to watch what lies ahead for the show.

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