Palm Royale – Season 1 Episode 6 “Maxine Takes a Step” Recap & Review

Maxine Takes a Step

Palm Royale Episode 6 opens with Maxine and Evelyn taking a tour of NASA. It seems as though Maxine is having a wonderful time. In contrast, Evelyn is extremely anxious. Immediately after this, Maxine tells Evelyn that the Rolodex and the gun have been destroyed. As a consequence of this, Evelyn gets enraged, and she warns Maxine about the consequences of her actions, which are that no one will attend the Beach Ball. 

Douglas then informs Maxine that he and Perry are collaborating with the European Prince of Luxembourg on a condo development project. She asks him to let her accompany him to the event that the prince will be attending so that she can invite him to the Beach Ball. Maxine is hoping that he will agree to her request. However, Douglas declines and tells Maxine that the event is exclusively for men.

Following that, we see Maxine entering the event dressed in Luxembourg’s colors. Douglas told Maxine that the event was exclusively for men, so Maxine is shocked to see Dinah and other women present. Furthermore, Dinah informs Maxine that Perry is aware of her infidelity and is adamant about keeping their marriage open. She reveals to Maxine that she is holding out hope that Perry will make a deal with the prince and become wealthy so that she can divorce him and make a profit from the situation. Given the fact that Maxine had previously attempted to have sex with Robert while she was under the influence of alcohol, this ultimately causes her to be concerned about her own marriage. Dinah, on the other hand, reveals to her that Robert is not straight.

Following this, Maxine confronts Robert about his sexual orientation. However, Robert’s explanation is not very clear, and he makes a passing reference to the fact that he is bisexual. At this point, Maxine is offended that he didn’t sleep with her and questions if he doesn’t find her attractive. Robert then tells her that she’s his friend, which is why he couldn’t do that. We then see Maxine tell Robert not to sleep with her husband.

We learn that Douglas and Perry closed the deal with the prince. When Douglas tells Maxine about a Palm Royale event, she asks to meet with the prince. Maxie extends an invitation to the prince to attend the Beach Ball during the event. On the other hand, he does not accept her invitation. In addition, it is quite obvious that Douglas and Perry are being taken advantage of because the Prince does not appear to be trustworthy.

During the party, Evelyn confronts Maxine yet again and makes her feel terrible about the Rolodex. Following this, Anne confronts Maxine about her days competing in pageants, and Maxine breaks down. Following that, Maxine resolves to reveal the truth to Anne, who comforts her and assures her that the magazine will not publish the information.

Skeet, on the other hand, tells Linda that he wants to go, as if to escape life. Linda then assures him that when that time comes, she’ll be alright. Following this, we see Linda and Skeet experimenting with LSD. While under the influence, Skeet passes away.

Shortly after, Robert offers to take Maxine home, seeing as she’s in a terrible state. When Robert finally arrives at the house, he presents Maxine with the invitations to the Beach Ball that Norma had written. The invitations to the Beach Ball are filled with threats, and he assures her that this will get people to attend the event.

When the episode is about to come to a close, Robert convinces Maxine to go out and send the invitations. He wants her to leave because he has company, which he conveys to her in a convoluted manner. As the episode draws to a close, we find out that the company that Robert was referring to is actually the prince. Norma starts to move and grabs the revolver from the opposite side of the bed.

The Episode Review

In episode 6, Maxine has to struggle after the Rolodex has been destroyed. Douglas and Perry strike a deal with a prince. Linda and Skeet experiment with LSD, and he slips away. Robert has company—the prince. 

The show’s plot manages to remain both fascinating and entertaining throughout the episode. The episode builds a great deal of suspense, and it manages to keep you interested throughout. In addition, the characters have reached a significant level of development at this point, which increases our excitement for the episodes to come.

On the other hand, considering the magnitude of the show, it doesn’t have the “it” factor. Moreover, the show lacks the grandeur that appeals to the elite and fails to resonate with the general public. This places the show somewhere in the middle, and it is most certainly not worthy of being in the Shiny Sheet.

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