Palm Royale – Season 1 Episode 5 “Maxine Shakes the Tree” Recap & Review

Maxine Shakes the Tree

Palm Royale Episode 5 opens with Maxine wanting to confront Douglas about his intended marriage to Linda. However, she’s worried he’ll leave her and is unable to make up her mind. However, the revelation is making her incredibly uncomfortable, so she decides to confront her husband.

Following this, Maxine confronts Douglas, who doesn’t know Penelope changed her name to Linda. Following this, he attempts to assure her that she’s the only woman he’s ever loved. Furthermore, Douglas informs Maxine that Penelope shot her father on the day they were due to tie the knot. He tells her that this completely threw him off, so he decided against getting married to her. However, when Maxine attempts to dig deeper, he tells her that he doesn’t remember. This truly upsets Maxine, who is unable to trust her husband anymore after he kept all of this from her for twenty years.

After this, Maxine decides to go and confront Linda. She can’t believe that her new best friend kept the fact that she almost married her husband a secret from her all this time. When Maxine barges into the bookstore looking for Linda, Virginia tells her that Linda isn’t there. Following this, Maxine vents her frustration to Virginia, while Linda listens to everything from behind a locked door. Virginia then assures Maxine that Linda likes her as a friend, and that multiple things can be true at the same time.

Following this, Maxine makes her way to the Palm Beach Shiny Sheet News, where she asks to look through the old copies of the Shiny Sheet. While looking through the folder, she eventually finds what she’s looking for. She then learns that no one was caught in the shooting, as nobody knew who shot the bullet. Furthermore, the weapon used for the crime was missing. At this point, Maxine remembers that she found the gun in Norma’s deposit box.

After this, Maxine concludes that only those in the room on the day of the accident know the truth. As a consequence, she questions Evelyn about the accident. Evelyn tells Maxine that Linda wanted to shoot her while she was seeing her father. However, she ended up accidentally shooting her father instead.

The scene then switches to the men’s washroom. As Douglas enters the washroom to do his business, Linda pops up. Following this, she confronts him about everything he has put her through. However, he dismisses her claims. At this point, we learn that Douglas had an affair and got a girl pregnant.

At the golf course, we see Maxine, who appears to be quite drunk. She gets in her car to drive to the Delacorte Mansion. However, Robert stops her and offers to take her to the mansion.

When Maxine gets home, she practically throws herself at Robert, who refuses to have sex with her. At this point, Mitzi pops up and tells Maxine that she can’t do this anymore. She goes on to tell Maxine that Perry got her a job at a club that pays well. Maxine then attempts to stop her and claims that Perry isn’t a nice man. However, Mitzi walks away. Following this, Maxine spots Robert taking care of Norma. She thinks that he’s genuine, so she lets him stay.

During the closing moments of the episode, Linda shows up at the Delacorte Mansion to have a conversation with Maxine. When Maxine confronts her about the shooting, she confesses that she intended to shoot Douglas because she suspected that he was having multiple affairs. 

Following this, Maxine learns that Douglas was having an affair with her while he was going to get married to Linda. She then apologizes to Linda and tells her she didn’t have a clue. She also tells Maxine that after accidentally shooting her father, Norma covered the tracks to keep things in balance. She let Evelyn marry Skete; Douglas got out of the marriage and demanded 100,000 pounds and a ticket to Chattanooga. 

Shortly after, Maxine gets a call from Douglas, and she answers it. When she returns, she finds Linda burning the evidence in the Rolodex. The episode comes to an end with Maxine throwing the gun into the sea.

The Episode Review

In the fifth episode, Maxine confronts Douglas about his past intentions to marry Linda. As a consequence of this, Maxine embarks on a mission to learn the truth about the situation. When Maxine confronts Linda, she tells her the truth behind the accident. In the meantime, Maxine begins to lose faith in Douglas, and their marriage is hanging by a thread.

The show’s plot continues to be engaging, and it holds your attention throughout the episode by keeping you curious about the mystery. We are learning a little bit more about the nasty secrets that the members of Palm Beach keep, which has brought the drama of the show to an all-time high at this point.

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