Pale Waves – Unwanted | Album Review

Track List

The Hard Way
Without You
Only Problem
You’re So Vain
Reasons To Live
Act My Age
So Sick (Of Missing You)


Manchester four-piece Pale Waves has embarked on getting more people to listen to their evocative rock songs, and their new album Unwanted can be, at times, a whirlwind of fury. The songs are angry but sincere, and they are poised to be some of the best tracks that the band has ever written.

These contributions will wake you from those daydreams and the lyrics offer stories worth immersing yourself into. And the band has certainly worked on their content, while creating worthy instrumentals to summon excitement.

Pop elements do make this record extra catchy, but not plain or clichéd either, and that shows the growth of Pale Waves. They’ve instilled enough moments of wonder in this, while battling their demons and the negativity life can bring.

‘Lies’ opens the record with sincere vocals. The guitars generate sound in the background, and the lyrical content becomes a rant, but it’s relevant. It’s a daring start.

‘Unwanted’ is a brilliant track full of verve and attitude. That chorus is something to behold, and the progressive instrumentals add technical prowess.

‘Jealously’ meanwhile, describes how love can rot rapidly. The chorus bubbles with intensity and a theme of darkness runs throughout this track.

By contrast you have ‘Without You’, which is a beautiful ballad, sincere in subject and meaning. And it shows how much the band has grown as prime songwriters. The melody pulls at the heartstrings.

Ultimately, Pale Waves has shown that they’re equipped to be a pivotal rock act with poppy underpinnings and Unwanted is an album of beauty and rage.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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