Pale Shelter – Persona Non Grata | Album Review

Track Listing

Primary Thought
One Last Walk
The Promise
Persona Non Grata
Paradise Lost
Tight Rope


Pale Shelter takes their independent ethos and utilizes it fully on their album Persona Non Grata. The act also fundamentally pushes their talents to the forefront, and places their emotions into everything they produce.

A band many may not have heard of, with this release, people who love rock music will take notice with its unique slant and style. Original in its complexity, this record has heart and soul, and it focuses heavily on lyricism too.

8 songs make up this album, and every one of them has a story attached, fables which interconnect and not only do they make things interesting, they actually have been crafted to provoke responses. Through and through, Persona Non Grata has emotional underpinnings, as well as layers and layers of complexity.

‘Primary Thought’ starts the record off. It hits hard with rasping vocals and commanding guitar workmanship. The lyrics tell us that the darkness has shrouded the light, and hope has become buried under the weight of consequence.

‘The Promise’ begins with hard-hitting percussion, and volatile guitar moments, as well as brooding vocals. Every lyric drops in with meaning. Paradise Lost certifies this band’s shrewd artistry, and their ear for a solid guitar line, and the lyrics convey lost moments and lost people.

Pale Shelter has delivered a well-rounded album; a record which pulsates until the end with words that have no filter.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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