Painkiller – Episode 5 “Hot! Hot! Hot!” Recap & Review

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Episode 5 of Painkiller starts with a flashback from when Richard was a child. He witnessed a fight between his father and uncle about legacy and learned how much legacy mattered to Arthur, preserving the Sackler name.

Present-day, Edie shares how the lie from Purdue reps in the courtroom allowed Brownlee and his team the right to subpoena all of Purdue’s documents in connection to OxyContin. With Purdue’s legacy under threat, Richard did something that Edie found hard for her to believe.

Instead of only giving them the documents in question, he handed over millions of documents, most of which were quite useless to them. Edie called for more officers to help her team go through all of them. Meanwhile, Shannon takes Molly to Dr Cooper’s clinic as a replacement for herself following the incident.

After being kicked out of the house, Glen is in a motel room where he chops more OxyContin pills and snorts them. He lies to Lily and tries to go back home but she refuses to take him in. Glen shows up at  Dr Hartman’s clinic and fights with him, asking for a new prescription.

Dr Hartman is visibly addicted to the drug and tries to prescribe a different medicine to detoxify him from it. Glen throws up a tantrum at the clinic and goes to his tyre shop to collect metal tools. Desperate for money and to buy more of the drug, Glen goes to a pawn shop and sells the tools as well as his wedding ring.

He drives recklessly and goes to a clinic as he tries to get a prescription from a different doctor. Outside the clinic, Glen is mugged and left in his car. After, Brownlee’s team sends over a list of dead patients that had OxyContin in their system. Richard calls Brownlee and his team in order to win them over before things get out of hand.

Richard’s assistant, Deborah, asks Edie to sit out as she wasn’t a part of the approved list of visitors. Edie asks Brownlee to continue with the meeting where instead of Richard, Mr Udall of Purdue addresses the attorney and his team. Outside the office, Edie finds Richard playing with his dog instead. She is furious at the businessman and instead of venting her frustrations at him, Edie congratulates him for making so much money.

During the meeting, Mr Udall tells Brownlee that only two out of all the deceased cases have OxyContin as the single drug in their system. He also adds that the other cases can be ruled out as the victims had other drugs as well as nicotine and caffeine in their system.

Brownlee narrates a list of terms they would want in order to settle the case out of court, including a public apology and monetary settlement. Brownlee also states that Purdue need to rule OxyContin as an end-of-life treatment drug instead of it being marketed as a painkiller.

Mr Udall refuses the claims and instead offers him a settlement of 10 million. This triggers Brownlee and he asks for the drug to be wiped off the market. Present-day, Edie narrates how following the incident, Brownlee and his team resorted to different means to find something against Purdue.

She claims that the group started making phone calls to people hoping to get some answers about Purdue. Edie calls Deborah and asks to chat about her time at Purdue hoping that the secretary will have some information on the bosses. After the meeting with Brownlee, the team at Purdue, including the Sacklers, start discussing the settlement.

Richard believes they have already made many tweaks to their agreement and would not settle for more. Deborah is at the meeting, taking notes when she makes a joke calling OxyContin “OxyCoffin”. This does not sit right with the Sacklers and they kick her out of the meeting.

Humiliated by the incident, Deborah calls Edie back and gives her some much-needed information on the addictive nature of the pill. She claims that Mr Udell knew about this a year before McCloskey sued them. Deborah adds that Mr Udell had asked her to research the issue and she found how badly addictive the drug was.

Deborah skips telling Edie that she was an OxyContin addict herself. Meanwhile, she claims that Mr Udall humiliated her for sending her notes about the addictive nature of the drug to the higher-ups at Purdue and had her shred the memo. Brownlee tells Edie to ask Deborah to go on the record and make a statement and the secretary hesitantly agrees to help them out.

The next morning, Richard and the entire team from Purdue go to Miami for a special success party celebrating the drug. At the party, Richard celebrates OxyContin being the #1 Opioid brand in the country. Shannon seems out of place and is shocked to see that McCloske is now an employee at Purdue just like Dr Curtis Wright.

Meanwhile, Edie and Brownlee wait for Deborah to show up for hours at the end but the secretary does not come. Despite trying to reach her for many hours, Deborah does not answer Edie’s calls which makes her concerned for Deborah’s safety. Edie calls her contacts, asking them to check for Deborah to make sure she’s not attacked for ousting Purdue.

Present-day Edie tells the lawyers that Deborah herself was revealed to be an OxyContin addict and an unreliable witness if she ever decides to give a testimony.

Another flashback shows the party in Miami going wild where Shannon learns that Britt, Molly and the other recruits were addicted to the pills and used to snort them too.

Glen show’s up to see Tyler and apologises to him for how their family has turned out. After the heartfelt apology, Tyler breaks down along with Glen. However, Tyler gets annoyed and kicks Glen out after he asks for money.

Glen is desperate for the drug in his car when he finally makes the decision to resist the urge and get over his addiction. The episode ends with Shannon finally taking the drug for the first time upon her colleagues’ persistence and accidentally falling in the pool under the influence. As for Glen, he struggles with the withdrawal symptoms.

The Episode Review

The show is really an eye-opener for many – as it should be. The makers have made a conscious effort to show the ill effects of taking medicine from doctors who are inclined to maximise their own profit.

Meanwhile, the story about Alfred Noble from the beginning of this episode had me thinking about how his legacy has completely changed because of the Noble Peace Prize.

Shannon looks like she could be the star witness to Edie’s case and I am hoping things turn out right for her. It will be sad if she also turns into an addict now that she has tasted the drug. With only one episode left in the show, I am hopeful to see Glen’s story change for the better and with the way things ended in this episode, one can only pray for him to resist all urges and overcome his OxyContin addiction in the finale. 

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