Painkiller – Episode 4 “Is Believed” Recap & Review

Is Believed

Episode 4 of Painkiller starts with Shannon visiting Purdue’s main office after being called in. There, she learns that she’s being promoted for her high sales and is among the group of people responsible for bringing in and training new sales reps.

The Chairman of Purdue, Udall l, singles Shannon out after the meeting with the group of sales reps and asks her to stop reporting incidents like that of the teenage girl in her notes. He claims that the higher-ups at Purdue, especially him, are a phone call away from her if she needs to reach out to them with her concerns.

Shannon discusses the promotion with Britt and the latter claims that the promotion was all because of Shannon’s hard work and gives her a lesson on feminism by claiming that the male doctor, Dr Fitzgibbons, is just jealous of her success because of her gender.

In her interview, Edie says that while the people at the top made money, the people at the bottom suffered. She narrates an incident from the year 2000 when a drug dealer drove multiple homeless people in his van. The drug dealer made stops at various clinics to allow these homeless people to visit the doctors and get a prescription for OxyContin.

Moreover, the dealer also made sure the patients buy purchased the medicine from the drugstore and took most of the pills for themselves while leaving the homeless person with a few pills from the prescription. During one such trip, the cops chase after the dealer’s van which results in a huge road accident.

Edie tells the lawyers how the cops showed her cases where addicts were not just consuming the pill but were snorting it. She narrates how the cops had begged Edie and Brownlee to put an end to this. Brownlee asks Edie to find out if there was a crime committed by Purdue in their quest to get OxyContin approved by the FDA and running on the streets.

The news of OxyContin being an addictive drug takes the news and Richard comes up with the idea to attack the demand – i.e. the people that consume OxyContin, the addicts. In a public interview, the district attorney of Maine, Jay P. McCloskey, shares how OxyContin is an addictive drug which further causes problems for the people at Purdue.

Richard asks his team to place the blame on the junkies and addicts who are making ill use of their highly helpful pain medication. Meanwhile, an employee at Purdue was addicted to using OxyContin. Glen, on the other side, is hiding the fact that he still takes OxyContin from his family. He takes the drug more often than prescribed and Tyler watches him walk out of bed one night to take the pill that he had hidden in his car.

Meanwhile, everything is going pretty well for Shannon with her promotion as she buys a new house and a car of her own.  Shannon follows in Britt’s footsteps and recruits new graduates that will advertise OxyContin to patients for a commission. Shannon’s new recruit is Molly.

Glen is at work and high on the pill when he causes an accident at the tyre shop and a car falls off the lift. Tyler tells Lily that Glen is addicted to OxyContin and is high at the moment. Lily yells at him for not telling her sooner and claims that all of it is his fault.

Shannon tries to pay Dr Cooper a visit but finds a mob of protesters outside his clinic. According to Richard’s instruction, his employees address the media and claim that the abusers of the drug are the problem and not the drug itself because it was made in a way to help people with pain.

That night, Shannon reassures Dr Cooper, telling him that the 15-year-old girl is to blame for abusing the drug and not him. Present-day Edie tells the lawyers how the addicts were soon blamed by the media because supporters of Purdue pinned the blame on addicts for abusing the drug.

Edie narrates how she met Dr Fitzgibbons, a doctor who was really opposed to prescribing OxyContin. During her discussion with the doctor, Edie learns that Purdue had lied when they claimed that a study had shown how opioid drugs were addictive in only 1% of its consumers.

Dr Fitzgibbons tells Edie that the finding was not part of a study but was from a dated letter reported by someone named Dr Jick. Edie meets Dr Jick and the doctor himself is shocked to learn how his letter was misrepresented by Purdue in order to sell the drug. Dr Jick claims that the FDA was not supposed to approve such a drug.

After meeting with the FDA representative, Edie learns that only one medical officer is responsible for the approval of a drug. She also learns that Dr Curtis Wright is the man who had approved OxyContin without conducting any study of his own.

During another conference in support of OxyContin, Dr Cooper tries to assault Shannon by kissing and touching her forcefully. She is traumatised by the incident. Meanwhile, at Purdue, Richard asks his core management team to testify in court for the case against McCloskey who’s suing them for putting OxyContin on the market despite knowing the fact that it was an addictive drug.

Things are not going well for Glen with Tyler leaving the house and crashing with his father of Glen’s addiction. Glen goes to try and bring Tyler home but Jack, Tyler’s birth father, kicks him out and scolds him for being an addict.

Glen goes back home but on his way finds that all his pills have been exhausted. He approaches a drug dealer and buys more from a dealer instead. This time, he crushes the pill and snorts it instead of consuming it like he originally did.

Before the hearing, Udall tells Richard that his kid was attacked in school because he worked with Purdue, a company that sold dangerous drugs. Richard ignores Udall’s concerns and instead focuses on the fact that he was late for the hearing where he would testify as a representative of Purdue.

During the hearing, the Purdue reps claim that they had no awareness of the fact OxyContin is an addictive drug and that they only found out about it after McCloskey reported it. Edie, who is watching the hearing from her own office in Virginia, tells Brownlee that they have finally found a crime and it comes from Purdue lying under oath.

Edie tells Brownlee about her interaction with Dr Fitzgibbons and how the letter from Dr Jick was being manipulated. Now that Edie had found the crime, Brownlee agrees to go on a full attack against Purdue.

The Episode Review

This episode was really hard to watch for many reasons. From Glen slowly getting addicted to the drug, to the drug dealers abusing innocent homeless people for their monetary benefit, it is so hypocritical of the company to blame the consumers for abusing a product when it is them to blame for consciously putting such a product in the market.

Dr Fitzgibbons’ contribution is huge for Edie and her team and I hope this helps destroy Purdue and take the drug off the market. The scene where Mr Udall tells Richard how his child was really telling. The fact is that the rich do not care about their employees and only care about their own well-being. 

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