Painkiller – Episode 2 “Jesus Gave Me Water” Recap & Review

Jesus Gave Me Water

Episode 2 of Painkiller starts with Edie telling the legal team about Arthur Sackler’s intense marketing skills. She claims that Arthur made up an advertisement with references from fake doctors in order to convince actual doctors to prescribe the drug.

Shannon watches Britt talk to the doctors and learns how she had to behave in order to convince doctors to prescribe OxyContin. Edie claims that the charm from sales people like Britt and Shannon managed to help secure huge volumes of the drug to be prescribed.

During one such marketing trip, Britt takes Shannon to talk to a sleazy doctor that hits on her. Britt diffuses the situation and asks the doctor to get his numbers up. Meanwhile, she tells Shannon that she needs to get used to this treatment and takes her to talk to another doctor.

A flashback takes us to the time when Edie was investigating the medical insurance fraud doctor. Edie looks through the doctor’s prescription history of OxyContin and corroborates the injury for which he had prescribed the narcotic drug. Edie learns that the doctor grossly overprescribing OxyContin pills for his own benefit.

Present-day Edie recalls how she witnessed one such patient raid a pharmacy to steal OxyContin. She also claims that Purdue was using a fluffy toy to market their product but kept it low-key from officials at the same time.

Britt asks Shannon to visit Dr Fitzgibbons alone in order to convince him to prescribe OxyContin to his patients. There, she meets a young 15-year-old high schooler called Jess, who had a sports injury. Dr Fitzgibbons shuts Shannon down immediately and kicks her out after having an argument over the drug. The doctor believes that OxyContin is a narcotic, addictive drug with harmful side effects.

Shannon counters him with her mugged-up speech about how OxyContin is far less addictive than other opioids on the market. Dr Fitzgibbons angrily tells Shannon that the drug is very similar to heroin and kicks her out. On their drive back, Shannon asks Britt about the similarities between Heroin and OxyContin but the latter shrugs it off, believing the male doctor actually only has a big ego.

At his tyre shop, Glen starts taking his pills before the prescribed time, despite Lily and Tyler’s protests against his actions. Glen tries to reason with his doctor, asking him to be allowed to take the pill more often. The doctor increases Glen’s dosage instead of increasing the number of times he consumes the weaker dose.

The doctor says that the drug had been approved by the FDA to be consumed only in 12-hour intervals and this has to be maintained. He continues, asking Glen to share his success story about OxyContin because the manufacturers of the drug are looking for patients to give testimonials about the drug’s benefits.

That night, Tyler sneaks out some of Glen’s pills and takes them to his friends who consume the pill in order to get high. After being trained by Britt, Shannon starts talking to doctors independently and tries to convince them to prescribe OxyContin.

Dr Cooper is Shannon’s first client and she manages to talk him into prescribing the drug to his patients. Edie who is at the same doctor’s office for an investigation sees Shannon and follows after her. Shannon and Edie have an argument on the street but Britt who was waiting in the car intervenes. Britt and Edie have a face-off but Edie warns the woman for the drug she was pedalling under the guise of it being pain medication.

Present-day Edie shares how the drugs were being popularised with coupons and the opioid crisis was blowing up right in front of her eyes. In his video interview, Glen gives testimony about how OxyContin has made his life much better and how it had helped him and his family after his injury.

Many more patients like Glen show up at the OxyContin convention to share the success stories of the drug. However, Glen is back home after the event and starts getting restless over his pills when he can’t find them where he left them off. He brings the house down looking for the pills and Lily offers to take him to the clinic the following day in order to get him the pill.

That night, Glen starts moving the appliances around to look for his missing bottle when Tyler brings the pills out after seeing his stepfather act like a maniac over the medicine. Edie tells the legal team that OxyContin was a highly flawed drug and claims that the withdrawal symptoms that came with the pills were questionable from the time they were tested on animals and human patients.

Edie claims that all three phases of the drug trials failed miserably when patients were severely addicted to the drug. She adds since the mice who were tested with the drug didn’t die, it was a good enough reason for the FDA to approve it. Edie claims that the FDA did not do a lot of testing on the drugs themselves but relied on one person for approval and it was Curtis Wright for OxyContin.

Before initially approving it, Curtis had spoken to Richard Sackler about his concerns with the pills. Richard, Raymond and Mortimer Sackler discuss the possible ways in which they could get OxyContin on the market. The trio pay Curtis a visit and try to convince him to approve the drug.

Curtis poses genuine questions regarding the potency and possibility of OxyContin abuse. Present-day Edie believes that Richard is growing desperate to get his drug on the market. She adds that the drug not only ruins individuals who consume it, but families of drug abuse victims too.

Another flashback shows Edie visiting her brother, Shawn, in the prison who was arrested for pedalling drugs as a teenager.

Present day, Glen and his family are at the diner when he accidentally bites on his finger and starts bleeding without noticing it. The episode ends with Glen passing out in the middle of the diner as Lily and Tyler try to call for medical help.

The Episode Review

It is only the second episode and things are already getting out of hand. From this chapter, we can see that Richard is actually a madman. From talking to Arthur’s ghost to refusing to listen to people around him, this man has something wrong with him and we will hopefully soon see why.

I am still hopeful for Glen to make it through but it is likely that his drug addiction will break his happy family. Tyler is on to something and it looks like he can see his step-father’s oncoming addiction. Edie is a force to be feared and I loved her face-off with Britt and Shannon.

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