Pacific Avenue – Flowers | Album Review

pacific avenue

Track Listing

Spin Me Like Your Records
Strawberry Daydream
Easy Love
Wake Me Up
Give It Up For Yourself
Leaving For London
City Lights
Get You Off
Someone’s Asking
Modern Lovers
Lay Me Down


Indie rock is revitalised here on this record by Pacific Avenue. The act truly sparks a small revolution too, and their music isn’t safe or pedestrian by any stretch of the imagination, as it’s vibrant, modern, and heartfelt at times. By being majestic in their delivery, the songs on Flowers don’t stick to the rules or the norm, they are purposeful and hold up against the indie scene well.

The vocals interconnect seamlessly with the flourishing instrumentals, and the band focus well on creating songs for the outcasts and the people looking for a source of love in a loveless world. Patterns form in this type of music too, strands of poetry conjure up snapshots of days spent deluded and brainwashed by a hierarchy snapping at the souls.

It’s a fitting album this – a record totally rooted in good honest songwriting –  and at times it can be blissful. Old sounds come to the forefront, as the band takes influence from bands of the past, artists that paved the indie route. Lyrically cohesive, this record dodges cliches and formulas, and it spreads a story that welcomes the disenchanted and the people who feel uncomfortable by the world’s views.

12 songs make up this LP. ‘Wake Me Up’ is a standout track, taking snippets of melodic heart-pullers of the past. The piano sound weaves well with the acoustics, and the vocals are drenched in honesty. Dreams begin to expire, though.

‘City Lights’ is an infectious track, providing a rhythmic sound. It’s dynamic in its delivery, pushing the band’s art to the front. The chorus sparks optimism.

‘Modern Lovers’ has rhythm, and it shows verve and musical adeptness, bringing forward a diverse sound. The band is in their element here.

‘Devotion’ rallies hope, providing a sound that is fresh and daring. Grit and determination prove decisive here too, and the band goes for the glory.

Pacific Avenue generates a sound which will excite the old guard and the modern music fan.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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