Paatal Lok – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Paatal Lok begins with Chaudhary navigating familial issues before heading back out to continue his independent crusade into discovering the true ringleader behind the assassination attempt. After being given a gun by Ansari, he hops onboard a bus and prepares to hunt down Rajbir, a man he believes is “Master Ji”.

In prison Tyagi beats down an inmate after an incident involving a dog. The same dog, it seems, that hits the bus Chaudhary happens to be riding that evening. In the morning though, Chaudhary finds Rajbir and the two get talking.

As we learn more about Rajbir’s past, we cut back and see that Rajbir was a police officer and held at knife-point by one of Donullia’s commandos while spying on his arrival at the facility. Brought before the shadowy man, Rajbir requested to be part of his army but instead was granted the position of being an informer.

Following Tyagi’s shocking hammer incident we witnessed several episodes ago, Tyagi requests to speak to Master Ji and isallowed to stay at the farmhouse, where he’s surrounded by dogs. This explains why he kicked off earlier with the dog in prison given the affection he has for canines.

Eventually he gets his wish and meets Master Ji himself in the middle of the night. In order to prove himself he must complete several tests to prove his loyalty, culminating in him forced to bash his hand with a hammer, which he does.

Tyagi’s death count continues to rise thanks to Donullia’s trusted right-hand man and his next target was due to be Sanjeev. However, Tyagi and Rajbir remain in the dark around the true motive for this murder.

Meanwhile, Sanjeev sits and speaks to Singh Saab at his estate regarding a new deal. Ironically the attempt on Sanjeev’s life has seen him and the station flourish as viewers flock to his politically charged debates. As he sits opposite his superior, he asks for a bit of praise or his efforts. Singh scoffs at the notion but comes close, telling him he didn’t think Sanjeev would go that far.

Unfortunately Sanjeev’s fame brings with it a slew of issues including a fractured and icy exchange with Sara at the news station and his relationship with Dolly starting to break down.

Chaudray’s investigation leads him to following Firangi and Om Ji. Firangi clocks on that they’re being watched and follows Chaudhary down to the docks. Although our protagonist manages to evade him, Jai Hind phones through and promises that he’ll be charged for defying the law, which is where the episode ends.

Master Ji’s shadowy appearance in this episode finally starts to help piece together those scattered puzzle pieces throughout the season. Quite why he wants Sanjeev dead remains to be seen but it all appears to be politically charged, using these four kids to hide his own tracks.

Chaudhary’s rogue investigation into this case looks like it’s going to come back and haunt him given the ending, which is especially agonizing given how close he is to uncovering the truth. Still, we’ll have to wait and see what the final two episodes have in store for us!

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