P1Harmony – Killin’ It | Album Review

Track Listing

때깔 (Killin’ It) – Title Track
Late Night Calls
Everybody Clap
꿍꿍이 (Love Story) 
Countdown To Love 
Let Me Love You
Street Star
I See U


K-pop boy group P1Harmony has been on a roll for a while and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Now they are marking the new year with their very first full-length album, ‘때깔 (Killin’ It)’. Released on February 5th, the boys grace us with a fun and upbeat comeback while dabbling with a range of sounds from their well-established hip-hop numbers to sentimental love songs and ballads for the fans.

Less than a year after their Billboard-charting EP ‘Harmony: All In’ and its catchy lead single ‘Jump’, P1Harmony returns with 10 new songs for their debut LP. And to make it extra special, the members have also worked on the tracks including Jongseob who did most of the songwriting! Well, ‘때깔 (Killin’ It)’ is all about continuing their lore from their Disharmony-Harmony eras and coming out as heroes with their own identities. 

‘때깔 (Killin’ It)’

The album gets right into it with the very first track being the title track – ‘때깔 (Killin’ It)’. Confident with their sound, the boys delve further with an old-school hip-hop arrangement complete with a sick 808 bassline and a groovy beat that is bound to get every listener’s head moving.

Despite being rap-heavy, it also allows every member to show off their range. And if there is any doubt about who they want to be, they make it known with this title track which is all about confidence and standing out.

Full of witty and Gen-Z lyrics like, “I’m a Superstar, already know that/As I was, never wanna go back/Follow me, call me all day/Everything I do, so full of rizz,” P1Harmony has no time for haters as they are busy doing their own thing. The music video is equally filled with swagger as the boys go hard with relaxed choreography and a quirky storyline that emphasizes their signature style. 

B-side Tracks in ‘때깔 (Killin’ It)’

The highlight of their first full-length album is the dynamic B-sides. We dive into it with ‘Late Night Calls’, an R&B-pop song that allows their vocals to shine as they sing about spurned love. The prechorus raises the hype and the chorus matches the energy with an earworm melody. However, the rap in the bridge reminds us that this is still P1Harmony as they end on a lively note despite the sombre message.

Next, we have ‘Everybody Clap’ with an experimental chorus as the instrumentals take a backseat for this fun track which is all about partying and doing what they like without a care in the world. Playful back-and-forth rap verses among the members keep the same high energy going which seems to be the theme of this album.

‘꿍꿍이 (Love Story)’ proves that the boys are comfortable with any genre as they sing about falling in love. And while it is a ballad, it is not your straightforward emotional, sorrowful, romantic song. The percussion-filled arrangement with kick drums will have listeners of every genre enjoying this track.

The order of the tracklist absolutely deserves a shoutout as it keeps us on our toes with every song. And it is not unpredictable in a tiresome way, rather it has us intrigued over what P1Harmony has in store for us next. So, of course, giving us a high-energy rock song like ‘Countdown To Love’ with infectious and chant-like harmonies while continuing the romantic storyline after a ballad makes perfect sense.

The second half of the album continues in a similar manner with hip-hop trap tracks interspersed with old-school vibes. It ends with ‘I See U’, a love song for P1ece, P1Harmony’s loyal fanbase who have stuck by their side.

The album absolutely kills it (sorry no pun intended) with a colourful tracklist. While describing the album, Intak explains their decision to focus on different genres so that each member’s individual charm stands out. This is evident as they have done it quite cleverly with their mischievous energy peeking through.

And there is no discussion that they are clearly all-rounders who know what they want. They prove it with ‘때깔 (Killin’ It)’ from the strong instrumentals and clever arrangements in every track that complement their vocals and raps. One of their best works to date if we say so!

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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