Overtake! – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Overtake! Episode 12 opens with Haruka, Kota, and Mr. Komaki heading to the race venue. Saeko and Koya also make their way there. Saeko offers to shoot before Haruka’s race so Koya can be in peak condition to photograph Haruka.

Upon arriving at the paddock, Koya learns about the new sponsors the team has received.

What discussion do Haruka, Toshiki and Satsuki have?

Before the race, Haruka meets up with Toshiki and Satsuki and chats with them. Toshiki apologizes for his earlier rude statements, and they all aim for victory.

Which position does Haruka achieve in the qualifying round?

Haruka attempts the qualifying round and secures the sixth position. Excitedly, the team prepares for the race.

Satsuki exits the tent and is greeted by his fangirls. Before leaving, he winks at Alice. As Satsuki and Toshiki walk down the tents, another fangirl approaches them. Toshiki nudges Satsuki to accept the gift, but she clarifies that she is there for Toshiki, leaving him baffled.

Satou approaches Saeko and tells her that she left Mikazuki Beverages, claiming she tried to persuade them to maintain the sponsorship with Haruka and Koya, but they rejected it.

When does Haruka approach Koya?

Haruka approaches Koya and shows gratitude for always supporting him. Right before the race, Mr. Komaki and Mr. Ena have a chat about the good old days while overlooking the racetrack.

How does Haruka fare in the race?

Tensions rise as the racers prepare, and the countdown begins. The race commences with the competitors cruising down the tracks. Haruka makes a great start, overtaking the competitors one after the other, while Toshiki and Satsuki hold the first and second positions, respectively. In no time, Haruka reaches the third position and tries to catch up with Satsuki.

Why does Toshiki drop out of the race?

Unfortunately, a lapped car obstructs Toshiki and damages the front wing. Toshiki realizes he cannot continue racing and decides to go in for a pit stop. Saeko watches Koya from a distance and notices he isn’t prepared to take pictures. She gives him a call and motivates him to pick up the camera. However, he realizes he can form a slipstream for Satsuki before dropping out. Soon enough, Toshiki drops out, leaving Satsuki and Haruka to battle it out.

Who wins the race?

Satsuki finds it hard to keep up with his half-recovered body. Haruka gains the edge over him and overtakes Satsuki on a turn. Koya captures the perfect moment as Haruka crosses the finish line. Toshiki applauds the victory. Haruka breaks into tears on the podium as Koya picks up the camera to photograph him at the end of Overtake! Episode 12.

The Episode Review

Overtake! Episode 12 marks the incredible conclusion of the sports anime, delivering a well-deserved and beautiful ending. It encapsulates the season finale, representing the goal that Haruka and Koya had set for themselves. The episode captures the significant day, starting from the moment Haruka and Koya leave home for the circuit.

The entire chapter has been executed extremely well, skillfully tying up some loose ends before the race. Looking back, it’s wonderful to see how much the characters have grown. Haruka, Koya, Satsuki, and even Toshiki have undergone tremendous character development. The most remarkable part is Haruka finally making it to the podium despite a rather unpredictable and volatile situation.

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