Overtake! – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Chariots of Fire

Overtake! Episode 5 begins with a shot of a marathon race. We are taken to the beginning where Furotoshi hands out flyers about the marathon and urges Haruka and Koutarou to participate with him. Later, they realize he has his eye on the five kilos of beef prize. Satsuki, Toshiki, and Alice also decide to participate. Koya is surprised to learn that Haruka is taking part in the marathon, as he assumed he wasn’t the type to join in.

On the day of the marathon, the crowd gathers at the starting point. Futoshi shows up with a twisted leg, unable to run, and Haruka convinces Koutarou to join them. Alice tells him that she was invited by Satsuki. Satsuki tries to make peace between Haruka and Toshiki.

The marathon begins and they start their run. Furotoshi is the commentator for the marathon. Pretty early on, Satsuki, Toshiki, and Haruka take the lead over the others. Koutarou almost trips and falls while running, but Alice holds him. She tells him about her exercise habits as a grid girl. He feels tired and tells her to move ahead.

Satsuki has a discussion about how running allows them to leave their challenges behind and compete. They also talk about their side jobs. Meanwhile, Koutarou struggles to keep up. Most of the participants begin to drop out and enjoy the snacks distributed at the various water stops.

Satsuki, Toshiki, and Haruka maintain their positions as they enter the speedway. Satsuki talks about the driver he looks up to and confesses to mimicking his behavior. He also elaborates on his philosophy of what it takes to win.

Just then, Haruka’s shoe breaks and he trips and falls. At that moment, Koya sees him and hurls his own pair of shoes at him, motivating him to run. Haruka gets up, takes off his shoes, and runs barefoot. He manages to catch up with Satsuki and Toshiki. They realize they are in the final stretch and give it their best.

The three finish the marathon at the same time, resulting in a three-way tie between them. Haruka shows Furotoshi the prize he won and claims he didn’t get beef because they used rock-paper-scissors to decide the prizes. He did, however, win eel and reminds Furotoshi about his birthday coming up next week. The two embrace each other, and Koya takes a picture of them at the end of Overtake! Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Overtake! Episode 5 delves back into the lives of the characters, centering around a marathon they all participate in. The episode is primarily filled with small talk, offering glimpses into the characters’ beliefs. It takes a departure from the usual passion-filled episodes, instead infusing this one with light humor and moments of personal bonding.

Towards the end of the marathon, we witness Haruka stumble and fall. It’s Koya’s encouragement that fuels Haruka’s determination to press on. In a poignant moment, Koya captures the perfect picture, showcasing Haruka’s drive to win a prize for Furotoshi’s upcoming birthday. Furotoshi beams with pride at Haruka’s achievement.

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