Overtake! – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Overtake! Episode 11 begins with Haruka practising in his stationary car, envisioning a race lap. Later, he reviews the previous race footage and analyses it. Koya apologizes for costing them a sponsor, preventing Haruka from racing with better tires. However, Haruka apologizes for not making it to the podium to click a picture. Koya is still hesitant if he will be able to click a picture at the right moment.

The scene switches to Toshiki reviewing the results of the past races. Satsuki makes a significant recovery and gets discharged from the hospital.

Koya, Haruka and Kota work on the car to improve precision. A group of local business owners arrive and praise Haruka’s driving. They express their wish to chip in and become sponsors collectively. Futoshi shows utmost gratitude and politely accepts the money.

They are now able to buy new tires to fine-tune the setup. Satsuki arrives on the scene and greets Toshiki. Satsuki heads to the track for a test run and performs astonishingly. However, later the effect of the intense G’s shows its impact.

After practising some more, Satsuki feels he can be the first driver of Belsorriso and asks for Toshiki’s permission. Ena suggests the entire team will race to determine the first driver.

The race between the racers begins. The racers engage in a fierce battle and Toshiki faces immense pressure from Satsuki tailing him. Toshiki keeps his head in the race and strives to finish in first place. This restores his confidence in himself.

Following that, Kota shows them the sponsor names added to their racing car. Koya receives a call from Saeko, offering him a job to photo-document the rise of a new winner in the F4 space at the end of Overtake! Episode 11.

The Episode Review

The first few episodes served as an encyclopedia for a newbie entering the world of motor car racing. However, in Overtake! Episode 11, the anime manages to add even more information. This time, instead of focusing on the car, the spotlight is on the driver.

Satsuki makes a comeback after a long hospital break, and his physiology has completely lost contact with racing. The episode displays the effects of the g-force acting on a person moving at high speed. Furthermore, his return enhances the dynamics within the team, highlighting how empty Belsorriso was without him.

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