Outlast Season 1 Review – Survival of the fittest in the Alaskan wild

Season 1

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Fire. Water. Flare.
Hunger Pains
Hunting the Thief
Burn it to the Ground
Luring the Enemy
Desperate Measures
The Final Straw


There’s something absolutely gripping about watching people try to survive in extreme conditions. Whether it be survivalists like Bear Grylls or a reality show like Survivor or I’m A Celebrity, these series are very successful at what they do, and it’s certainly no surprise to find some of them have been going for years.

Netflix has been dropping a lot of reality shows recently and it’s perhaps unsurprising to find their foray into survival territory coming in the form of Outlast. Which is, unfortunately, not a videogame adaptation of the survival horror title! Although there is horror here, mostly from the contestants’ sheer desire to survive. There are 16 of them in total; competitors dropped into a remote part of Alaska with one aim – survival.

With only the clothes on their back, these men and women are forced into four teams of four initially, with the promise of a cash prize ($1 million) on the line to be the last ones standing. The only catch here is you have to be part of a team for the duration of the time out in the wild.

Teams can change members, trade them around, sabotage others and even work together to oust those not pulling their weight or acting troublesome, raising a whole bunch of intriguing moral and societal questions. When individuals quit, a flare has to be launched out in the open, signifying to everyone else that you’re gone from the game.

The four teams are kept in close proximity around a much larger flat terrain, with challenges helping to bolster out the chances of getting a good meal or gaining a significant advantage over other competitors.

As one would expect, there’s plenty of drama throughout the episodes but it also never devolves to the point of feeling like an out-and-out trashy reality show bickering. There are also fleeting moments of kindness too, like when one team shares out their crab with those less fortunate. However, the longer the competition goes on for, the more desperate these individuals become and things soon turn sour late on.

Saboteurs cause havoc, there are big team switches and episodes 6 and 7 in particular show off some pretty fiery confrontations, along with a shocking revelation. All of this is undone by the finale though, which essentially boils down to one final challenge to determine the winners.

Disappointing ending aside, Outlast is well worth a watch. It’s a simple premise in truth but it’s executed well. The little informative diagrams that show up, depicting the temperature or water levels, are nice touches, while there’s a good deal of educational content beyond that sprinkled throughout. It’s not perfect but there’s definitely enough here to enjoy in this survival series.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

15 thoughts on “Outlast Season 1 Review – Survival of the fittest in the Alaskan wild”

  1. So glad the mean females didn’t win! No surprise that one stated she was a felon. They are pure delusional bat shit crazy. Depraved with no morals.

  2. Had more respect for the people who left the show and would not compromise their values. Some of the cast; especially the last few teams were pure evil. Shows why the US is polarized today when people have lost their morale compass. Agree with Lynn….prize money should be split between the 10 people that tapped out

  3. How appalling! We stopped watching because of the bullying. I’m shocked that Netflix doesn’t care if someone freezes at night since the bullies were allowed to steal their sleeping bags. I wish I hadn’t watch any of it!
    Kudos to those that left early with their integrity.

  4. I agree with the others. What BS are you pushing Netflix. Stopped watching when the disgusting action had no consequences. Why you would not take the opportunity to show the world that those actions are evil and grind them to the ground. DISGUSTING SHOW/people!!!!

  5. That certainly wasn’t my impression of the show. This was perhaps the trashiest of all reality TV. I can’t even be bothered to watch the last couple of episodes.

  6. I can’t believe that that Netflix allow this show to be aired. It’s basically sending the message that people with no decency and respect for human life could go on to win a game and celebrate. It questions me what type of world are we creating for our future generations to live in.

  7. Started out liking until the theives started all their shit. Sorry but if you take my stuff putting me in danger, woman or not I am coming to take it back by any means necessary. Will never watch again if Netflix supports that type of behavior.

  8. This was disappointment that “survival” isn’t have other people get hurt. Freezing? Really?
    This was terrible. YOU allowed a bully on to the show!

  9. Don’t waste your time watching. The producers failed this show horribly. No integrity was held. All the people worth watching were pushed out by people thriving on nothing but mussels and sadistic thoughts. Not a survival show at all. Some low quality people couldn’t handle the wait in the wilderness and would rather throw away morals than do the challenge of simply surviving (which is what they signed up for). Cowards.

  10. This article feels as fake as the show. Did you really write that it was “well excecuted”?

    Did Netflix pay you to write this? This is not journalism

  11. Yeah the supposed “no rules besides being in a team” is BS. There’s rules. I have to think that contestants weren’t allowed to hurt or kill each other, its a game after all. So bottom line is that what team alpha did could have hurt people and therefore should not have been allowed by the producers. Shame on the producers for not intervening.

  12. Should have enforced rules! The winners were the teams that left. The winners did not play fair at the end. For the other two women they were a disgrace shame on them. Hard pass on this show.

  13. You know it’s a shit show when you allow the basest of human instinct thrive and win. People watch the Walking Dead and see the worst in people during the apocalypse. This show was not even the end of the world and you see the absolute worst in humanity.

    This show should not be allowed a second season. One and DONE!

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