Outlander – Season 7 Episode 2 “The Happiest Place On Earth” Recap & Review

The Happiest Place On Earth

Episode 2 of Outlander season 7 titled ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ begins with Claire back at the Ridge and spotting Allan Christie at the grave of his half-sister, Malva and her kid. As he grieves, he ends up revealing that he was the one who fathered her child and was the one who took care of her and loved her.

But in the flashbacks, it is shown that she is mostly glassy-eyed while he has his way with her and hits her. He puts her up to framing Jamie as her lover so he can pay her to leave. Allan meant to use that money to move away with Malva but she refuses in the end as she loved Claire and that she never loved Allan. In a fit of fury, he slices her neck. 

Claire is furious with him but as he tries to shoot himself she stops him. He feels remorse, not for the abuse but because he didn’t mean to kill Malva. However, Ian shoots him from the back and agrees with Allan that he didn’t deserve to live. They dig a grave in the forest to hide him but are spotted by Mrs. Bug. However, she never liked Allan and helps them.

Happy days soon arrive as Brianna gives birth to her second child, Amanda. Jamie is excited to have a little equestrian as he gifts her a pony. Meanwhile, Claire has plans of her own as she hopes baby Mandy will follow in her footsteps as a surgeon. But their delight gives way to horror when Claire realises that Mandy’s lungs are filled with blood.

The only way out is heart surgery which means the MacKenzies need to travel to the future. They need four gemstones – one for Mandy, Bree, Roger and their son, Jem. They test Mandy and Jem with a gemstone and both react to it with the little boy saying that his sister told him she can hear the stone. A little spooky!

The Fraser-MacKenzie clan head to Wilmington to scavenge for the gemstones. A little Fraser sibling reunion takes place when Brianna runs into her half-brother, William Ransom who is accompanied by his step-father, Lord John Grey. William is set to fight on the frontlines and Bree tries to dissuade him from war.

As they have a friendly banter, Jamie spots them from afar and smiles when he makes eye contact with John. As William leaves, Bree hopes John will tell him about his real father – Jamie. As John refuses, Bree recalls Frank and how she will always love him despite him not being her real father. 

Later, Jamie pays John a visit at his inn and they catch up as Jamie reveals he is looking for gemstones for Brianna. While it is awkward at first they easily bond as they fondly talk about Bree and William meeting. They also agree that it is for the best if he does not learn about Jamie. John regrets that Jamie cannot be beside William but finds a way out as they can fight together to stop the American rebellion.

However, Jamie refuses as he has vowed never to fight for the British ever again. And since they are on opposing sides, it is best if they part ways for good lest their alliance be used against them. They tear up as Jamie says that despite everything, he will always be his friend. As a parting gift, John gives him back the sapphire gemstone that Jamie had given him in prison, 20 years ago.

With Roger finding the remaining stones, the family returns home. Jamie and Bree take a walk in the forest which is lit up by fireflies and she remembers Disneyland which she calls the happiest place on Earth. She wonders how Jamie would react if he ever came to the future, from cars and cinema to Mickey Mouse being a man wearing a costume of a mouse.

Jamie is suddenly sad as he wonders if she regrets staying in the past and she says no. He also asks if the war for independence is worth the free America she knows of. She says while it cannot compare to losing him, it comes close. They smile wistfully.

At night, Jamie tells Claire about how Bree wishes he could go with them. He also tells her that he has seen her in her time in his dream as she was in a room filled with electric light. She scoffs but he seriously believes he dreamt of the future. While he cannot bear to part with his family, he has one more gemstone he has been saving for her in case something were to happen to him.

He gives it to Claire to go back with the MacKenzies. She is annoyed that he would ever think she would leave him and she throws the stone out of the window. She says she loves him and they chuckle as he says they should anyway get the stone back.

The next day, their parting is sombre as Claire and Jamie say goodbye to Bree, Roger, Jem and Mandy at the stones. The MacKenzies successfully travel back as they spot an airplane in the sky. The Frasers go back to an empty home and that night, Claire breaks down as she recounts all the people that have left them from Fergus and Marsali to Bree and Roger. But as days pass, things get better and life resumes. 

However, one night, Wendigo Donner pays Claire a visit. He is annoyed that Roger never helped him but he escaped anyway. He got drunk and went to the stones but failed to travel. He asks Claire for help and she says he needs to concentrate on where to go. Having answered his question, she tells him to leave but he reveals that his gemstone disappeared.

Hence, he has brought men with him to loot the Frasers till they find a gemstone. He calls the boys who have Jamie, and Mr. and Mrs. Bugs. Among the Bugs’ belongings, there is gold which surprises Jamie but he cannot say much as the thugs shut him. They start ransacking Claire’s medicine cabinets and break the ether bottles.

She quickly tells Jamie not to inhale the fumes but is not able to stop Wendigo from lighting a match. The whole house explodes, just like it was mentioned in the newspaper article that urged Brianna and Roger to travel back in time in the first place and warn the Frasers.

The Episode Review

We were wondering why the first episode of season 7 progressed so breezily, easily solving problems before we could even blink. Looks like the writers wanted to save our tears for the second episode with baby Mandy being given a death sentence. It is adorable, though, the way both Jamie and Claire have completely different career plans for a day-old baby. 

And with talks of the future, this does open up the discussion, can we have a confused Jamie trying to make sense of the world in the 20th century? We do know there is a possibility of him time-travelling as the show finally addresses how Frank supposedly spots him in Outlander season 1.

But it had never been brought up after that. Maybe it was a 2-way dream or a prediction? It would be fun to see an old-timey warrior being shocked by the mouse-worshipping kingdom that Brianna loves, cars and movies. 

John and Jamie’s relationship has always been a point of contention but whether you ship them or not, that scene where they part ways is indeed bittersweet and worth talking about. It starts awkwardly with the two men unsure of how to act around each other. They warm up as they fondly talk about their children. The actors do so well with just their eyes as they leave much unsaid.

While in the books, John gives his lover’s ring, the change to him holding on to Jamie’s gem and giving it back to him for Bree just makes their relationship that much more nuanced and complicated. It is as if he is cutting ties with him for good but by also giving it for Bree, it makes them family. But we doubt this will be the last we see of Lord John Grey.

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