Outer Range – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Loss” Recap & Review

The Family

Episode 6 of Outer Range begins with Royal out driving to the hole. Autumn is there waiting for him; she wants her necklace back. Royal agrees to take her back to the farm… but in reality he actually drives far away from her tent. Autumn starts to lose her nerve and demands he stop. When he fails to do so, she tumbles off the quad and hurts her legs pretty badly.

Royal eventually confronts Autumn and tells her he crushed her necklace and there’s nothing inside. Autumn doesn’t believe him and explains that the same mineral from inside is also on his land and that’s connected to the hole… and Autumn. Autumn continues to press him, wanting Royal to tell his family about traveling through time. She pleads with him to open up and reinforces that he would be doing wondrous things. Royal demands she stay away and eventually leaves. He also burns her tent on the way back too.

Meanwhile, Joy heads off to see Kirkland Miler, deciding she’s going to arrest Rhett and Perry. Her version of events is pretty accurate to the truth but for the time of death from the coroner. As we know, that’s four days after the fight in the bar where Joy is convinced that the coroner is “just wrong.” Kirkland reminds her he has an election coming up to and refuses to go with this as evidence, shutting the door on her.

Joy ends up attending church, intending to try and win this election. Her family aren’t exactly happy about while Autumn wanders out in the woods. She stumbles along until a bear shows up. She lies down on her back and tries to stay quiet. “Yellow” She says. A voice whispers back “Show him.” This appears to be in reference to Royal and whatever is going on here, and that definitely includes Autumn knowing more than she’s letting on.

Meanwhile, Rhett and Maria end up sleeping together and wake up in a motel together. We saw this at the end of episode 5, and the story continues here too. When Rhett appears at her door with flowers (picked from her own garden no less!) he decides to leave the ranch for good after the rodeo. The thing is, Maria wants the truth about Perry. “You’re covering for him aren’t you?” She asks. There’s a big pause. Perhaps too big, as Rhett tells her he’s not. Maria scoffs at his feeble lie and eventually shuts the door, encouraging him to be honest next time.

Over at the Tillerson Ranch, Luke learns that upon Wayne’s death, everything is to be handed over to Billy. Patricia is not happy with that, and decides to try and change this, given the Will isn’t binding.

When the brothers head out hunting on the ranch, Autumn catches up with Billy and tells him she has something she wants to show him. And show him she does; Autumn leads the man over to the hole. Knowing now what’s out there, Billy heads home. “You were right about the west pasture, Dad.” He says, snatching up Wayne’s rock from his hand and taking off.

Autumn is flustered when she finds her tent and possessions burned. Instead, she takes a knife and carves that familiar insignia on her chest. After this, she sits and meets with Perry. Autumn is erratic and claims that Royal tried to kill her. She also uses Rebecca as leverage, and tries to convince Perry to go to the police and incriminate Royal for Trevor’s murder.

Perry won’t go to the cops but does agree to deal with this himself. “It’s a new beginning!” She says, delighted with this turn of events. What does that mean? Is she from a different time period? Perhaps in the future? I’m sure we’ll find out soon!

Anyway, Cecilia holds up in the cabin with the dead bear. Royal catches her off-guard but she simply tells him she wants to be alone. Royal reflects on their moments together, pointing out he’d be lost without her by his side. Despite his kind words, she implores that he leave. Royal honours her wishes and rides away.

That night, Perry heads home and confirms to the family that he’s confessed to everything. He’s left a letter for the sheriff, taking the blame for Trevor’s death. Now that they know it’s on them, there’s no telling what they’ll find.

Rhett is absolutely furious, given he’s had to give up Julia for this. When he mentions Perry is the reason Amy doesn’t have a mum, all hell breaks loose. Amy is taken out the room, while Perry breaks the news that he did all of this because Autumn was going to tell the police. Amy is shocked and takes off, sporting a bleeding hand. As she does, whimpering, red and blue lights twinkles on the horizon. It’s the police, and they’re clearly here to arrest Perry.

The Episode Review

Outer Range returns with another good episode, this time building on the drama we’ve seen across the past few episodes and doubling down on the mystery elements. It would seem that Amy and Autumn are connected in some way and I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out Autumn is actually Amy in the future.

Perhaps she stumbled into the hole in the future and she’s found her way back to the ranch, intending to change the future in order to save what’s happening on their land. In doing so, that’s causing all sorts of weird occurrences as time is distorted and changed.

That’s all a theory at this point though so take my words with a pinch of salt! Do feel free to add your own theories in the comments below!

Either way, the show has done well to keep things mysterious and this is a much improved chapter compared to episode 5. The ending certainly hints that we’re going to be looking at far more drama in the future, and with two more episodes to go next week, it really is anyone’s guess how this one will end.

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  1. In short, my wife and I find this series intriguing to say the least. Great cast, on the edge of your seat
    style, which I can’t say I see anymore. I wish this would become a ongoing series. I can’t wait for the
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