Outer Banks – Season 3 Episode 5 “Heists” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Outer Banks Season 3 starts with the news reporting that all the teens are back on Kildare, and Big John is still alive too. That’s obviously not good news given Singh is out looking for them. For now though, the attention turns to Sarah’s plan to get the cross.

Pope’s parents are not happy with their son deciding to tag along and get involved in this, even if his intentions are to get it back to honour their heritage. Eventually Pope’s dad caves and agrees, but under the promise of not breaking any laws.

Kie’s parents aren’t quite so accepting and refuse to believe Ward is alive. Unfortunately, Mike lashes out at JJ in the process, pointing out that he’s a “liar and a thief like his father”. Just to spite him and prove the guy right, JJ takes off with a stack of cash left on the table. Kie follows after him and the pair leave, but not before Kie’s mum gives he daughter a credit card and a promise to keep safe.

In Charleston, John B and Big John work together to look for Trinity Church. While they fail to find the church outright, there is a sign that leads them to Charleston Museum. Once there, Big John manages to find out that the archives for the church are actually being kept in a downtown museum storage, near the Battery. They need a keycard to get in, prompting them to hone in on a target that has a keycard they can use to get in.

Part of that comes from breaking in after-hours, which they manage to do when the Director wanders in drunk with his date at 3am. John B and his dad begin looking through the archives, now operating undisturbed, and intent on finding anything to do with Trinity Church. They eventually stumble upon cardboard boxes full of trinkets and gear.

It’s John B who finds the other part of the statue they’re after, wrapped in a cloth and called Kalinago. It fits perfectly with the other section of the statue and it reacts with the skylight. In bringing it up to the light, the eyes begin glowing white.

The other heist, the one involving Sarah and the others, hits a lucky break when Topper sees the news and speaks to Sarah at the bar. Sarah convinces him to give her his dad’s truck and work with them on this. With everything they need, the group show up in Wilmington at the train yard. The whole place is full of carriages but they eventually find themselves holding onto a speeding train which happens to have the carriage in question coupled to it. Kie and JJ work to try and change the current on the tracks, making the signal turn red and stopping the train at a standstill.

When police show up to investigate, Pope and Cleo concoct a story, pretending they’re madly in love and trying to run away. Miraculously it seems to work and the pair are left alone as they search the train carriages. They eventually find a package inside one carriage with Cameron Ward’s name on, and they just about manage to take it out before the train starts again. En-route, the police realize that there’s a train robbery in operation and a big chase ensues.

On the road, JJ decides to hold up the police and, with a rock in hand, drives back and smashes their windscreen. It works to divert the police’s attention but despite the sacrifice, Sarah refuses to leave him to the cops and they turn the car around, heading in the same direction. JJ slips off the bridge, falling to the ground below but coming away without a scratch. Cor, the power of plot armour am I right? Anyway, the police allow them to have a touching reunion before eventually calling for backup.

When John B and Big John make it out the archives in one piece, the Twinkie is gone, having been stolen by Carla. She’s left them a note confirming she’s responsible but it’s another big sticking point, as they show up at her place. Big John concocts a phony plan to convince Limbrey of a miracle, which does the trick as they manage to take off with their truck.

As the episode closes out, it turns out the train robbery was all for nothing. The package they have isn’t the cross after all, as it happens to be a decoy. So where is the real cross? Well, it turns out Rafe has it with Barry. He intends to melt the cross down so they can profit off the gold, but you just know there’s going to be a betrayal in here somewhere.

The Episode Review

This episode was full of contrivances, despite being pretty entertaining, and it’ll be interesting to see how the kids navigate this minefield going forward. Not only are they big news, they’re also wanted by the police. After what happened last season, that big chase and train robbery is going to make it very difficult for any of our characters to operate around OBX, as the police are undoubtedly going to come down hard on them.

The fact that the cops didn’t even bother to chase after JJ following his tumble off the bridge, not to mention the fact he walks away without a scratch, only compounds those issues further.

However, the show is still entertaining but without Singh and his goons in this chapter, there’s a distinct lack of antagonistic threat to deal with.

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