Outer Banks – Season 3 Episode 4 “The Diary” Recap & Review

The Diary

So it turns out Big John is actually after Denmark Tanny’s diary. His absence at the end of the last episode sees him stumble upon its location… but there’s a problem. Episode 4 of Outer Banks season 3 starts with Big John cursing to the heavens as he realizes the diary is ruined.

John soon returns to the house, squashing that mini cliffhanger from before, meeting Sarah and welcoming her into the family. At the same time, the rest of the kids settle down into life at the OBX again. The group have a touching reunion with their folks, with the exception of Sarah of course.

John B and his dad though continue on the hunt for the original diary, given the copy has been destroyed. Their search brings them to Mr Sunn’s place. He’s not home though, so the pair break in and begin sniffing about. Unfortunately, a couple of smugglers show and manage to take off with the diary, getting the jump on John B and his dad in the process. Mr Sunn is inside tied up but very much alive, thankfully.

As John B and Big John head out, a chase ensues as they scramble to chase the goons. Changing from a car to a speedboat, they follow along and end up at a stand-off on the water. The pair are actually smugglers working on behalf of Mr Singh. They try to strike a deal, pointing out the diary, next to John’s statue, will lead them toward a much bigger treasure that’ll make them filthy rich.

Unfortunately, the pair have other ideas and intend to shoot John B and take his dad to Singh, believing they’ll get a good profit from that – and for far less hassle. Big John immediately figures out their double-cross and shoots the smugglers dead. John B is in a state of shock, especially when he watches his dad sink the smuggler boat and tie their bodies to anchors. He grabs the diary and points out to his son he had no choice but to do this.

When Sarah heads home to grab her gear, she overhears Rafe talking downstairs. He’s on the phone to Ward, who wants to donate the cross and atone for their sins. Rafe refuses initially but eventually caves, writing down their meeting point in Wilmington the following night, at Car 750X. Rafe meets with Barry and offers him a job to steal the cross, promising a big stack of cash in the process. Barry wants 50% and eventually leaves, with Rafe left with the check and clearly something bigger in mind.

Sarah manages to sneak out after gaining this valuable info, and feeds this on to Kie, believing they should be there to infiltrate this meet. Kie heads off to see JJ first, but things between them are awkward given the angst in the air between them. Kie admits to JJ that it caught her off-guard too and indirectly reveals that she cares for him.

While Sarah and the others work on their plan, John B makes it back on shore but he’s quiet, still shocked over his father’s actions. Big John excitedly sifts through the diary, oblivious to his son’s feelings. He believes Charleston will lead them to El Dorado. When John B stops the car and the pair have a chat about what went down, it seems to do the trick and they head back on the road again.

The Episode Review

The wedge between John B and the rest of the group starts to divide, albeit in a rather contrived way, with our protagonist off with his dad on this big treasure hunt. Now that they have the diary and the statue, it remains to be seen exactly how that’s going to tie into El Dorado.

As for Sarah and the others, it’s clear that their idea to hijack the meet and figure out what Rafe is up to could turn south in a hurry. Rafe’s deal with Barry clearly has an ulterior motive and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him kill Barry once the heist is done.

There’s lots to like here though and the show continues to deliver decent drama in this third season, even with a few plot contrivances starting to creep in. The character dynamics are also interesting and there’s some clear romantic tension between Kie and JJ too. Will the pair get together by season’s end? I’m thinking they probably will!

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