Outer Banks – Season 3 Episode 2 “The Bells” Recap & Review

The Bells

Episode 2 of Outer Banks season 3 starts with Cleo leading the group out to an abandoned hotel by the shore. Carlos’s men are still after them but they manage to evade detection and try to come up with a new plan to get Kie out. The thing is, the only viable solution here is getting Denmark’s diary, something Kie refuses to give up.

Rafe realizes that Kie is lying and knows about the diary. She wants an audience with Singh though, ignoring Rafe’s pleas to trust him, and managing to speak to the big boss. She promises to get him a copy, but wants to go alone. Singh chuckles incredulously, and looks set to lash out at Kie… until his phone buzzes.

JJ managed to steal Jimmy’s phone last episode too, and unknowing that the guy is dead, messages Carlos Singh to strike up a deal. He write that he’s captured Sarah and John B. Carlos plays along but tracks the phone and finds their location. JJ tries to turn things in their favour, deciding to boobytrap the area to get the jump on the soldiers.

It works well, with only two soldiers sent inside and JJ managing to get the jump (quite literally) on the soldiers. After tying them up and stealing their gun, John B rings Carlos and attempts to bargain, suggesting he’ll kill the two soldiers. Singh laugh and calls their bluff, suggesting they do it.

Outside, the hotel is completely surrounded so the gang are forced to flee down an abandoned elevator shaft. Just before John B makes the jump, he hears bells from the hill, something that reminds him of his father, Big John. As we know, this was Big John’s call signal together to bring his son home.

The kids make it out the hotel and evade the surprisingly weak security detail around the area. At the same time, Rafe and Kie work together and outsmart the security guard outside the door of the complex, managing to find their way out the bedroom.

In fact, they make it out the compound too, stowing away on a truck outside. Rafe manages to get Kie a boat but she double-crosses him and takes off alone, intent on finding John B and the others.

Kie messages them with a meeting spot down by the docks. JJ goes in first, untrusting given they’ve been double-crossed before. However, it actually happens to be Kie and the group who are reunited again.

John B refuses to go with them until he’s checked out the church first. Sarah gives him the greenlight to go, and he jumps off and heads up the marina. That’s probably just as well, as Carlos Singh’s men show up at the harbour and try to capture them. Despite a whole bunch of bullets fired in their direction, they manage to get away.

As for John B, he shows up at the church unaware of everything that’s happened, praying that the bells are a sign of his father still alive.

The Episode Review

The rescue operation for Kie goes awry but it doesn’t matter anyway because she finds her own way out the compound with Rafe. Maybe it’s just me but given how much effort they went to capture Kie and bring her to the house, you’d think they’d have more than one person guarding the house, right?

Either way, Kie is now reunited with the group and Carlos Singh looks like a formidable foe for the future. The group are once again separated though, this time with John B heading off to honour his call home and find his father. That reunion should be a great inclusion, while the idyllic setting makes for a visually pleasing watch this time around, with plenty of sweeping drone shots of John B climbing up the landscape.

The show has a lot of potential this year to really kick into high gear and this new treasure hunt teased between the two sides looks like the best catalyst to make that happen.

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