Outer Banks – Season 3 Episode 1 “Poguelandia” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Outer Banks season 3 starts with the Merchant Gold saga behind us and John B and the gang setting up their own paradise down by the beach – Poguelandia. JJ and Kie head out hunting together, while Sarah begins to spiral, believing her father is coming on his boat to get her. John B reassures her that this isn’t the case, and the gang eventually slip back into their familiar routine. That is, until the morning when a plane shows up and the kids try to get its attention, wanting a lift home.

The pilot, Jimmy, is pretty eccentric and a bit shady but he encourages them to hop aboard all the same. He was spotting fish, apparently, which only compounds John B’s worries. The guy also has a journal that seems to indicate he’s crooked, anD they eventually cause him to crash-land hard on the beach, right on the edge of the Barbados coastline.

The crash-landing benefits the kids, who are all absolutely fine. As for Jimmy, he’s passed out at the wheel. Kie helps him out though, but she ends up separated from the others on the beach. That’s bad news, especially when guys on quad bikes show. Kie is captured and taken away. The others are forced to watch helplessly.

JJ happens to have stolen Jimmy’s wallet in the ensuing chaos, which includes some cash and an address too. He deduces that this is where Kie is being kept as bait to lure the kids in, but the group are intent to get the jump on them first.

Kie isn’t in the house but a painting up on the wall happens to be of San Jose, the boat where the cross was recovered. When Jimmy returns, the kids question him and manage to find out Kie is being kept at Vaux Hall, somewhere Jimmy warms they “really don’t want to go”. Specifically, they don’t want to cross paths with Carlos Singh, a man in charge of the acres of land and the big house up on the hill. He’s also quite the treasure hunter too.

A French man by the name of Michel arrives to see Rafe. He’s incredibly interested in the cross and believes his client will want to see it. Rafe is called out to Barbados, where he crosses paths with Kie and happens to be in the company of Carlos, his prospective buyer.

Sitting down to eat, Carlos points out he has his sights set on another treasure, the completion of a grand adventure that dates back 500 years. It’s a mystery that’s been passed down to Carlos and he intends to try and see it through to its conclusion. Part of that comes from finding a diary that John B and the group have on their possession.

The group try (and fail) to break into Carlos’ compound with dogs, armed guards and a litany of other security detail making it nigh-on impossible to get Kie. Unfortunately, Carlos is serious and both Kie and Rafe are forced to watch as Jimmy is taken out back and shot dead.

The Episode Review

Outer Banks is back and ahead of release, the series confirmed it’ll be returning for season 4, which is great news. It almost certainly confirms that this series is going to end on a cliffhanger but at least we know the story is going to continue so if it does, it’s not too much of an issue.

The plot is fast, frantic and enthralling so far, with the promise of a new treasure hunt on the horizon and plenty of reasons to be optimistic. The series continues to deliver thrilling set pieces and the botched attempt to get into Carlos’ compound is a nice way of showcasing just how dangerous and powerful this guy is.

This should be quite the intriguing season though and if that ending is anything to go by, we could be in for quite the rollercoaster ride.

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