Outer Banks – Season 2 Episode 9 “Trapped” Recap & Review


Episode 9 of Outer Banks Season 2 begins with Pope rolling out the way at the last second. With the cross now on the floor, the group work together to move it.

The gold is way too heavy though and for Pope, his journey comes to an unceremonious end. He winds up having an allergic reaction to the wasps.

The kids race off to Ricky’s place, unable to hide the cross for now and scrambling to get him some medical help. A syringe shot does the trick, as adrenaline courses through his veins and brings him back to fighting spirits. Pope’s energetic enthusiasm ultimately leads to the car spinning out and crashing on the road.

A truck passes holding Rafe and Renfield inside, as the gang realize the cross has been taken. The Limbreys have a history of this as we know, but Pope remains determined to break this rotten curse. He’s getting the cross back and implores the kids to join him.

Limbrey finally gets her hands on the cross and opens a compartment halfway up. She uses the key to open it, revealing… nothing. When Renfield tries double-crossing Limbrey though, she shoots him in cold blood. This leaves Rafe to grab the gun and take his chances with Limbrey.

The kids are stopped on the road by police, who take the kids back home. Kiara’s parents give their daughters an ultimatum – no more treasure hunts or she’ll be bound for Blue Ridge. For now, she has a big decision to make.

The rest of the kids sneak up to Rafe’s, noticing the truck outside. With Rafe inside, Sarah scurries in and enlists Wheezie’s help to grab the keys. Unfortunately, she checks the back of the truck first and notices Renfield’s dead body. As Sarah starts to panic, Rafe grabs his sister and keeps her locked inside.

Rafe heads out with the truck, prompting Pope to hitch a ride on the back. When he stops, dragging Renfield’s body out to the water, Pope tries to stop him but eventually finds himself forced to flee into the swamps.

Well, Pope ring Kie and asks for her help. She eventually decides to leave her place but it takes her the entirety of the night to pack up her things and head out. Honestly, the editing here is really weird. Does it really take several hours to get there? Or is this an editing goof? Either way, Kie is well aware that her leaving means she’s bound for Blue Ridge now.

All the kids head to the docks and create a distraction, blowing up gas cannisters to attract all the workers. In doing so, the group head aboard a shipping container and hold tight. Well, this container is taken onto a boat, which in turn heads out at sea.

Sarah awakens to find herself out on this very same boat, with none other than Ward for company. He’s alive!

The Episode Review

Well, I know this is played out as a big reveal but it feels very Ward Cameron to fake your own death and make a big scene in front of everyone. At least this part of his character is consistent! Seeing Ward back is definitely a good way to end the episode and leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.

Meanwhile, the kids all continue their treasure hunt but this time they find themselves aboard a shipping container bound for parts unknown. Ward Cameron has been the real antagonist of the series though and with Limbrey, there just hasn’t been enough of a menace and backstory to really get invested in what she’s trying to do.

In a way, her character feels very reminiscent of that of Katherine Marlowe from Uncharted 3. For those unaware, this old lady had similar plans but didn’t really serve much of a menace – or purpose – beyond some scathing lines of dialogue.

Either way, this second season has been a decent enough watch, but it’s also one with far less forgiving contrivances compared to the first.

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