Outer Banks – Season 2 Episode 8 “The Cross” Recap & Review

The Cross

Episode 8 of Outer Banks Season 2 begins with Sarah arriving to see the Pogues. Specifically, she speaks to Pope and confirms that she’s found the Island Room.

As the group pack up their stuff and prepare to leave, Pope continues to read the diary. Within this, it confirms that the cross holds the most holy relic in all of Christendom which is called the “Garment of the Savior.” This garment is supposed to be able to heal people – which explains why Limbrey wants it. She’s obviously dying and under the assumption that this can seemingly heal her.

Sarah brings the kids to Ward’s office, showing off this Island Room. Interestingly, the drawings within Denmark’s diary match those in the room. So how does the key play into this?

Well, Wheezie shows up and confirms Limbrey was there the previous night. She was listening in from the other room and overheard them all peeling the wallpaper and talking about an angel. Now, this could well be where the treasure is located. JJ though is the one figures out the clues.

It turns out there’s a large tree on a place called Goat Island. This is called Angel Oak and a keyhole on the drawing suggests the exact place where all our puzzle pieces together. “The cross is buried at the foot of the angel.” now starts to make a lot more sense. The tree is the referenced angel.

The group head off but they’re too late; Limbrey and the gang are already at Angel Oak. Limbrey and the others find a casket but inside is a whole lot of nothing. The only thing of note happens to Denmark’s skeletal remains.

The gang decide to head back to the island without looking further, packing up their things and leaving.

In doing so, this leaves the kids free reign to have a look around and try to suss out any possible clues. And wouldn’t you know it, they find something.

JJ uncovers a hole inside the tree and within that is a wrapped-up spyglass. Another clue points them toward Freedman’s altar. Realizing this links back to the church, the gang pack up their things and head to the next clue.

Arrogance gets the better of the teens though, as the group drive straight into the swamp. They misjudge the depth and find themselves stuck. Forced to go it on foot, Kiara sneaks back to her parents’ place, stealing their car and taking off. However, the pair do run into another issue in the form of JJ’s Father.

JJ regretfully agrees to help him, offering a lift to the marina at the Island Club. There’s a boat there he can take. If JJ does this then he can wipe his hands of his Father – but it’s also a precarious situation given the tide is coming in and the van could be submerged by then.

JJ and Kie make it down to the docks, where the pair say their goodbyes to JJ’s Father. He regretfully hands over some cash too and prepares to leave.

Just before Luke does, he tells JJ that he’s got a good heart and hugs his son lovingly. It’s actually a surprisingly touching moment, at least for a second anyway, as Luke acts like a real Father. It’s not enough to forgive him for all of his misdeeds though, but as the boat leaves the dock JJ throws his bottles of pills on the floor.

Unwilling to just sit around and do nothing, Pope and the boys decide to try and find something to help lift them out. Well, John B ends up bitten by an alligator in the ensuing skirmish and begins bleeding out. While the kids try to deal with this, Rafe figures out where the gang are.

Pope looks through the spyglass and notices that a part of the church is actually housing a hollow spot. Using a crowbar, Pope manages to knock into the hollow wood to find the cross right there, hidden within the wood. Unfortunately, they’re not alone, as someone with a crossbow happens to be waiting in the shadows.

Despite finding the cross, Pope is stung repeatedly by rogue wasps from a nest high up and falls to the ground. The golden cross falls loose and begins to tumble too.

The Episode Review

Outer Banks returns with a solid episode, finally getting back to the treasure hunt and the enjoyable adventures that made the first season so endearing.

In a way, this second season has been a tale of two halves, with the first doubling down on the high octane action and adrenaline soaked set-pieces and the second moving back into familiar territory from the first season.

The ensuing result is a show that thankfully doesn’t loose sight of what made it so enjoyable, leaning into the logic-defying moments whilst presenting a solid mystery and some good clues to follow.

The conclusion to this episode certainly serves up a pretty massive cliffhanger too, leaving things on a precarious knife-edge ready for the next chapter.

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