Outer Banks – Season 2 Episode 7 “The Bonfire” Recap & Review

The Bonfire

Episode 7 of Outer Banks Season 2 begins with Ward giving a video confession confirming he’s the one responsible for all the killings. This, in turn, allows Rafe to be freed. Ward’s estate has been divided up equally too, which the family process while clearly being in mourning.

Sarah and Rafe come to blows again, with no love lost between them after he tried to kill her. He tries to make things right and honour Ward’s wishes, pleading with her to stick together as a family for now. Sarah has a lot to think about.

The Pogues believe Ward deserved to be killed but John B is silent on the matter. When Sarah heads over, she confronts John B about his reaction to seeing Ward killed.

Given his own father was killed too, Sarah thought she might have found solace in him but remains conflicted given his indifference. she hands over her necklace and decides to take some time away from him.

Instead, Sarah heads over to Topper’s and stays there for the night. While thy settle in, Rafe starts looking through the wardrobe, finding his own identity in the wake of his Father dying.

However, things are dire in the family accounts. They have 1 month to come up with 1.7 million and right now it seems unclear exactly where the gold is located. Rafe realizes that everything is crumbling around him and punches the wall. Only, it’s hollow and behind it sits some important books and documents.

At school, Pope is given some important documents of his own from his teacher. Denmark Tanny’s diary is there, along with important clues to piece the clues together that we’ve received thus far. Inside the book are specific references to the cross of Santo Domingo. It turns out this was on the Royal Merchant.

Captain Limbrey was actually the on who stole the gear back then – including the cross and the gold. The ship didn’t go down off Bermuda after all – it was plundered.

Back on the coast, Pope realizes that Demark hid the cross and the gold in separate locations given how heavy the cross would be to move. It’s still unclear how and why – or even what this island room is – so JJ decides they should go to the bonfire party as way of clearing their minds.

That night, John B ends up talking to a girl who begins flirting with him. From afar, Sarah notices and immediately gets jealous while she’s with Topper.

The pair end up dancing together while John B rebounds back to this girl. Things do inevitably spill over into teen angst and drama as the Pogues and Kooks come to blows.

With Mrs Limbrey dying and in dire need of the key, she starts to take desperate measures to get what she wants. That evening, she calls in the best army rangers to hide out in the woods while Pope is forced to hand over the key.

Back home, Rafe confronts his Mum and becomes seriously paranoid. He grabs a knife and comes at her, claiming she’s lying. However, a knock at the door distracts him as Carla Limbrey shows up and asks to see the island room.

As night turns to day, Sarah heads back over to her place. The door is unlocked though and the place is empty. The Island room happens to be the office upstairs and within this Sarah finds the hole in the wall. What’s in there? Well, we’ll have to wait and see!

The Episode Review

Following Ward’s death, Outer Banks slows down and starts to lean further into the teen angst and drama instead.

With Pope and Kie back on friendship terms, the attention turns to Sarah and John B instead. This love triangle now starts to come into focus, with a healthy dose of the misunderstanding trope too.

The fight breaking out between the Pogues and Kooks was perhaps a little contrived too, but given the genre, it’s not too much of an issue.

Rafe is very clearly going to fly off the handle sooner rather than later, although finding out the truth about Limbrey and what ties she has to everything is definitely one of the highlights here.

Either way, this episode slows the pace down a little although it seems we’re starting to get some answers to the big questions now. Hopefully we’ll get more of that in the episodes ahead.

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