Outer Banks – Season 2 Episode 6 “My Druthers” Recap & Review

My Druthers

Episode 6 of Outer Banks Season 2 begins with big news surrounding John B. All charges have been dropped and he’s free to go. However, the officers do want one more thing – a statement regarding Ward Cameron.

From facing the death sentence to being home and dry, John B heads back home to a warm welcome from his friends. The only one not there is Sarah, who’s still missing after her ordeal with Rafe last episode.

Sarah is okay though, and she’s currently with Topper at his place. Resting up from her ordeal, she eventually heads back to be reunited with the Pogues. John B tells the others about the hit on him, believing that Rafe was the one responsible.

Meanwhile, Kiara talks to Pope and admits that she’s felt weird about things after they slept together. Pope doesn’t feel the same way but Kie wants to go back to being friends. He’s obviously crushed but swallows his pride and succumbs to the dreaded friendzone.

Ward Cameron meanwhile finds himself spiraling as officers show up with a warrant to search his place. They’re also looking for Rafe, especially given the fingerprint records they’ve got.

Given Ward lied to them, and the officers can confirm that, things don’t look good for the family. He messages Rafe and tells him not to go home.

Instead, he heads off to see Pope’s father. He’s banged up pretty bad, with a big old bump on his head. Tanny’s key is the crux of the issue here, with him eventually telling Pope he should visit his great-grandmother Mee-Maw for answers.

Pope goes it alone and shows her the key. As soon as he does, she becomes spooked and tells him to take the key away. It turns out Cecilia and Denmark are actually part of their family tree. Mee-Maw kept all this a secret to make sure they didn’t meet the same fate as Denmark all those years ago

Meanwhile, Ward heads over to see Rafe. He hands over a stack of cash and tells him to go to Wilmington. He needs to go his old office, and from there follow a whole string of different areas to a flight.

John B and the gang head over to see Limbrey and try to strike a deal over the key. They ask Pope to hand over the key in exchange for the tape. Eventually they agree to the deal… but John B actually tricks them with a fake key.

Speaking of trick, Rafe is found by Shoupe en-route on the river. With a whole host of officers, they eventually arrest Rafe and take him into custody.

John B heads into the station with the audio tape incriminating Ward Cameron. Realizing this man is going to prison, the kids whoop and cheer at this turn of events. Of course, that’s a tricky position for Sarah to be in given she’s stuck on both sides of this conflict.

With the police en-route to pick up Ward, the kids show up to watch Ward being arrested. With him on his boat, Ward heads inside and blows himself up. Sarah screams, a grief-stricken, blood curdling cry as she watches her father pass away.

The Episode Review

Well that was a shocking conclusion! With Ward dead and his son in custody, it seems like this chase has come to an end. But what of the gold? Who will take this home in the end?

There’s also still the question of the key and these little riddles we’ve been given across the season so far. That helps scratch the itch of season 1’s treasure hunt which will hopefully become more prominent in the chapters ahead.

What is clear however, is that Outer Banks continues to deliver its teen drama with enough action and intrigue to keep things interesting.

How will Sarah react now that her Father has been killed? We’ve already seen her slightly uneasy at the prospect of the kids whooping and cheering so it seems like she’s pulling away from the others for now.

With three episodes still go to, it’s clear this conflict is far from over.

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  1. I really adore Ward Cameron, especially his My Druthers boat Outer Banks. Although it has a sleek and super-sexy aquatic machine, it has a few semblances in the real world.

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