Outer Banks – Season 2 Episode 4 “Homecoming” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Outer Banks Season 2 begins with John B and Sarah arriving at the dock. They’ve got no money but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan. With gas canisters in hand, John B and Sarah cause a distraction to steal money from the table. This comes back to bite them though when the couple spot them at the gas station and take chase.

Meanwhile, JJ, Pope and Kie arrive in Charleston. They’re a day late but the deal still stands – Pope needs to go in alone. The others begrudgingly agree, as Pope awaits his fate.

This contact happens to be a woman called Limbrey, who knows their entire history, including the fact that the kids had the gold before losing it back to Ward Cameron. It turns out she actually funded his first development project. Back then, the pair were partners when they originally searched for the Royal Merchant. That is, until Ward double-crossed her too.

Limbrey also knows about Rafe – and has evidence to clear John B’s name in the form of audio footage from the airstrip. The Limbrey family understand the value of leverage and in order to exonerate John B, she wants Denmark Tanny’s key.

Before they agree to this, Limbrey takes Pope out to the alleyway. Sensing the worst , Kie and JJ rush round to the back with their car. However, it’s not an execution. At least not yet anyway. Pope is shown the gravestone of Denmark Tanny, with his last words apparently reading: “The real treasure lies at the foot of the angel.” With no knowledge of what this means, Pope manages to evade Limbrey and make it back to his friends.

Funnily enough, their truck passes straight by John B who’s being chased by the rich couple from earlier. These guys do eventually cross paths and end up in familiar waters – quite literally. The group head back out on the water and manage to find their way back, away from the authorities to their hang-out spot of old.

Together, they set out trying to formulate a plot to clear John B’s name – but it’s certainly not going to be easy.

Elsewhere, Ward breaks the news to Rose that Sarah is still alive. He also confirms Rafe was the one responsible for shooting her. Given Rose told the police a different story, that puts their family in the firing line if Sarah is to testify against them. If that happens, Rose promises to make the decision for their family herself.

Rafe continues to act erratically, heading to the bar and starting a fight with Kelce. However, Bob has news of his own. He’s seen John B and the gang, telling him to sober up so they can hunt them down. A quick detour to Barry’s place allows him to grab a gun in case things get rough.

Bearing in mind that John B is a wanted man, the Pogues begin partying by the shore. They have bright lights on, loud music and plenty of time for Pope and Kie to head off together alone. Their party is just the beacon Rafe and Barry need, as they turn up armed to the teeth and desperate to find the gang. However, John B and the others evade them by hiding up a tree.

In the morning, Sarah decides to ditch the group. At least for two hours anyway. She wants to go back and see her Father but the others aren’t so sure this is a good idea. Sarah goes anyway and heads up to see Ward.

Face to face, Sarah confirms that she’s going to testify against him unless Rafe turns himself in. Ward refuses to let this transpire in this way, standing by his son through thick and thin. Sarah knows that he’s going to drag them down, and gives him an ultimatum – her or Rafe.

When Sarah heads back to shore, the group end up in a massive spot of bother. FBI agents show up and surround them. JJ decides to make a stand but John B decides to turn himself in to prevent an unwelcome casualty. One of the officers, Thomas, completely manhandles John B and throws him on the floor, stomping him repeatedly.

The Episode Review

It looks like the jig is up for John B, as he finds himself at the mercy of the sheriff and the FBI agents who have tracked them down. I mean, it wasn’t exactly difficult given the kids just went back home and started partying. I get that they’re teens but if you’re trying to lay low, putting the lights on and playing loud music, drinking and partying, isn’t exactly the best way to do it!

However, this episode does manage to deepen the ties between Pope and Kie, seeing them grow closer together and share a kiss too. Likewise, Sarah’s ties with Ward look like they’re well and truly severed now, with Ward making his choice and sticking by the family, even if that inadvertently means turning his back on Sarah.

With John B beaten and arrested by the officers, his fate looks grim going forward. It looks like it’ll be up to Pope and the Limbreys to exonerate him and get Rafe put behind bars. Despite some contrivances, this episode continues to deliver compelling action.

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