Outer Banks – Season 2 Episode 2 “The Heist” Recap & Review

The Heist

Episode 2 of Outer Banks Season 2 begins with John B in serious danger. How will he get out of this situation? Well, Sarah immediately hits the sprinklers and claims to be working at the house. It’s just the distraction needed for the guys to grab their gear and hurry off.

Although they do manage to skip away, Sarah isn’t happy with John B’s lies. From now on, she’s going to be the one in charge. The pair head back to the boat and negotiate with Terrance and the gang. Eventually they shake on 10 million.

Meanwhile, JJ, Pope and Kiera continue their scouting mission. With a camcorder in hand, they record the meeting between Ward and Gavin from afar. Things inevitably turn heated, as Ward eventually beats up Gavin and leaves him a bloody mess.

Handing over the money, Ward grabs a gun and shoots Gavin in cold blood, especially when he antagonizes the man and calls out Rafe as a murderer. All of this is recorded, although the gun eventually falls down the drain outside. Kiara makes the absolutely ridiculous decision of shouting at Ward, which in turn leads to the camcorder breaking as the group scramble to hide from Ward.

Kiara rings the police and calls them out but the place is clean. There’s no body or blood, which simply ruffles up Shoupe when he shows up to check. He decides the kids are just making everything up. He’s also not particularly impressed when he finds out they’ve wire-tapped Gavin’s car. With things looking bleak, Pope suggests in private that they head off and get the gun back.

JJ and Pope call on Kie to head in the sewers and wade through the filth to find the gun. That’s easier said than done though, especially when Kie finds something dead in the sewer.

Rafe however, happens to be above-ground and hears her cries. He decides to flush the group out, turning on the water and leaving her trapped underground. The pair struggle to lift the skewer rate but thankfully manage to do just that at the very last second. Even better, Kiara has the gun.

The kids bring it to Shoupe at the station but he refuses to even check the firearm. Kie is convinced he’s been bribed while Pope calls him out for not doing his job. Well, eventually Shoupe checks who the firearm belongs to and learns that it’s none other than Ward Cameron.

Speaking of which, Ward wakes Rafe up in the middle of the night and brings him outside. He needs help hiding Gavin’s body. Ward takes Rafe out to the Bahamas where he shows off all the gold he has stashed away. He keeps him updated on the gold, confirming that this is enough to save the family from their financial predicament.

Meanwhile, Sarah uses her contacts back home to formulate a plan. This includes intercepting the gold while it’s en-route to a private air-freight company. They’ll spring their trap, with Terrance deciding on Cleo helping with a distraction while Sarah and John B nab the gold. That’s the plan anyway.

While Ward and Rafe pack the gold and prepare to leave, Sarah and John B ready themselves to put their plan into action. It seems to work too, with Rafe and Ward separated from their escort. Cleo and Terrance pose as road workers, eventually holding Rafe and Ward up at gunpoint and forcing them out their car.

John B and Sarah seize their opportunity but things go awry. Sarah and John grab the truck and drive off while Cleo and Terrance follow in hot pursuit. The pair smartly hide out in the crops but there’s a problem – Sara has been shot.

The Episode Review

Outer Banks returns and this time sees Sarah take the reigns of the operation, She formulates a plan with Terrance and the crew to nab the gold back and everything seems to go swimmingly. That is, until she ends up shot by none other than Rafe at the end of the episode.

John B and Sarah’s story has been pretty exciting and action packed up until this point, although you do need to suspend some disbelief when it comes to the police and bystanders not recognizing John B’s face.

Meanwhile, the truth about the firearm seems like Shoupe is on his way to trusting the kids now after finding out who the firearm belongs to.

Either way, that cliffhanger leaves things wide open for the rest of the season.

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