Outer Banks – Season 2 Episode 1 “The Gold” Recap & Review

The Gold

Episode 1 of Outer Banks Season 2 begins with Pope and the gang still convinced that Sarah and John B died in the storm. They’re understandably grief-stricken, spray painting “murderer” on Ward’s estate walls. Kie even calls out Rafe as a cop killer too.

Angry at the blatant lies, JJ is forced to listen to all these Kooks calling John B a murderer at work. Eventually he tells everyone that Rafe is the real killer, which gets him fired for his efforts. Just after, JJ destroys the flowerbeds as one final F-U.

However, John B and Sarah are very much alive and stowing away on a boat bound for the Bahamas. However, those onboard find the Wanted poster and decide to hand them in at Nassau – given the $50,000 reward. Terrance, the ship’s captain, locks them inside the ship and calls on the authorities at port.

John B and Sarah are well prepared for this though and sneak out the window. Charging through the market, they escape their captors for now. Sarah decides to hide in plain sight, taking John B to a 5 star hotel to hide out. While together, John B makes a promise that he won’t head off to find the gold.

Meanwhile, Pope, Kiara and JJ return to school and try to dodge the suspicious looks from all in attendance. John B sends the group a photo confirming that they’re still alive, courtesy of a chambermaid’s phone he manages to snag. However, that doesn’t change the fact John B and Sarah are still trying to evade capture as long as possible.

That night, John B can’t help but go back and try and grab the gold. This inevitably goes wrong, as Sarah realizes John B has lied. She’s snatched up and taken to the boss, as John B returns and realizes everything is starting to unravel.

He too is taken, by a girl called Cleo, who brings Sarah out to the men from the boat. John B is roughed up a little as he does his best to try and get out of this. In order to do so, they’re forced to negotiate with them over the hold. John B eventually gives up the location for the rest of the gold.

While they’re stuck in a really bad situation, JJ, Pope and Kiera do their best to try and clear John B’s name. After rigging Gavin’s car, they ring and leave him frazzled, admitting they know what happened out on the airstrip.

Just as they predicted, he heads out in his car as the group follow from afar. He rings Ward and asks to renegotiate his wage. He wants triple and a plane, as it turns out Gavin kept the gun used to kill the officer for leverage. He was well aware this would happen and eventually they agree to meet immediately.

Meanwhile, John B breaks into Sarah’s place in order to find the gold. Only, security suddenly arrive. Terrance tricks Sarah and John B, locking them inside and scarpering.

Thankfully the pair manage to get away, splitting up to evade the authorities. While John B tries to move across the rooftops, Terrance, Stubbs and Cleo take the keys and leave. John B meanwhile, finds himself apprehended.

The Episode Review

Outer Banks is back and the series gets off to a promising start with lots of drama, action and new characters to boot. With a bounty on John B’s head, it’s perhaps a little surprising that more people don’t recognize him over in Nassau but it’s not too much of a deterrent to this pacey opener.

Instead, the show thrives on its tight-knit character dynamics and its simple but enjoyable story. With Cameron having seemingly captured John B and Sarah still on the run, it remains to be seen exactly how this is going to be resolved in the future.

Either way, JJ, Pope and Kiera are now aware that the pair are still alive so there’s at least a bright patch on what’s otherwise a pretty trying experience for them.

With all the episode up at once in true Netflix fashion, we’ll have to wait and see what this one has in store for us next.

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