Outer Banks – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Bell Tower

With the Sheriff still alive for now, episode 9 of Outer Banks sees her begging the group to call for help. Ward and Rafe argue over the best way to deal with this situation and in the chaos, John B manages to slip away. As he does, Ward calls back-up to the scene for the sheriff and tasks Rafe to leave with Sarah and take her back home.

JJ, Pope and Kie head off and get their anger out after watching the plane fly away, believing it’s Ward’s that’s left the runway and their chance at getting the treasure now gone. A bloodied John B shows up not long after and with the four on the run, the police scramble to find them as Ward spins his story that John B was the one who shot Peterkin.

Ward speaks to Rafe back home and tells him his alibi is that he was at home doing maintenance work. Ward tells his son he doesn’t care what he has to say, leading Rafe to admit just why he shot the sheriff. He was protecting his Father and did so because he wanted to be loved and appreciated by him.

Meanwhile, a riled up Deputy Shoupe puts out a $25,000 reward for finding John B, turning everyone on the island into a potential lookout. John B however, remains convinced that Sarah will come through for them and hides out in Kelce’s garage, hoping it’ll be enough time for Sarah to join their cause.

Kelce however, learns where John B is and after a brief chase through the house, locks him in the closet and calls Topper over to keep guard while he tells the police. John B and Topper wind up talking about love and have a very different definition of what that means. The police surround the house not long after, and with John B stuck in the closet things don’t look good.

Kie and Pope meanwhile decide to head up and visit Sarah at her house. On the way Pope admits his true feelings to Kie but she unfortunately shuts him down pretty harshly. In the aftermath of this, Kie shows Sarah the reward money poster and it’s enough for her to set into motion a plea to her sister to help her out and let her go.

John B manages to scramble out a tight hole in the back of the closet and heads out on the run, just as Sarah arrives at the scene. John B hides in the familiar setting of the abandoned church and heads up to the attic. Sarah arrives not long after, while Topper follows her up too. Once there, the trio talk about the truth, where it’s revealed that Rafe was the one who shot the sheriff.

While they talk, Rafe sneaks in the church and sets it alight. As the fire starts to spread, Topper heads out the front of the church wearing John B’s clothes, distracting the police long enough to allow John B and Sarah to head off together and slip away from the police, which is where the episode ends.

With John B now on the run and Ward managing to spin his web of deceit to everyone around him, things don’t look good for our group. Hearing Kie shoot Pope down this episode in the blunt and brutal manner she did was pretty tough to watch but it’s also to the benefit of the show as well. With the exception of the Sarah and John B situation, the four friends have ultimately remained just that – friends. It’s something that really helps their dynamic as a group and ultimately serves as the anchor to which the entire show relies on so heavily to push the narrative forward.

The finale is up next though, and all eyes now turn to how this one will end and whether Netflix will leave this hanging on a cliffhanger ending or not. Even if it does though, there’s enough to like with Outer Banks to make it well worth your time and a second season with this group would certainly be welcome.

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